Gascogne Work In Progress Preview First Impressions- World of Warships T8 French Premium BB

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Today we look at as played in a recent stream. Three rounds in, I got the feeling of her very well. Basically a BB BB. The HE Meta continues. This ship is a work in progress, so everything is subject to change. As it stands though, this is the RN BB line incarnate.

I will continue to test. I need to better test it’s . It seems there’s a sweetspot that I need to find. More info to follow.


  1. Speed boost on a BB = gimmick 🙂

  2. Please stop firing HE at everything when you’re in a battleship. Battleships are supposed to use nothing but AP. Using HE in a battleship as a Community Contributor will only encourage people to copy you, this then perpetuates the problem of battleships using HE. Please Zoup, stop it. If HE spam must exist it should only be from cruisers and destroyers, not battleships.

    • While I agree HE spam has become an issue with BBs in general, largely due to the introduction of the British BBs. I have to disagree that a BB should only use AP. As with any ship, your ammo type should vary depending on the situation. I love my British BBs and use both AP and HE where appropriate.

    • Good luck to do any high damage with AP, in a tier 10 game with these guns. Sometimes its best to use HE.

    • Stop blaming Zoup for using the tools, however offensive, that WG, in their (lack of) wisdom, saddles him with.

    • If battleships were only meant to fire AP they wouldn’t have stocked HE on board.

  3. 34kn in a BB, 8 hits causing 4 fires at nearly 30km range. Honestly WG: phuck yu. Sincerely, a cruiser-main.

    • Wg has a healthy mind ,I don’t think even they think adding a he spamming bb line with speed boost is a good idea… I hope they don’t think it is a good idea…

    • maybe theyre just running out of ideas for unique premiums…

    • I never had a problem with He spamming battleships. I mainly just go closer and abuse the fact that i wont get citadelled.

    • wait, wait, hang on. what if the idea is to lure BBs into sitting at 20+km and to keep HE loaded? That means less BBs in 10-15k of a cap zone where they can land accurate big AP salvos on cruisers trying to do cruiser stuff like hug islands and radar DDs.

    • MaDmanex100 but what if the player is actually smart and switches to ap? most likely only small percent of people but still

  4. WG ruin wot with this kind of New things. No like it at all. Farm from distance with HE and accurates guns its bad for the game imo. o7

    • Conqueror initially had 29km range while it was under testing. The new Frenchie will likely receive a similar nerf to its gun range prior to its release.

  5. Another HE spamming BB. Exactly what WoWS does NOT need.

  6. JESUS! That ship has better range then THREE OF THE TIER 10 BATTLESHIPS! Only the Yamato and Musashi have better range. Also The Monarch has a 35% chance of fires. This has a 36% fire chance.

    • In some ways, the great range seems like more of a negative to me than the HE spamming, and I hate the HE spamming. All that range will just encourage noobs to snipe at those ranges. People complain about BBs camping and sniping at ranges near 18-20 km? Get ready for 24+ km range snipers! (face palm in disgust)

  7. There are now three Graf Spees in the game.

    The regular Graf Spee
    The Super Graf Spee (shown in this vid)
    And the UBER Graf Spee at T10.

    • Exactly, and the worst thing is that (THE UBER GRAFF SPEE) it will be one of the most hated battleships in the game if it does not receive another main armament arrangement immediately

    • Of course, the 4 quad turrets would have made it unique and not overpowering due to the caliber of 381 millimeters, or give it an AB-XY arrangement as in the Montana and H battleship classes and armed with the 45-centimeter naval rifle tested by France in the 20s as it was the most powerful naval rifle of its time in terms of penetration and weight of the shell, and that power was not effectively eclipsed or exceeded until the launch of the Yamato class and its 18.1-inch cannons now….
      WHY…WHY WG YOU DENY US those 450-millimeter historical guns in favor of fictitious rifles ??? There is NO credible excuse

  8. As per normal Zoup has no clue what he is talking about. Alabama / NC are better HE slingers than the Gas and only the Roma is significantly worse (Tirp / bis get 1/4 pen and faster reload).

  9. France has smaller guns but super fast shells…what else has that? M-16A4,M4 carbine,M249 SAW..ring any bells?? 5.56 small bullet but goes super sonic..France doing the same thing. AP mid to close range HE for reaching out and BBQing someone. I’ve citadeled a NorCal in Dunkerque…let that sink in for a second..a Dunkerque with 330mm guns citadeled a NorCal at 8km, Citadeled a NY at 15km, punched a NM at 13km and change..all in the Dunkerque with those 330mm St.Chamond beauties. France is fast and probably will play like a drunken marine..charge in,fuck some shit up, and bug out before the MPs catch em.

    • Zao can citadel Yamato at 2.5km. 203mm guns, vs 410mm of armour, without GE AP. Let that sink in…

    • Citadeling broadside bbs isn’t impressive, it’s easy for just about any ship if they show broadside. I’ve citadeled yamatos in my z52 before.

    • Bit of trivia for you, Leander can citadel a broadside New York from 8km – getting citpens on an NY means basically nothing.

    • it does because this is at ranges where the all or nothing armor layout is at its strongest. the NorCal has a lowered citadel meaning you have to close to suicide ranges in order to even hit the citadel. Getting that close to a NorCal means either Norcal isn’t aware of whats going on or had brass balls and didn’t think 330mm had enough juice to punch through.

  10. If they really add the next he spamming battleshipline i’m quitting the game…

    • ok. plenty more will take your place.

    • The France at tier 10 has 431mm guns, I can imagine that it will be more viable to vary your ammunition in it due to the higher penetration. Gascogne has only around ~380mm~ guns, so it won’t have as good AP penetration and will likely be more reliant on the high fire chance its HE has.

    • TadpoleOfDoom Thats true but you know the Wows community they even shoot he in yamatos and thats even more stupid

  11. Mistery Deathshead

    I like the HE on Brit BBs cause it gave them a nice niche to break up bow in gameplay, however giving multiple ships that trait is not really something I wanna see with battleships in world of warships.

  12. I find it hillarious how people get so much damage with RN BBs, but when I play them, spam HE. I barely cut it above 60k – 70k, while in my other BBs I easily get 100k – 120k.

    • shoot at battleships. light fires and farm easy 100k+ per game

    • CynicallyObnoxious

      So ignore typical intelligent targets and just farm bbs

    • essentially. Although because you are a balanced ship your HE is just as effective against cruisers and DDs. You can nuke DDs, but cruisers aren’t good targets because they have have fast firefighting

    • Focus on starting multiple fires. Instead of double clicking and firing an entire salvo at one part of the ship, hold down fire button to spread shells over the length of the target ship. Also, if you see one part of the target is already burning, try to aim for other parts that don’t have fires going yet. Also, I run expert loader on my british BBs that way I can quickly switch to AP if I get a broadside shot on a cruiser.

  13. speed boost is for running away quickly. or surrendering.

  14. But honestly this guy does not really know what he’s talking about

  15. Wtf!? A BB with motorboost?

  16. why they even bother with regular tech trees???they should make all ships cost money and be done with it

  17. After the introduction of the British battleship line, I didn’t believe WG could dumb down the game any further. Clearly I was wrong. Skill is no longer required to play this game with a HE spam Meta. Catering to the ADAH players who cannot stand learning mechanics and aiming with AP is WG’s answer to improve the game. Idiots.

  18. advising to use HE on a battleship which doesn’t even have good HE is exactly what we need #NoN00BforYou

  19. Zoup, the HE on this ship is strictly average. There’s nothing special about it and it’s like a USN BB firing HE. The AP on the other hand appears to have Roma levels of penetration … when it connects.

  20. This Battleship has one of the BEST AP pen in the entire game/Tier… and yet you fire HE and complain: Hey this HE Spam meta blah blah blah
    Why are you spamming HE then?
    North Cal at 10km, you fire HE, bam 3k dmg and 1 fire.. wow
    If you had fired you AP it would be at least 20k+

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