Gato is such a BALANSED sub – World of Warships

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My first match in Gato was a disaster because I got rushed by a shima and my torps did not activate but the very next match THIS happened. I can only imagine what I could do with this vessel if I continued playing it.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. I played Gato on the C64 back in ’85 or so. Might get just start playing again and aim for this one, just for old time’s sake.

  2. Its basically a kleber with 2.1 concealment😂 seems fine

    even better, since you get to single launch them

    • And you can actually disengage anytime you want just pressing C. I don’t understand how anyone with 2 braincells consider this fine.

  3. Perfectly balanced as all things should be..

  4. robert chadwick

    Wondering if they gave DD similar mechanic, instead of smoke charges, a smoke timer that recharges when not in use 🤔

    • DDs OP. Keep buffing subs and carriers. Maybe allow carriers to drop minefields: now, there’s an idea!
      (Seriously, good idea. Sadly any concept to buff consumables for existing classes to keep up is most likely DOA.)

  5. so many things wrong with these subs should never been added way they are the player numbers dropping show the effect they have had

  6. be a sub main for a week and break the game

    • Resistance is futile. You see Trenlass taking out subs on a fairly regular basis and mopping the floor with other classes and no impact.

  7. Enjoyed that Dredge video the other day, Hope you play it some more.

  8. I laughed when you was pushing f instead of c, I’m always doing it and gets me killed so often lol

  9. 6:00-6:30 a picture perfect example of “damn so much counterplay”

    • I mean there literally didn’t even fucking turn dude

    • @Ford Prefect he didn’t know till the torps hit him

    • @Ford Prefect also he was at like 3km distance, even less on a big fucking cruiser a lot of time to turn sure…

    • @Ford Prefect how does turning help to know there is a 1-shot at 2-3 km of you?

    • @h3nM Do you start turning when you see the shells? No. You start maneuvering when you see that someone is targeting you.

      “Dont drive in straight lines when you’re spotted” is a pretty basic pointer for WoWS like how the fuck do I have to be the one to tell you this?

  10. I really wish that you and all other unicum players would play only subs and cv-s from now on and smack the sht out of everyone untill WG finally admit that we were right!

  11. Pls more Gato gameplay. Give us more balans.

  12. Why does the sub have a 25 seconds damage con? And not 5 seconds like most cruisers/dds….

  13. I don’t play any of the games you upload to Youtube but I still enjoy watching you play. I especially like the WOW cooperative play with trenlass. You both have an extensive understanding of the game strategy.

  14. So proud of you 😉

  15. 3k base exp for 215k damage, with no objective play, very little spotting, and basically no tanking.
    No damage done against DDs or submarine.

    But WG tells us that experience earning ins’t inflated for submarines. Suuuuure.

  16. Seal clubbing at low tiers on the NA server has been a dead sport for some time, too many experienced players just retreating from the high-tier anarchy. But WG brought it back! Now it is for high tier submarine players! Good of them to keep an ancient and (dis)honorable tradition alive.

  17. its balanced off course… we are so happy its in game.

  18. I thought seal clubbing happened at low tiers. I think that last kill was a suicide to end the pain.

  19. You should run the speed skill. That thing goes like 42

  20. The speed of subs in this game is the most hilarious thing to me. Gato class had a top speed surfaced of 21kts and submerged 9kts. WoWs has the supercharged mega-Gato!

    • The Soviet K1 is practically uncatchable by any DD’s apart from the French boats when modded out does 37knots stock which is insane…

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