Gdansk – T10 Polish Destroyer | World of Warships

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The Gdansk is the newest Tech-Tree Tier 10 Polish (Pan-European) Destroyer. It has 7x 139mm guns.

Price: Tech-Tree

I do play this match when I record the video, giving you live commentary and thoughts whilst playing the ship. This is actually a recorded video, and not taken from twitch. 😀

I hope you enjoyed the video, and if did, leave a comment, like or sub. Also, if anyone would like to ask me question about the ship, you can join me on twitch/discord/youtube comments, and if anyone wants to know any of the builds I run for T8, T9 and T10 ships, they are available on discord, link below.

00:00 Introduction
01:19 Armour Layout
01:48 Build
02:28 Camouflage
02:48 Ship Characteristics
06:46 Game 1 – Islands of Ice
18:40 Score 1 – Islands of Ice
19:24 Game 2 – Mountain Range
28:32 Score 2 – Mountain Range
29:28 Build
29:56 Tech Tree Availability and Price
30:54 Summary and Conclusion


  1. I like the gun boat dd’s over the torp boats, sad it doesn’t have AP and the gigachad AA, but the smoke, reload and quick radar is quite nice. Big Fan Bro!!

  2. I’ve gone up against this thing a few times and have been underwhelmed by it’s ability to fight me, but maybe that’s because I’ve been in gunboat DDs… Regardless I’m excited to play the line. Thank you for the content my dude! #BigFan

  3. Not Kleber, and different play style, but looks like a good boat. We’ll see.

  4. nice video man, hoping there’s AP in this but it is what it is i guess

  5. MK is one of the best DD players out there. Huge respects Sir. It is the most challenging class to play.

  6. I must say that mating a Kleber and a Smaland is probably one of the stupidest moves from the balancing department, because smoke plus radar is absolutely filthy with the guns you have…

  7. Slaanesh Genderlord

    Aye I’m Happy that they added a Yugoslav ship.

  8. Sargis Shirinyan

    It sounds so weird when one gun is like a single and all others are double. When you shoot it sounds weird.

  9. the reckless warlock

    i am liking these ships

  10. Interesting addition I guess. I suppose it doesn’t have a heal but with the 27k base it’s not going to die anytime soon. Looks pretty scary tbh.

  11. man pls show more games with Gdansk, it was very nice to watch but didn’t show it’s potential at hunting dds

  12. so what marceau needed was a smoke, radar and better arks to be balanced. ok WG

  13. I love Louisiana is afk in spawn pre-kitted. I heard it is new meta

  14. This thing strongly reminds me of the Grozovoi. Just Grozo was gimped back then (not enought heals) while Gdansk has the same issue with the radar (too short a duration). Both are big and handle rather poorly …

  15. Yeah this dosent seem broken at all lmao insane gun power with slightly changed halland torps so they become better for YOLO while still fast as fuck i cant see a problem with that

  16. TBH you should compare it to Mogdor because it basically has the same Hull etc

    • I compare it to the the T10, as it’s a T10. I do believe comparing it to the T10 is the fairest comparison.

  17. The funny part about it is the torps are arguably better than the hallands, along with the better guns, smoke/radar combo, 20% more base health, etc. torps are harder to detect and do more damage, you only sacrifice the 15 km range for 10 km (which still more than allows you to stealth torp)

  18. Extremely probable for this ship to appear very frequently in any competetive modes.

  19. ジョン·スペクター

    I’d love to see you play the new T9 Lambros Katsonis with it’s weird asf turret set up

  20. Angelos Gkelias

    Yeah second best fires per minute on a dd, harugumo level HE dpm and kleber balistics, smoke, radar, pretty fast and good healthpool. Seems balanced.

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