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Impressions of the 3rd hotfix for 0.8 patch, tested a Gearing to see how stealthy it could exist while being a threat to planes. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier X Destroyer Gearing Replay – Warships Invite – Discord Server


  1. Even DDs are counters to carriers these days …. perfectly normal

    • Just a random Horse.

      Lol , I feel like this vid is deceptive. My own gearing has more investment in AA and even tier 8 carriers ruined my day with fair ease, despite correct sector and def AA usage.

    • +Just a random Horse. And that’s before you look at DD’s that do not have access to defensive fire module…. which is… oh wait…. MOST of them….

      Try doing that in a Daring… let alone an IJN DD

    • Just a random Horse.

      +alganhar1 😉 best example : Shinonome , 0.9 km , 2 rifles with 17 damage.

    • they are not. He is playing with a top tier CV who it basically doing nothing but babysit notser all game, just to make it look like everything is balanced now. It’s nothing but making things look balanced. Nothing but notser pretending everything okay because WG pays his bills.

    • No, not all DDs are… Gearing with an AA-build/spec can counter. You can’t do that in any other TX DD really. And in exchange, the Gearing gives up a lot of it’s offensive power.

  2. Annoyed at the near 100% focus on T10 Vs stuff like T6-8 CV’s which get utterly Runined if bottom tier

    • +1/-1 MM is Really That is What needs to happen, Just limit it to If you have a CV that if you Group with someone They Must be same Tier, To prevent Anchoring and cheesing the system.

    • +/- 1 mm needs to be a thing, it’s completely unfair for tier 6s, that can be overmatched by almost everything in a tier 8 battle. Even though it’s fun to lol pen a tier 6 BB in my NC, it’s not fair.

    • The Amazing Mystico

      Let your eyes follow my swinging watch…You are getting sleepy…Your eyelids are getting heavy….When I count to three, you will be completely asleep….One….Two…Three….Now, you want to buy a Tier 10 ship. You will grind all the lower tier ships and frivolously blow all your hard-earned money in doing so, and when you finally reach Tier 10, you will not be disappointed when WG nerfs your ship. You will wake up when I count to three….One….Two…Three….Now, don’t your feel better.

    • All CV other than t10 are useless atm and WG don’t give a fuck. Personally I’m pretty okay with it because it makes it very unlikely that there’s going to be more t10 CV other than they people that already had a t10 CV. I know notser wants to just lick WG’s ass and make it seem WG is doing well, but I’m mostly just pleased CV are 80% useless now, and I can only hope t10CV will get nerfed at some point so they won’t be as dominant.

    • High tier random battles suck! most of the time you’re stuck with a team of plebs that would be out classed by bots. mid tier is far more enjoyable to play.

  3. Seems kind of ridiculous that I have to be almost 2km next to a DD before I can see it.

    • IdarkphoenixI Seems kind of ridiculous that I can control the entire ship myself.

    • It’s not realistic I know, but stick to that realistic aestethic for too long and WG will never achieved the balance they want.
      It’s a game, war simulation game, it’s interesting to have a lil’ bit of realistic touch on it, but too much, and it’ll just ruin the game entirely.

    • +Arzi
      I don’t want realism, I just want to be able to find DD’s that I know are stalking my Carrier without literally needing to be flying directly above them

    • +IdarkphoenixI Then give up all team spotting for your planes.

  4. Two hours of randoms on the NA server last night – only one game with CVs (2 per side). Says it all really.

  5. What are CV’s for ? We need better secondaries on carriers so they can do something now adays

  6. Of course you feel too powerful in a DD taking down that many planes, problem is, you shouldn’t, you are not an AA platform, this is so stupid its painful to watch

    • +CloneD Anon Who says I rush? I do not, I did not before the CV rework, all my DD’s go into a match with AA turned off by DEFAULT. However, you also neglect to mention something, that would happen, if slightly later, with yolo’ing DD’s BEFORE the CV rework. Over extend into a Cap T8 and above in a DD before the CV rework and you were fucked as multiple radars lit you up… it just happened LATER. Now those Radar cruisers can save their consumables because the Aircraft can spot the DD’s well before they need to.

      The point I am trying to make is there has to be a *balance* between the strength of the aircraft against the DD’s, and the DD’s against the aircraft. Lets face it, few DD’s can do what Notser did in this video, most do NOT have access to the Defensive Fire module, and many simply do not have the AA to pull that kind of trick off…. Try doing what Notser did in a Daring for example, or a Shima….. But you cannot penalise all the DD’s because one or two of them CAN be strong in the AA role….

      Just as you cannot penalise all the CV’s because one or two DD’s can be strong in the AA role… perhaps it is time to look at those DD’s that have access to the DF module, and ponder whether they belong in the new meta that is slowly building.

      I WANT to see CV’s in the game, but I also want to see DD’s. At the moment there are too many vectors of spotting. Go too far in one direction and people stop playing CV’s, go to far in the other, people will stop playing DDs….

      And the latter will FUCK you when Wargaming eventually bring Subs in… which they have stated they are intending to do now (despite in the early years stating they would never do so). But I guess thats just one more thing the DD’s will have to add to their plate right? It’s bad to force CV’s, CA’s, CL’s and BB’s to play for the team… but at the same time you ALL demand that the DD’s on your team do EXACTLY that. That particular run of hypocrisy starts to piss one off….

      perhaps in my DD’s I should also say fuck you, I am going to go play for my OWN damage…..

    • +alganhar1 while your right that Radar Cruisers can save there radar cause CV’s can spot you it also means CV’s can spot radar ships before you get snared by there trap and i know that everyone experiences will differ i for one have no problems in daring in new CV rework even before patch and asashio had no problem torping my midway and most of the TX BB’s with out me even knowing he was there …. just as CV’s players need to relearn how to play DD’s need to too … when i play DD’s im glad to see a CV cause it means i am no longer forced to move ahead to spot for my team witch is far more dangerous in my opinion that a hand full of poor Acc rockets and some long range cruiser/BB shots … and to prove my clam on daring you can check the stats for EU player Sayuri_Valintine … im only an average player so i feel like every one should be able to adapt the same way i have.

    • ​+TheSupreme117 Amen for someone with some sense instead of just constant whining that is just leading to the total nerf of CV’s into a unplayable class. Indeed, you just have to be careful and wait for the gaps to appear in the enemy lines if you want to go for that flanking attack. I have too managed to sneak up to even against 2 CV’s and kill them both (Midway + Lexi) on my Grozo (no AA build) while they tried pathetically to attack me and this was before any nerfs in 8.0.0 Sneaking while there is only 1 CV is childs play. Its the cruisers (and other DD’s) that i have to really worry about, not the CV’s.​

    • The only reason he can defend himself here is that he has top tier CV as backup to scout for him and defend him. He’s just trying to make it seem like balance is good now and that WG is not trying to fucking decimate DD effectiveness. CV reword, flood nerf, radar buff, everything they’ve been doing lately is nerfing DD. Shills like notser are just working damage control for WG to make it seem it isn’t bad, and they didn’t fuck up entirely.

  7. hey Noster nice enthusiasm but can i ask for you opinion on the “AA” DDs of the IJN in this uppdate please?

    edit: i am referring to the potential AA of the Akizuki, Kita, and Harugumo as they were designed to be air defense DDs

    • He just likes to lick WG ass and pretend DD can do sth against CV, while there’s maybe 5 DD in the whole game that can fight back. In this game he has a second AA ship and a top tier CV to spot for him and back him up to pretend DD are still good, it’s nothing but Notser sucking WG dick to pretend nothing is wrong atm.

    • Shima is most probably still shit.

    • +ainumahtar Agreed, only DDs with DFAA can defend themselves to some extent.

    • I’m not Notser, but I can tell you that the Harugumo is brutal on aircraft right now. Wait until they get close, turn on AA, watch them burn. It’s particularly effective if you set yourself up so that your flak is hitting them as they make their attack run, because they can’t really do anything but fly through it.

  8. If you want CVs to be more supportive then there needs to be inventive to do so. Show me how much I earn for spotting vs doing as much damage as possible.

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      Exactly! There also should be incentive for potential damage received if we want to curb the camping meta. I mean the very reason the camping meta exists is the damage-based economy gain.

  9. You Never feel Power in a T8 CV in a T10 game. i would like to see that game played. and try it with a 10 point Captain and not a 19 point Captain. then Tell us the Players how Much Power you feel as a CV.

    • Try that in a T8 anything in a T10 game… Nothing likes to be bottom tier.

    • Every t8 BB in t10 game can do damage unless you’re overextending and shit. Most t8 cruisers can do at least something in a t10 unless you’re unlucky. t8 dd atm cant do shit if there’s a CV but yeah…T8 CV cn do nothing in a t10 game unless your enemies are both low AA shops and stupid

  10. “I want a fun, engaging game for everyone”. You heard it here first, Notser wants us all to detonate.

    • Kyriakos Stefanakos

      I understand his statement, it’s just that I dont see nerfing CV damage as the right direction, besides the hak torp spam, damage was just fine, even enimic. And as far as the hak nerf is concerned, what is the excuse for the shima? You non CV players are such hypocrites. Seriously, if you all had just a pinch of equality or objectivity, you would see the stupidity of torp walls, cruiser deletion by BB’s, and island hugging fire spam and yet, you only see CV’s as too powerful. Seriously, what is wrong with you people???

    • +Kyriakos Stefanakos Absolutely agreed, people always blame cv is overpower when they did something that kills themselves. For example island hugging when bomber above them, or go to somewhere by a single ship, or dd get into points when no one could have AA cover for them. It’s NOT the cv is too powerful, it’s just the player DIDN’T care about the planes. If people treat cv’s planes as they treat BB( boardside ) or even dd’s torps, they totally won’t get alpha strike in any situation.

    • I want my enemies to have fun and engaging games.

  11. Notser, I suggest you try playing Tier VIII ships for awhile. The view from the top is not always representative of the view at lower levels.
    I don’t know that the Cleveland on the other team felt quite so empowered. Before the Great Aircraft Carrier Fiasco of 2019 I played the Cleveland fairly comfortably in the predominantly Tier X games I got into. Don’t know – maybe I should reload the game and find out myself.

  12. *CC’s like Notser cannot admit that the CV nerfing has went too way too far!* The rocket planes need HP buff and get same similar “damage reduction” when they are attacking like the dive bombers and torp planes do get! Also rocket squadron size might be returned back to 12 at tier 10! *Rocket planes are nearly useless now!* They simply cannot get trough the AA anymore to line up their shot and since its nearly pointless to use them against DD’s now, WG might as well remove them! Also Midway torps should get back maybe half of their nerfed damage! Here is a realistic story of the current state of CV’s:

    • “nearly useless” LOL

      Stop trying to fly into defended areas looking to 1-shot ships. Look for the ones by themselves. God forbid you have to pick and choose your targets ahead of time like the rest of the classes do…

    • +Jeffery Clark Yes nearly useless. Especially the USN HVAR’s since their aiming reticle stays bigger than on the Tiny Tim rockets when fully aimed in. Secondly rocket planes can only harass lonely battleships anymore, but even if they have good AA you wont get more than 1-2 passes with a full squad.

  13. I don’t consider this more fun though

  14. Notser i am still waiting for that Hakuryu game of yours! *The nerfing has went way too far and you cannot admit that!* Its especially a nightmare for lower tier CV’s, especially the IJN ones! Nothing of the “fun and balalnced” BS that you are speaking of! WG might as well have removed the rocket planes completely and added more of the other types! WG is killing their own CV rework even for people who liked it!

  15. Still only showing T10 with AA. Show T6 -9 with no AA. Unsubbed. Tried of this 10 only BS

  16. Next update DD will get a cloaking device, CA and BB can’t see them either…. Now DD must overkill plane and CV easily, what are the purpose of rocket plane?? How IJN Cv counter a DD ? This update su** for cv.

    • Why are cv supposed to counter dds? That’s what radars are there for.

    • +One DD can fight other dd, smoke torp and gun, Cruiser can fight DD better gun etc, BB can fight DD, secondary, Gun and more, then Why only CV can’t do anything to fight DD ??? Btw, radar will be change for survivability of Smoke DD, why DD get all adventage than other class?? Concealement, Damage, speed, smoke, AA and more …..

  17. It’s sad that Dds has better AA most cruiser in the game that realistic feel sorry for Cvs captains

  18. Oh look another tier 10 guide I’ll pass.

  19. The Amazing Mystico

    Stealth AA is a good thing, according to the DD with his AA off, in a rainstorm, with his 20% reduced air-spotting bubble! “I can see their strategy and it is working.” I’m glad someone does because I sure don’t. I’m done with this game.

  20. “I love feeling empowered” Unless you’re a CV right? That’s forbidden.

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