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The Gearing is a Tech-Tree Tier 10 American Destroyer. It has 6x 127mm guns. It also has 16.5km torpedoes. In update 11.5 Gearing received a buff, when WG lowered its hull in the water, to make it historically accurate. This is a highlight from Twitch, and as you may have noticed, and therefore, sarcasm is used in this highlight. 🙂

Price: Tech-Tree

I hope you enjoyed the video, and if did, leave a comment or a like. Also, if anyone would like to ask me question about the ship, you can join me on twitch/discord/youtube comments, and if anyone wants to know any of the builds I run for T8, T9 and T10 ships, they are available on discord, link below.

0:00 Game
12:20 Score
13:18 Build
13:53 Conclusion


  1. YO! It’s the Geargoing!

  2. Syed Ushher Ahmad

    Letssss goooo Gearing

  3. finally the Gearing is as smol as she should be, love the HD Textures aswell, the game was a banger too i guess

  4. mechanical engineer

    I stop this line on flecher! Don’t think t10 gearing is one of the most competitive to have! My top t10 Marceau, kleber,daring ,harugumo, Shima, Khabarovsk! I really like your style of making this vids, keep going mate!

    • Big Fan, and Thanks for the Comment! Gearing is actually pretty good in comp as well as randoms, due to the smoke and long range torp ability. Somers, Yueyang also offer similar play-style, but keep in mind, gearing could also run Unique Upgrade, which I don’t personally run, to get 5.6km concealment. But yeah for sure, the ships you mentioned are great!

    • Antonio Hagopian

      @MalteseKnight and you can get halsey double strike too

  5. !raffle

    Hello, where is my code?! Big fan btw.

  6. Antonio Hagopian

    They made it less thiCC too 😐

  7. They could really help out the Gearing by tightening the spread on the torps, they get so wide at range making dodging them much easier.

    • @dzello Dude that’s sub torps, different animal. go to training room do what I asked and you will see it.

    • @dzello lol Again no, you didnt test the Shima and the Gearing. I 100% guarantee you the spreads on those to ships are different.
      Why did you go to training room and do a sub when the discussion is about the Shima and the Gearing?

    • @Tony This tells me you didn’t check the screenshots. I tested Gearing. Both salvos from the same rack on the same ship weren’t even identical, there is RNG.

      I’m doing Shima currently, it’s going to be the same.

    • @dzello Now do the Shia spread vs the Gearing spread, you will see Gearing spread is wider.
      I need a better link for your screenshots. Post the whole thing and replace the last . with DOT

    • @dzello Spreads are wider on the Gearing, you can see it in the screenshots. lol it’s not random.

  8. Mashallah

  9. What is this voiceover?

  10. The torp spread is till trash past 10km sadly. great video big fan ftw

  11. Wow look at you landing all those torps! This is a new and improved Malta! Big Fan my dude

  12. IF five pushups make you buff…..

  13. I just enjoy the end seeing you sailing towards the Moskva and he can hit you. Nice work

  14. Big fan of this gearing buff!

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