Gearing 243K DMG – Control the enemy ! World of Warships

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  1. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

    A – for at least 3 other maps – is a nononononono – yet people think its safe – cause they want the massive islands that block B and C, and think its worth it, as long as their shiny BB hulls aren’t scratched… Then they get scared as fuck when they are losing in points and try to squeeze between the islands to cap and support B and C – only to get torpedoed to death…

  2. In this map i Say everytime to my team BC if they go A we lose but often dont listening and going A and lose

  3. jup its me playing the game 🙂
    was playing this Duke/ new year missions to get me the camo and stuff – spot 15 DD the first gave me **** with ******* and ***** …..

  4. I got a kick out of the enemy player saying the Gearing’s torps need to be nerfed, meaning I don’t have a clue how to play battleships, or how to use situational awareness, and it’s the Gearing’s fault I tried yo sail my BB near a narrow island gap like a moron, where there’s known DDs present, thinking nothing will happen. LOL!

    One of the first lessons you learn playing battleships is you avoid cramped spaces or narrow channels like the plague, unless you’re absolutely sure there are no DDs, TB planes, or torp equipped cruisers near by. It’s amazing how many dumb ass BB players you see at the higher tiers. I guess you can thank the combination of all these high tier premium BBs becoming available, and wallet warrior noobs, who are to lazy too grind the BB tech trees to get that fancy T8 BB.

    If you’re going to buy a high tier premium ship, you should at least grind up the tech tree for that type of ship, and to that premium ship’s tier to learn how to play it, in a T8 or higher battle. I have the Enterprise sitting in my harbor, that has yet to see a single Co-Op or Random battle, and will remain that way until I grind my way up the American CV line to tier 8, or I spend a lot of time in the new training room mode with the next patch. It would be irresponsible and extremely selfish of me if I tried to play it in a tier 8 Co-Op or random battle, since I’ve only played a handful of games with the low tier CVs, and really suck at playing CVs at the moment.

    I say let a team of friendly bots suffer the agony of defeat because of my stupid mistakes, instead of a team of friendly players, as I’m trying to learn how to play CVs, or any of the ship types.

    • I am with you man i also have the enterprise just sitting in my harbor waiting on me to get better with CV’s i am only tier 6 with American CV’s so i am waiting till i get better to play

  5. Pretty pathetic enemy team..

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