Gearing – Friendly Spartan Torpedo – World of Warships

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Player: Killa2Kill
Map: Hotspot

User Description:

Here you can see a Newbie to Gearing (5th battle in this ship):

While still playing a solid game (3462 Base XP), this player manages to his allied with 65k HP.

Enough said: Explore the replay laugh 🙂

Have fun.

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  1. First :3

  2. Montana at this position at the end of the game deserves to be sunken! Can
    not look around or see the torpedo warnings either.
    Sometimes I ask myself how players got their tier X ships!

  3. he could have smoked the Izumo lol, greedy DD

  4. Montana wtf… that was a bit more than just plain derp. That was retarded

  5. and it burns, burns, burns, the rain of fire, the rain of fire ;-)

  6. Lol anyone noticed that he used world of tanks music in the beginning

  7. I liked it, and didn’t notice

  8. Music is a n o go for me sir. But like that you are trying different stuff!

  9. Watching his course, it’s like he actively tried to get hit by those

  10. So when his torpedoes hit his team mate, he got detonated, he should not
    have gotten a penalty for that, if that system knew he got detonated, I
    really hate this team kill penalty system!

  11. That was most unfortunate. Just bad luck. At least it was more than made up
    for at the end!

  12. RNG at its finest. 1torpedo hit his friendly Montana and that ofcourse
    causes a Detonation in the forward magazine. Working as intended.

  13. I guess that guy had a plan to get insurance… Bloody battleship driver

  14. Montana was able to spot the torps ever since they were launched, he could
    have avoided them with ease.

  15. fuckin hell, that Monty should never play BB again… >.> that was beyond

  16. Hey, I liked that bit with the music and the sound effects at the end. I
    know it is quite some effort to add sound effects with the right timing and
    all, but it really adds to the video. Makes things much more entertaining
    to me.
    Yeah, I also like torpedo beats. So what. Sue me… ;-)

  17. Fucking idiot in the Montana!

  18. Fucking bbs

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