Gearing + Ovechkin + Legendary MOD 290k DMG 3.2K BXP || World of Warships

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  1. Merriman Devonshire

    So… Captain Gordie Howe next?

  2. That poor Kurfürst

  3. Fantastic game, very well played

    • Except that he kept shooting torps, and then after a bit of time, gunning, which gave the target a clue to change direction. Again and again. Other than that, nice.

    • +Thinking Mantis Yeah, that of course can be a problem, but despite its risks it worked out for him. It was the fault of the enemies for not focusing on him when he was spotted, and with the torp drops it could be seen as throwing them out willy nilly, but I think on some of them they had good placement.

    • True, it worked out in this game. In general, not a good idea, but the enemies in this game made it work. Btw, I don’t think the torp placement was bad, it is just that when the torps are looking good, don’t start shooting, because it makes the enemy wake up to the fact that there is a DD nearby.

    • +Thinking Mantis Right, of course. You’re correct.

  4. David vs Goliath

  5. Try warthunder,

  6. Ive watched a lot of these vids and torp narrow spread kills more ships

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      Torp wide spread is only useful to drive the enemy away and to kill a random potato that is never detected. Even the narrow spread will open a big gap when it travels long distance.

  7. He wanted to win bad at the end of the match but instead of securing the win he needlessly rushed a BB…he didnt need to. They had the points and the clock was ticking. Was lucky not to lose it with only himself to blame. GG though.

  8. Wen, a player carry the game !

  9. Absolutely pathetic friendly team. They were up 7 to 4 and managed to lose 4 without one kill. This capt needs to stop firing his guns after he torps.

  10. Say what you want about japanese destroyers, at least they know when NOT to use their guns and to let their torps do what they were made for!!!

  11. great game gg i don’t see that much of an issue about you firing those great guns

  12. What is “Legendary mod” ?

  13. WIeso werden hier spiele hochgeladen die nicht von Panzerknacker sind?

    • MrDudeSan dir ist schon bewusst das dass schon ewig so ist oder? Er stellt die Videos online nachdem sie ihm zu gesendet wurden.. #facepalm

  14. Курф- лох, без ручного ПМК. За что и получил на орехи.

  15. Well, he is EU top player, trust him, he knows when to hold his amazing blue fire

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