Gearing – THE AMERICAN TORPS ARE STILL NO JOKE – World of Warships

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  2. I will still take Shima over Gearing. Don´t need range, I need power. And those super hard hitting torps are much better for devstriking BBs and other ships. Like my calnmate told me – after constantly saving or losing star in Republique, Schliefen etc. due to incompetent team´s DDs I told him there is an only way to secure his team will have a competent DD – to play it himself. Encouraged him to take out Shima and he immediately nuked it out in first game with 166k dmg. Only thing needed for it was 8 torp hits and some occasional gunpower. Funny little thing 🙂

    What do you find so special about Gearing that is Better than it´s IJN counterpart?

    • Gearing torps are much stealthier than shimas, plus the 16.5km torp range means you can hit more torps. Looks like he’s also running gearing UU which allows you to have the same detection as shima with higher gun DPM and faster reloading torps. The only things the shima really has is the high alpha dmg and ability to have 15 torps in the water to create an undodgeable wall of torps.

    • Faster reload, speed, and better concealment, against damage. Since you often only hit one or two torp per salvo, Shima and Gearing dpm should be about the same (let’s get real, perfect broadside Can happen, but they’re pretty rare).
      And Gearing has better guns. And smoke.
      The only thing Shima can do better is suiciding to trade 1 for 1

  3. Gearing needs a heal to offset the power creep and the model fixing. It’s too wide.

  4. Hi, legendary mode for rank and clan wars or you play like this on random also ?

  5. Gearing is a jack of all trades and master of none in the current meta, it does everything pretty good but doesnt excel in any area.

  6. Remember, historically US torps were crap

  7. What makes Gearing better than Fletcher? I’ve been having a blast grinding Fletcher, but I am nervous about Gearing because I usually just hear about how it’s worse than other t10s.

  8. nice guy trenlass complimenting someone for shooting at him

  9. I have fun with the Gearing

  10. This clown still thinks the coof is dangerous lol

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