GeForce Garage – Ronnie Hara’s World of Warships Mod

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Master modder, , is back with another impressive build. Last time we got to see his very sleek NISSAN Skyline-inspired rig. But moving from cars to ships, Ronnie has been hard at work creating his new . Check it out!

PC Spec
Chassis: Cooler Master Maker 5T
GPU: Zotac 1080
CPU: Intel i7 7700K
Watercooler: Bitspower
Motherboard: ASRock SUPERCARRIER Z270
RAM: Apacer Panther 4GB x4
Storage: Apacer 240GB SSD
PSU: Cooler Master Platinum 1000W

Garage HQ:


  1. Wonder which game related build he’ll do next XD Seriously though, that is awesome looking

  2. I have a serious question: I got NVIDIA mail saying I am short listed for GeForce NOW beta access but it says we will give you the code only after it is out in my region. So when will it release in my region(India or Asia)?

  3. Sweet build, sweet mod. A 1080 Ti would go perfectly in that mod.

  4. Abdul The GamerZZZ

    That is one looking badass pc

  5. Abdul The GamerZZZ

    Im in for the giveaway good luck everyone,i hope i can win that gtx 1080ti or laptop

  6. Man that is one hell of a WOW PC!!!

  7. Sexy computer

  8. Sebastian Petersen

    Too big to handle

  9. Now that’s what I call hardcore gaming pc ,people

  10. Thats so cool I’m fluent and half Japanese myself. But I’m just wondering why just one gtx 1080? But very rustic and very tough looking pc.

  11. Looks great! Can I get that instead of the 1080ti?

  12. this is actually incredibly cool

  13. Oh my god! It looks really awesome??

  14. Dang looks really good!

  15. That looks like it can run minesweeper a lot faster than my PC can lol

  16. I wish I had a computer good enough for this

    Heck, I wish I had a computer period

  17. It looks awesome!

  18. Wargaming needs to start a giveway for one of those xD it looks awesome

  19. Wow, that’s one powerhouse of a PC. And the graphic on it is so beautifully done, koodos to whoever did it!!!

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