Georgia 10 kills (EU record) hard carry || World of Warships

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  1. Gneisenau turrets right here

  2. 13:36 – 13:38 Minuten?

  3. Student, Nicolas Roersch

    2 Kraken, impressive.

  4. I thought this ship drops only in 10 – 9 tier matches like Jean Bart… nice play btw.

  5. Its really op.BUFF THE KREMLIN

  6. Σφυροδρεπανος Καρχαριας

    Yeap,that’s pretty much what it takes to get a win in those dreadfull days we live in….Kudos to PackmanPlays for an excellent performance. I almost felt sorry for him for having to carry that hard and he almost lost this game.

  7. what make a Georgia:
    – USSR gun
    – japanese accuray
    – American turn time
    – American AA
    – American armor
    – German secondary
    – France speed boot

  8. it’s disgusting what this game has become

  9. Skarhabek Greyrukh

    WG please BUFF CV, this is unacceptable!!!

  10. J’aimerais bien savoir comment la caméra peut prendre de la hauteur pour voir par dessus une île. Je n’ai jamais trouver comment la plupart des joueurs font. Je ne parle pas de ceux qui possède un avion de reconnaissance évidemment.

  11. I ever say the same “if one player can kill 10 enemy players, something its wrong on MM” thx WG

  12. 老船長了!還蠢蠢的!無言!

  13. 13:58 hacks?

  14. This is an awesome replay! Thanks for sharing it with us

  15. Dude played like a pro up til the end… no idea why he thought that dd was that direction. Detection where the previous torps came from… pretty obvious where he was

  16. The musachi please ?

  17. that’s what it called carry

  18. Gotta say I was worried for that Neptune at the start of the match.

  19. Honestly don’t think he played that well, just got lucky. He almost died in the first 5 minutes due to torps and poor positioning. A lot of his aims were horrendous. RNG was definitely on his side

  20. 13:10
    Georgia: omae wa wo shindeiru
    Jean Bart: naniiiii

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