Georgia Adventures – Subs Are In A Fine State

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It’s almost comical how poorly implemented submarines are, but in this game we get to see a torpedo home in on me well after I damage conned the ping. Truly a well polished new addition.


  1. 6:15 onwards is a real verified “ready for release” moment.

  2. Subs are fine, you should just adapt to new class and predict their movements, and then once you do that all that is left to do is to perform a simple maneuver to avoid taking minor damage. You even have a full guide on official WoWS channel on how to do that. SMH. /s

  3. The only “logical” explanation would be that the torps were trying to turn around and get back to the S. Dragon that got pinged…

  4. IIRC, sub torpedoes keep homing even after you DCP.

    The difference is that after you DCP, they stop actively homing, and start homing based on your last known speed and heading. Id you don’t change that you will still eat the torps.

    At least that is what I understood. It seems iunlikely that it’s the case here though, way too much time between DCP and the torps

    • This. It stays on it’s same trajectory curve, the DCP doesn’t make it stop curving. It won’t correct for any maneuvers after the DCP. This mechanic is especially catastrophic in sub v sub or DD v sub where your range is so close that your post DCP maneuver often doesn’t matter.

  5. You know this game is well-design when your “counter measure” was not in range to hit the target, but on the other side still stealth hitting you with little to no risk

    • @fokion leile I know you’re cynical but for the record 15.0 seconds of reaction time to those, not to mention dispersion at range

    • @Victor von Doom I got hit by 20km torps once in a while. But not from a DD. I am a DD main, IJN DD main, and I never played Shima with those torps. But I hit with them and got hit with them – they’re quite random when fired from typical Yoshino long range gameplay. A lot of people do not expect torps if there is no DD around and there’s just some HE spammer farming from 17-18km at their battleship formation. And once in a while you may find yourself ignorant of the Yoshino at range and stopping to position with your BB just as the torps get detected. It happens.

      For the record, I hit 2.84% of launched torps from Yoshino. (77% WR). It would be abysmal for DD, but in this context, the torps perform well.

    • I was being ironic in case people thought this was a legit counterpoint to submarine vs dc range

    • @fokion leile 1. Shimakaze torps don’t follow you. It just go in straight line and someone have happened to randomly hit by them
      2. Subs can reload torpedo much faster than that on shimakaze. 2 minutes and a half is what shimakaze need for entire launcher to be ready while subs can do just under 40 seconds with similar sumber of torps
      3. 20km may be from across the map. But if he try to specifically snipe you from that distance then you have no one to blame if you conveniently go in straight line for him

    • @Volknet AI. you literally had 13 hours to read the response i gave above

  6. I have Massa and Georgia and love them both to bits, pure fun.

  7. I have experienced Georgia abysmal cross eyed dispersion as well.

  8. Yeah I had a similar moment, torps curved around an Island to hit my Gaede even though the island edge had clipped my torps just seconds before.

  9. I didn’t realize they’d already introduced fly-by-wire torpedoes to the game.
    Thought we’d have to wait until 2023 for that.

  10. T.Y Flamu – no ‘simple manoeuvre’ to throw them WG bugs here…ever…🙏🙏

  11. My favorite submarine adventure so far was in my Lightning. I spotted the submarine with my sonar (which you just about have to ram the bastard in order to do) and I tried to get ahead of him to drop depth charges. The submarine ran away from me. Outran a T9 destroyer. I could not get ahead of them at 37 knots. That’s accurate, right? What counterplay is there?

  12. I love how my Jean Bart air strike has a shorter range than the submarine torpedoes. Can’t fly a plane more than 5km from the ship, just don’t have the technology.

  13. subs had to be buffed so even the most dented animals can play them, so torpedoes still home in after you clear ping

  14. Did you guys know that depth charges only do splash damage to surfaced subs? I learned the hard way lol

  15. I heard that the homing torps stop homing within 2km of your ship but they always curve anyways. i died the other day in a DD cause a sub torp made a 90° turn towards me. Not even homing on something behind me either. Such a trashy experience, also never spotted, not once

  16. i was a submarinerr for 6 years in RL. I playing this game since 2015 and watching your videos since 2016. i was sure then subs will never fit in this game. it is impossible to fit his boat type into the game. And i hate it. i play only DD/CL/CA/BB, all other classes are not fitting into this game. but one company needs infinite money….

  17. They put way too much onto the damage con. Especially for the ships with limited charges.

  18. Looks like he pinged the Myoko but the Myoko dodged, and then you being infront of the torpedo made Weegee servers implode in confusion.

  19. I loved how the torp curved and homed on you despite NO ping on the ship. It homed to where the old ping had been. So clearly the morons in WG do not have the code properly turning off the homing spots all the time once they expire. I’ve seen torps continue to home when you turn, a second ping missed, torps are coming, the ping expires, you turn to avoid and they continue to curve in just enough to still hit. They should lose the homing and go straight but nope. It’s the most moronic thing they could place on a ship. Even worse than Tromp calling in those damn plane strikes.

  20. If subs had half the speed they currently do underwater, it’d still be too fast.

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