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Testing out the Georgia, a tier 9 American Battleship with 6 guns at 457mm. Hope you enjoy the first look and have a wonderful day!

Tier IX American Battleship Georgia Replay – Warships Friend Invite – Discord Server


  1. This ship would be interesting as a secondary battery battleship, compensating for the small number of main guns

    • Or if you are lazy just give it radar or a turtleback 😛

    • Was about to write the same, this ship should be same as Massachusets is with its secondary guns fun system

    • I disagree. If this thing was given good Secondaries, it only gives incentive for WG to worsen the guns. Think Gneisenau. That is NOT going to work for Tier IX-X games.

    • +Warmaker01 There’s always Massachusetts if people wanted to get a secondary battleship. Its primaries are worse, but they are not bad per se.

      Also, great rear gun angles. Note to WG: It’s fine in this state. Nerfing it more is going to be bad.

    • Melvin Gehteuchdochnixan

      agreed. its only six main guns. those better be dope. no number of secs is gonna fix a shit main armament

  2. Sorry Notser, but I learned my lesson with 6 gun designs with the Gneisenau

    • Yeah, exactly! 6 guns does work on Gneisenau, along with secondaries and torpedoes. Even with the main battery, 60k is normal. However, with Georgia, two tiers higher, I have my doubts.

    • +aboomination Not really. They just suck. Except for Cossack. That ship is one of the best T8 DDs. All others are meh. Can’t believe I was suckered into paying 1 mil free XP for Alaska. And don’t get me started on Mikasa. I was matched against 1 cruiser (yes, 1v1 random game) and that tier 2 cruiser wiped the floor with me…

    • Sindre Westgård

      +Luis Pina i have both the original Graf Spee and the HSF version, i can tell that those trolly battleship salvos can be a pain in the ass, but when the sniper salvos kicks in, daaamn that ship can make some big ship cry XD

    • i loved the gnei

    • 99CCFF756e6b6e6f776e6578696199CCFF647072746c646b

      Gneisenau has torps at least lul

  3. I just couldn’t see the Navy going back to a twin turret design. Even the 18 inch concepts for Montana envisaged a 9 gun compliment

    • +sccrdude22 I think that they did propose this design actually. I saw it somewhere, I will link it, most likely

    • Empoleonman522the2

      Georgia was the original tier 9 before monty punted iowa down a tier. She originally had 3×3 16 inch guns…. She is the ship in the two brothers loading screen.
      +Jevin Liu

    • +Empoleonman522the2 Right. There was an actual 18in design somewhere, though, that called for replacing the 3×3 16in with 3×2 18in because in reality it is hard to fit a ship with 3×3 18in when it was originally to be equipped with 16in.

      I think I saw it on Reddit.

    • +sccrdude22 well it wasn’t practical, the last twin turret design for battleship caliber guns was in 1921, the machinery was tooled towards triple turrets and the like. It’s my biggest problem with the Montana class concept, I just can’t see justifying the loss of that 5 knots in speed (designed for 33, I think they made 32 in actual service under combat conditions,) just for a little extra armor, a different 5 inch gun and an extra 3 16 inchers.

    • General Cartman Lee

      Here’s the information about the US 18in guns along with plans for twin and triple turrets:

  4. they really need to give this t9 versions of the Massachusetts secondaries, if they did it would be so much fun and encourage brawling

    • Wasn’t there talks about it having the Massachusetts secondaries, or did they skip that part?

    • But if they did then you would have to give it battleship dispersion even if its not tone down like the Massachusetts to make up for it, but even then that would raise the question as to why the gneisenou has toned down battleship dispersion with only 6 guns, like yeah it has torps but those you really only use when youre suiciding

    • +Alf Sköld I think it has the better accuracy from the Mass secondaries, but not the fire rate.

    • +Yolo Meme and maybe not the range…

  5. 6 guns with a 30 second reload just doesn’t seem .. fun.
    I’ll be giving this one a miss.

  6. The Scourge of God

    Give her the initial 2.0 sigma back. That’ll improve the guns to acceptable levels of performance

    • They also made accuracy “better” to compensate, so it is probably a net win.
      Good dispersion profile > good sigma.

    • The Scourge of God

      +Snagabott They reduced the dispersion ellipse but nerfed the sigma as well. If they buff it back up, then the guns will be perfect.

    • +The Scourge of God They are already very accurate. There is such a thing as “too much”, her accuracy right now already beats that of any BB in the game by a large margin.

    • The Scourge of God

      +Sirene Racker Vanguard has better accuracy than her. Plus, Georgia might need that “too much” because she has just 6 guns

    • +The Scourge of God Vanguard’s dispersion is flat out inferior. At 10km we are talking 22m difference, at 15km 31.5m difference, both in favor of Georgia. On top of that Georgia has access to the USN accuracy module which gives an 11% reduction instead of 4%, and Georgia’s slower shells and the ballistics result in a tighter vertical dispersion as well. That is more than enough to counteract the .2 sigma difference which gets overblown by most people.

  7. Seems kinda meh, especially on a hull that doesn’t wow.

  8. The power creep is real.

    • LOL, everybody says this ship is not worth it and you called it power creep…

    • +VuHien2011 I think he means the others are so powerful , so its a victim of power creep.

    • +Littly Shippy How can you call it power creep when the ship is just released. You use that term for existing ships that are no longer competitive because of power creep. This one is lacking from the get go.

  9. Adam Marcinkowski

    Why Georgia !? , there is 2 Iowa class battleship that are unused USS New Jersey & USS Wisconsin but I suspect that WG will made that ship , replacement for Musashi , 1M xp , so they for sure whant to save real ships for better way to earn cash on them…

    • Adam Marcinkowski

      +admiral cookie Is Iowa = Missouri ? nope , Georgia will be another “Alaska” , 5 min hype , and then only people who grind for Free XP , will dream to have one … and all who own that marvel , just dont play it , because is no fun compare to Missouri…

    • stefanos perivolaris

      bah if they made up as a musasi replacement they will release it with coal/steel

    • +RacerBoy StevieX Problem is that this hull is not really suited for the engagement ranges that you’d have. Massachusetts is a short, stubby hull with good maneuverability and strong TDS. Georgia’s hull however is larger and more clumsy, making her unsuited for the close combat style of Massachusetts.

    • +Adam Marcinkowski Missouri is for all intents and purposes an Iowa with a gimmick consumable. And despite the insane credit earning she lacks behind the amount of battles played that Massachusetts has. Doesn’t take much to guess why, simply because you have nearly the same experience offered by a Tech Tree ship.
      Georgia at least offers a new flavor that neither of the unimplemented and completed USN BBs could offer. That is why WG is bringing her up.

    • Adam Marcinkowski

      +stefanos perivolaris Musashi is a beast I , and is grat for earnig cash 1.302.524 (268k dmg) , and fun to play , if you know how to play it , and that ship have soul , have retarded citatel , great hp pool & guns , and that is well ballanced , he could return for coal , but like 1.000.000 coal , I know much , but in year , you can get 511.000 coal from containers + with all extra missions/directives , you can end up in 1 year with 700-800k coal , WG should do that with Missuri & Kronstadt .

  10. The most important question… .Is it a cash machine?

    Update: Apparently not. Another strike against it.

    I believe Big Mo would have pulled over a million, or close to it, in that game.

    • Nothing beats the Trump Wagon

    • WG said they’ll never release a premium T9 with such monster credit earn. Missouri and Black are the last ones. Yes, Black also can get such big credits but you have to make such damage as on Missouri, most of the people don’t do more than 80-90k on it (slow torps) but I saw a replay that one guy got over a million credits doing 140k dmg with only Zulu flag on it.

  11. German battleships, namely Gneisenau are making less and less sense now lmao.

  12. Tell me when we get the Tilleman/Maximum Battleships. I am most defiantly expecting 24km+ detection.

    • You gotta announce your freedom presence at the start of the battle with one of those ship.

    • +absboodoo Your guns have 30km range but has a 580 Dispersion value to increase the spread of *FREEDOM!* While also replacing it’s float planes with B-52 Bombers and the ship get’s a 200% Increase of damage against Former Monarchist and Communist nations!

    • Drossel Von Flugel

      that would be a tier 12

  13. I don’t think the Graf Spee is known for it’s “accuracy” at any range.

    • +Ole Petzold “Battleship guns” debatable
      But certainly not as armored as a BB let alone a BC.

    • Coşkun Akalın, i mean accuary wise, Scharnhorst has the same guns with bb dispersion.

    • +Ole Petzold Scharn has 2.0 sigma with BB accuracy. Also racks 3 of them

    • Graf Spee has little use and is NOT accurate at all. 3 years playing and not much to enjoy any more.

    • Sindre Westgård

      Then you arent playing that girl right… yes the guns isnt uber accuracy but you learn how to use those guns, yes the ship isnt OP, but i have made some battleship cry for its mistakes and raked in over 1 mil free XP whit that ship, even got a few kraken whit it. i play it as a very heavy and oversized destroyer……Graf Spee is my fav ship.

  14. WG: Introduce Georgia the Iowa Class Bb that want to be a Yamato

    Yamato & Musashi: Are we a Joke to you?

    • Tom Yorke yamato doesn’t need a buff tho

    • +bob rogers have you seen the yamatos AA even with the rework is a joke you should not feel useless in a T10 BB yet when it comes to AA you feel that in the yamato

    • Tom Yorke all ships have their weaknesses and the yamato’s just so happens to be its AA

    • +bob rogers Armor means nothing in this game when you can do so much damg with HE and fires so what is the point of using a BB when you just die to HE spam over and over yes BBs have there guns but there just shotguns i have the unique upgrade for the yamato and the guns are still not great and the yamato is ment to have some of the best guns

    • Tom Yorke it still wins against every other bb in the game in a 1v1 so it isn’t a problem that it has a few weaknesses, it shouldn’t be blatantly over powered

  15. It needs better accuracy, then it is probably worth a look, but not in this status.

  16. The hull is a South Dakota/Iowa class hybrid. It’s a strange Frankenstein fiction and I don’t see a sum total that adds up to a buy.

  17. At least the Gneisenau and Graf Spee has Torps.

  18. Should have had 9 guns, and good secondaries, and been like a tier 9 Massachusetts

  19. That enemy N.Carolina shows true weekend warrior potential 😉

  20. *Shoots at Shimakaze*
    Notser: “The one I’m firing at; the Stalingrad”

    Since when did Notser turn into Jingles?

    • I know you probably didn’t want to know, but there is an actual reason for this. Similar information is stored in similar parts of the brain. The more exposure you have to a subject, the more you will risk being “blinded” and grabbing the wrong piece of information from that area of the brain when you only have partial visual information (think pereferal vision or split-second glances). When you get a good look at it, you are obviously more likely to identify something correctly with more training.

      It’s the same process that leads parents to mix up their childrens names when they are busy doing something and gets annoyed by a sudden distraction from one of them.

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