Georgia on my mind – World of Warships

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  1. Headed to Georgia for basic training. Wish me luck!

  2. Noice ??


  4. My Georgia with full secondary setup: Secondary battery mod 1 and 2 in upgrade slots. Mike yankee Soxisix signal. 19 pts Commander Halsey with Expert marksman, Basic Firing Training, Advanced Firing training and Manual fire control for secondaries. Reload time for secondaries 2,3 sec. Range 11,6 km. Dispersion -80%. Turret traverse bonus 3 degrees per second. It has five Gearing type 127 mm secondary guns. With speedboost you can move at a speed up to 38 knots. This is definitely a fun ship to pålay with although you need to be careful how and when you move in for close combat. But once you are in and hear those 10 secondaries firing with 2,3 second intervals you cant help feeling sorry for the target.

  5. Sebastian Ruehmann

    I tought the Georgia is a bad ship?

  6. The Mighty Jingles has 2 videos named the same as this!

  7. So sad to read that the King of Random was killed in a parasailing crash. He will be missed.

  8. What is the point of rushing a Scharnhorst when you are super confident to kill it while staying away from its torps? For sure, a Scharnhorst may never kill a Georgia, but tanking unnecessary dmg is not a good behavior for a BB player.

  9. I love my Georgia! I got shivers watching this.

  10. Im the 47.000 abonnenten

  11. Павел Калевальский

    Шарнхост как олень торпедв кинул. Минимум 4 штуки загнать можно было.

  12. That Scharnhorst was the typical shit player I usually get into the same team with! Panic-torping, HE shooting, broadsiding! Was probably a bot or had a severe stroke recently.

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