German Aircraft Carriers Weser World of Warships Wows CV Line Gameplay

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New German Aircraft Carriers Weser Tier 6 World of Warships Wows CV Line Gameplay coming soon to early access in update 0.9.6 2020 release date.

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The tier 6 German CV called Weser is based on a project created during World War II to convert an Admiral Hipper-class heavy cruiser into an aircraft carrier. Weser inherited the high speed and strong armor protection of her prototype, while also outmatching the power of her AA defenses to a certain degree. German carriers IV Rhein, VI Weser, and VIII August von Parseval are entering Early Access with Update 0.9.6. Weser — German Tier VI aircraft сarrier. Rewards from Daily Shipments and for completing Directives: German Carriers containers. Rewards from containers: combat missions that unlock Early Access to German carriers IV Rhein, VI Weser, and VIII August von Parseval; the “Black, White, Red” expendable camouflage; and other valuable rewards. new german aircraft carriers,german cv,german cv line,german aircraft carriers,german aircraft carriers world of warships,german aircraft carriers ww2,new german aircraft carrier,german aircraft carriers gameplay,wow german cv,german aircraft carriers weser,german cv line wows,german aircraft carriers release,weser wows,wows weser,weser world of warships,german aircraft carriers games,german cv world of warships,german cv wows,german cv gameplay,wows. Some distinguishing features of the German aircraft carriers include their attack aircraft are equipped with a new type of ammunition—armor-penetrating rockets. When successfully used, these are capable of inflicting heavy damage to enemy citadels. However, they may also ricochet or fail to penetrate armor when hitting a target at an acute angle—in this respect, they function in a similar way to armor-penetrating shells. When striking the thin armor of destroyers at 90-degree angles, they will often overpenetrate and deal 1/10 of the maximum damage. German bombers carry armor-penetrating bombs. A squadron initially flies at high altitude, and an attacking flight can dive without the need to first climb to a higher altitude. As it is quite difficult to adjust the position of the target reticle during an attack, their bombs are most effective when dropped on slower targets. The torpedoes dropped by German aircraft are fast, but have a short range and cause only modest damage. The aircraft have a high cruising speed, but somewhat small HP pool. German carriers are armed with accurate, long-range secondary guns.



  1. Carbine Carlito

    Hello once again everyone, for those that missed the stream from the weekend some gameplay footage of the brand new German aircraft carriers in this case the Weser which enters the German CV line at tier 6. Fast planes with decent torpedo armament including Attack aircraft capable of dealing armor piercing damage unlike other nations. I hope to have some gameplay footage up from the August Von Parseval soon. I hope you enjoy the video and until the next time keep sailing it like you stole it o7

  2. Hi, Carbine! Thanks for this review! Although I’m not a CV captain, I find it very useful to know how to defend myself. Keep this great performance! Regards!

    • Pete_ Hine_Of_PA

      To avoid bombs, turn side ways of the bomber, to avoid torpedoes, stay bow into or towards the air planes coming at you, best defense that I know of, so I thought I’d share it with you. If your ship is slow, hopefully it will have good AA, but if you are a DD with poor AA and weak armor you can maneuver quickly, and keep your eye on the map where the planes are and then lastly where they are in relation to your ship. In my opinion it’s already dangerous to be a ship with all the enemy floating around you, then they add CV’s, simply makes the game really hard to win at unless you’ve had years of experience.

  3. Thank you very much for showing us your gameplays CC! though im not a CV player, your gameplay will still provide us some guide 🙂

  4. Good video Kind of wanted the Stuka for the dive bombers on Weser

  5. Even if you said that you’re not a CV player nice game^^ Poor Okt for the detonation.

  6. not much of a CV player here, but i own the graf zeppelin, so lets just hope the T8 german CV isn’t just another graf zeppelin, love your videos btw, i’m always checking my notifications for them XD

  7. Thanks for the preview of the German tier 6 carrier. Looking forward to the next preview of the tier 8 German carrier that will be really interesting. Keep them coming, as always great content.


    Tall boi

  9. I wonder if any of the CVs will carry stukas! I love to have that iconic plane with the dive siren! Great gameplay!

  10. Word of warships videos

    Pls in the next battle use German idiome

  11. Nice Job Captain. Very good game.

  12. Pete_ Hine_Of_PA

    Nothing against you personally but I hate CV’s in the game especially when there is two of them per game. They seem to always hover over my dd, until I’m blasted out of the water before I even get where I’m going or if I’m trying to hide from other ships. Cv players know DD’s have very little armor and almost no AA to speak of, so in my opinion they are first to be picked on. Be ok, just to take a hit, but hit after hit ruins the game for me. Then there are all the other dangers of other ships including BB’s and cruisers. it’s really tough out there to be a dd player.

    • Carbine Carlito

      Hi again Pete, cv’s are very powerful ships and destroyers have to be played very carefully when they are in the game. Double cv games are particularly dangerous indeed. Keep it simple and avoid rushing forward and getting isolated and use friendly ships AA for support as much as possible. Patience is key when faced against carriers.

    • Pete_ Hine_Of_PA

      @Carbine Carlito Thanks, I’ll do just that. Yes when there are two CV;s in the game they single you out and you don’t last long that is providing you don’t get blown out of the water by a BB prior or after that. DD’s are tough to manage in this game…

  13. WESER, the planned aircraft carrier on the ready built SEYDLITZ hull. After GRAF ZEPPELIN was introduced and implemented into the game
    I hoped to get her as a premium CV to play her in OPERATION. Like you I am NOT a carrier player and use my CV in PvE games. To play a CV
    is like playing a destroyer. You are much more responsible for all the action you do bcause you are the eyes of the fleet. So I am a bit nervous
    to play them in PvP.
    As I commented in the Des Moines YouTube video I learn by watching good videos and by trying to do the same in co-op first. If I feel
    competent enough I try them in PvP. You told us you are maybe NOT the best CV player but I have seen a lot I will test with my tier 6 CVs.
    AND then there is a possibility you meet me in a CV in a PvP game 🙂 Thank you very much for the upload and all commented actions you
    and why. All the best Sir!

  14. WG is already waiting too nerf them too the ground because they are probably “over performing” according too there spreadsheet

    • Carbine Carlito if you think audacious is bad just wait 2-3 month and it will be the tier X German CV. I am not complaining that the CV is not as broken as the other one. It this point CV are like Russian ship, they are fighting to see which one can be the most game breaking and annoying to all the surface ship

  15. Are they all premium or will they free in tech line ?

  16. As one viewer on Flamu’s live stream put it:
    You can see all the way to Poland from that tower

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