German Battleship Prinz Rupprecht World of Warships Wows BB Gameplay

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How to play German Battleship KMS Prinz Rupprecht Tier 9 World of Warships Wows Preview Guide highlights Kriegsmarine ship upgrades and captain skills Gameplay.

0:00 Prinz Rupprecht Out of Nda
1:42 Prinz Rupprecht Secondary Build Gameplay
14:23 Prinz Rupprecht Finale & Score screens

Prinz Rupprecht Captain Skills: Preventive Maintenance, Grease the Gears, Long Range Secondary Shells, Manual Secondary Battery Aiming, Emergency Repair Expert, Fire Prevention and Adrenaline Rush. Ship Upgrades: Main Armaments Mod 1, Damage Control Mod 1, Secondary Battery Mod 1, Steering Gears Mod 1 ,Concealment Mod 1 + Auxiliary Armaments.

Prinz Rupprecht is the brand new German Tier IX battleship/battlescruiser now out of nda and due for release into early access in update 0.10.9.
Prinz Rupprecht is based on a high-speed battleship project with eight 406 mm guns. She embodied the development of battlecruiser projects of the World War I period.

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  1. Hello and welcome everyone todays video features the brand new tier 9 German battleship Prinz Rupprecht. The Prinz Rupprecht is now out of NDA but there will be one final change made before the ship goes live in early access in update 0.10.9 Maximum AP shell damage reduced from 12700 to 11500 but everything else remains the same. I’m running with a full secondary build in this video and despite this map not being optimal still a pretty good fight so I hope you all enjoy the game. Let me know in the comments what you think and until the next time keep sailing it like you stole it o7

  2. hey man . good stuff

  3. Anubhav Das Sarma

    good content
    Maybe taking CE isn’t such a bad idea.
    Would allow you to disengage better, just saying

    • Concealment is totally valid I was alternating between concealment and fire prevention this game just happened to be with fire prevention. Full concealment build drops the detection range down to 12.2km but I was hungry looking for fights in this one 😀

    • @Carbine Carlito IFHE would also be a nice alternative to boost the secondaries further as the secondary DPM of Pz Rupprecht is the highest compared to Georgia, FDG and Pommern, almost as high as Ohio at ~300k 

      But tbf for the two point skill, I’ve seen so many different ways to build, Vigilance is great when these ships have trash torp protections, offers some torp awareness when the hydro is down and it even stacks ontop of the Hydro, Swift in silence can get you sub 38knots, you using GTG can get 25s 180 degree traverse, literally cruiser level and in the end there’s the fan favourite Priority target.

    • @Lee Marcus Yes indeed this just happened to be the build I used during this game. I’ve tested and rotated through quite a few different builds and there is quite a bit of flexibility

  4. Im a simple man i see CC new vid i click

  5. My hype for this line is real!

  6. Nice upload, my tip is you must change line 2 skill and put on ifhe then all secondarys will pen over 32 mm 🙂

  7. So where you guys are now streaming these new german line ships, I am guessing we have update 10,9 this week coming, boy I hope they finally fix torpedo bug too.

    • Torpedo bug has been fixed and yes update 10.9 coming real soon and yes I’ll be streaming some more this afternoon 😀

  8. Καϊσίδης Γεώργιος

    Can’t wait to start this line🔥

  9. Is the patch this week? I just got a 2+ gb update pre-dl. :/

  10. GG, should have titled this “Death by secondaries”. 🙂
    Would have liked less intrusive twitch interruptions.

  11. T9 Battlecruiser vs T9 Supercruiser. That’s like Shakespeare’s “2 beer or not 2 beer”.

  12. Main guns seem disastrous to me.

  13. Why only 360p? My eyes hurts to watch low quality vids

  14. Мр. Булочка

    This channel is so hot that it is about to explode. You are putting out quality content, my good sir. I wish you the very best in your career.

  15. The alpha nerf is not needed

  16. yes if you turn too quickly your turrets might not be able to keep up and the crosshair might get suddenly jammed of the target. The same thing can happen to the torpedo tubes. This has saved alot of my enemies in battle

  17. I’m asking because, I am honestly curious. Any reason you didn’t put IFHE on the build? I usually do not use it but every single video, I have seen about the new line, shows people using them to enhance the 105s.

  18. 12:28 he was probably taking a look at your amazing test ship

  19. Saw that one life, was a truly great game to watch, so I’ll gladly watch it again 😉

  20. She actually looks like a proper brawler. Looking forward to playing her now. Great vid as always CC

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