GERMAN BATTLESHIP TIRPITZS! (World Of Warships Battleship Gameplay)

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GERMAN BATTLESHIP TIRPITZS! (World Of Warships Battleship Gameplay)


  1. I saw this clip a few months ago

  2. Sebastian Grzybowski

    Phly please show me how to play with Worst DD ever Farragut cus i rly dont
    know how to play with these piece of shit :P

  3. How do you disable the HUD in the menu? Ctrl+G or Ctrl+H (don’t know) don’t

  4. I vote for Ibuki and Zao

  5. Hi phly, can u play the atogo . Thanks. Great wows vids

  6. Take out the Emden! 10 105mm guns at Tier 2 compared to the upgraded St
    Louis 14 152mm guns at Tier 3. Emden 17rpm (with main armament upgrade), St
    Louis 7rpm. The constant machine gun fire makes for intense low tier

  7. D O N OT
    O P E N
    M E
    H A R D

    G I R L S

  8. Phly – you should better time your repair consumable, you should use it

  9. AWW PHLY! You should’ve made a very special intro for this one! A Tirpitz
    by the shore being reflipped from death with it’s camos but still using the
    same song…most be very awesome!

  10. PhlyDaily thank you so much for acknowledging me on your video ! I thought
    I wouldn’t have a chance but I’m just thanking you and now you make me feel
    awesome ! by the way my vote for next ship is the : Sims, the premium
    American destroyer.

  11. Phly in 8:44 you ware talking about IOWA sitting still in front position
    and how good strategy it is – IT’S THE WURST ON THAT SHIP. Iowa has one of
    the wurst BB armors in this game (Tirpitz at least is almost impossible to
    citadel). For everyone who can’t kill a Iowa from the front – I will let
    you in on a secret. Aim just above B turret (the base of the front radar
    shack – you can see it in the model). Every shoot there is a citadel. One
    fresh example from this morning – I was in a Tirpitz at 25k health , Iowa
    caught me broadside on at 10km range while he was on full health at 90C
    angle). I fired at that spot – 6 hits – 4 citadels (48k damage). He fired
    overpined (RNJesus was on my side), left me on about 16k health , I
    reloaded – 5 hits 2 citadels and killed him…. He started screaming hacker
    , report…. while I was laughing my ass of 😀 😀 :D

  12. Celestial Sphere

    phly do the hindenburg

  13. “We’re pulling all the way out” -PhlyDaily 2016

  14. What ship is in your intro?

  15. please play the Gearing!!!

  16. Steven Fowles (foxrox198)


  17. Tier 9 German Cruiser, the Roon!

  18. Hey phly can we see the German cruiser Yorck next please?

  19. tier9 american destroyer the fletcher plzzzz phly

  20. I like how he’s complementing the ship

  21. I always hit HE by accident after I use torps,most likely same thing you

  22. Take out the Nagato, the only Japanese BB to survive ww2

  23. play the Hindenburg

  24. phly! next combo! T92 and The B-29!

  25. give the Zao the publicity it deserves. best cruiserrr!!

  26. Hugo Felipe Hurtado Capcha

    music intro plis

  27. Plz use the Hiyru

  28. 24:05, sailing broadside to a battleship. That’s a paddeling

  29. Play the worst ship in game (you choose wich one is)

  30. Mogami, the low-tier sniper battleship.

    Don’t care that you did it recently, It’s the bestest ship and has to be

  32. how about the admiral hipper, eh? I thinl that’d be awesome

  33. (ATTEMPT 2) Race the with the machine gun cannons!!! Gearing…if you don’t
    I will grind your gears so hard…

  34. I just want to say thanks to your videos I am now on World of war ships and
    will be making my own videos my name is jeepster_steel

  35. Could u take out the mahan?

  36. Oberkommando Der Wehrmacht

    I’m in Italian Navy,i’m voluntary and i’m so unhappy.
    Where are Vittorio Veneto,Roma.
    Where’s the class Duca degli Abruzzi?
    Where’s classe Audace?
    Come on man,we’re talking about a nation that is circmundated of 3/4 of his
    earth from water…

  37. 5:45 omg why are u not arranging your guns?

  38. Midway

  39. Sparkleshy Starswirl

    Phly I swear sometimes it seems like you’re tweaking on dextro during your
    vids. Chill out!

  40. hey Phly who made your intro for you channel? also are you going to do
    another sweepstakes?

  41. how do you zoom in on your shots like that?

  42. Play the ship with very good accuracy the WarSpite

  43. Warspite next ;)

  44. Go club some seals in whatever!

  45. love it. thx phly

  46. WoT Blitzkrieger

    tier 9 bb playing peekaboo my god the fail

  47. The North Carolina is waiting for you Phly, go and hunt them down!

  48. WoT Blitzkrieger

    i really wanted one of these but being unemployed for as long as i have
    been sucks ass. torpitz is love torpitz is life

  49. Pensacola!!!

  50. If possible could you please take out the hms cook


  52. Mikhail Kutuzov its also a tier 8.
    however it only has 150MM guns, the range is 19km so I wonder how it will
    perform in your hands

  53. Do the T2 tachibana 😀 Thing is so much fun

  54. Phly. Pz take out the Roon on the next video, The AP monster Cruiser!!

  55. German ship in a nutshell
    Fire on deck
    Fire on deck again
    Engine broke (fixed)
    Broken propeller
    Engine broke again
    Unstoppable fire all over the ship
    Became a sitting duck

  56. plz Motana USS BB

  57. Great games Phly, thanks for the video! I have a Tirpitz but I’m too much
    of a pussy to take her out. All my other ships are like Tier IV, lol.

  58. 🙁 I want a tirpitz too

  59. Hindenburg please

  60. Please do Bismarck

  61. Arnold der Hütehersteller

    The Ship in the Intro is the Tirpitz or am i wrong?

  62. be an honourable sailor and take out the almighty YAMATO for the Emperor!




  66. SOME low tier battleship?

  67. 9:10 look like izumo out from warp portal.

  68. Nathaniel Lumacang

    Play the tier 10 american cruiser des moines. I hope you do

  69. Eating Flashbang

    Tirpitz and Bismarck were good examples of German engineering

  70. So jelly that Phly has the Tirpitz

  71. Declan Vreijling

    take out the essex america or ill shit myself

  72. question, it’s annoying me that it isnt working for me the follow your
    rounds feature n was wondering what it’s called in settings? I thought I
    found it but it only works if I use it as a second firing button and the
    camera follows the rounds all the way to the target n I cant exit from it
    until the shots hit. I would love to use it so I can see how my shots land
    for adjustments at times but I cant go back to my ship n see where it’s
    going while the shots are in the air.

  73. play the mygoi tier IV IJN battleship

  74. Take your girl Yamato out on a date, she need’s some water and some fresh
    air :)

  75. Something different maybe. What about that Arp Myoko. Killer HE. Feel the
    Bern! 😉 Thanks for the WoW content bud. Greetz from Europe.

  76. Can someone explain to me what a citadel is/means?

  77. how did you guys research the ships so fast

  78. zao pls ,u will make my grind for it much beter ☺☺☺☺☺☺

  79. Jonathan Pinkerton

    Fuck Land of Fire. I can’t play this game beyond tier 5 because of that
    map. No, it’s not because I don’t like the map. It’s because the map
    crashes my computer every fucking time it tries to load up.

    And to the smartass that says the graphics are too intense. WG can’t make a
    game too intense for a 970gtx with their Bigworld engine so that isn’t the
    problem. Not to mention the fact that I’ve tried everything from graphics
    to compatibiliy and nothing works.

  80. Ffg

  81. Jonathan Lundborg

    play the furutaka stock

  82. Beautifull phly seriously!

  83. The buffed Kutuzov in honor of Nancy Reagan!

  84. Yamato. 460 mm of love!

  85. how can i get a tirpitz ingame?

  86. play the Mikasa

  87. Do the USS Omaha (all modifications)!

  88. phly play the great american battleship Colorado. Sow everyone hows amazing
    it can be :-)

  89. I can’t help but cringe everytime people fire their torpedoes at targets
    far outside their range.

    Y u do dis?

  90. Montana plz! You will see how the Yamato recks it and how biased it is!!

  91. Outstanding Phly. Very fun to watch.

  92. You and me have the same damn problem with the Derptiz I can’t count how
    many times I’ve been in a knife fight and fired my torps and then hit “one”
    without thinking and fire into a dudes broadside at like 5km thinking “okay
    he’s dead” only to watch eight HE shells splatter on his belt as I’m

  93. New Megico plz!!!!!

  94. Do the Atago! You know you want to!

  95. i cant get my game to work help

  96. Kongo go phly!
    Be honurable for japan

  97. Maykon Bernardes

    Play with essex dude :D

  98. Take a sushi ship Mogami and bring torpedus to the lands.

  99. Cleavland

  100. thanks, I wanted this one!

  101. myogi


  103. taiho

  104. some Baltimore action would be nice

  105. Beutiful ship. it was sunk only a short drive from where i grew up. got a
    picture of my grandfather standing on the “kee” or the bottoml if i said it
    right because it was lying upside down in shallow waters. Would love to see
    some more high tier russian dd play =)

  106. Please do a PT-76 vs PT-76 battle

  107. Is the Bismarck in the game?

  108. you help me?

  109. ControlTheAirwaves

    The Lo Yang is a Taiwanese ship not Chinese

  110. In war thunder!!!

  111. Phly Daily how do I get the sound package. I do not speak English! pass me
    in writing please?

  112. Montana!!! Citadel city 2.0!!!!!!

  113. Use the biggest ship in WOW

  114. Daniel Vilbergsson

    or the konigsberg pls or the new york pls pls pls and pls add me as friend
    in world of warships my name is jacob combs

  115. Israel Perez Bautista

    awesome phly

  116. Please take out the Nagato! :D

  117. t92 and AD2 with rockets

  118. do the essex

  119. Play Khabarovsk, its soo fun when u try to Pronunciate it

  120. Bismarck will be awesome but probs be tier 9

  121. Fletcher please

  122. Admiral Phly we have a special mission for you. We need you to take our new
    ship the MONTANA and use it to take out Japanese invaders.

  123. Königsberg with accuracy upgrade!

    Attempt 2

  124. Wyoming? Please?

  125. That intro music is soo good

  126. Nicolas Eduardo Lerzo

    as I choose automatically without entering the map to attack a squadron of
    planes that come with AA

  127. Derpingames NOT FUNCTIONING

    Let’s get fast firing guns, the gearing!!!!

  128. Como mierdas tiene tantos barcos, dinero y monedas!!!????

  129. Queen of the cruisers, take out the emperor bishop the Zao!

  130. Play the Izumo BE VERY HONOURABLE!

  131. Do The Farragut plz!!!!

  132. Jayden Tate-Anderson

    The New Mexico pleases!!

  133. creighton overton

    uss arizona

  134. Vegard Bråtveit

    It’s called Tirpitz

  135. Cast Studios (Outcast85)

    The Fubuki that destroyer is amazing and plus Kantai Collection amazing
    anime, come on!!! 2nd try!!

  136. Tirpitzs OP

  137. Phly, your videos are the shit! Keep it up :)

  138. Hey Phly I just want you to know that you are awesome. I am not sure if you
    remember me, I am The Sam Factor we had a short talk on twitch the other
    day. The ship I am about to get on WoW is the Colorado, so I was wondering
    if you could do a video on that ship. Thanks.

  139. I wish the Tipitz was still abailable

  140. phly have you seen the chieftain with your face hole yet?

  141. How do you get those german battleships? i dont have these ships,i dont
    have the german battleships…………


  143. Take out the Izumo!

  144. Take out the Nagato, the kancolle is calling!

  145. Nice video Phly. Thanks for taking out this magnificent battleship. So
    beautiful ;_;

  146. Hi from german Phly! Do the Independence next :D

  147. I can’t wait to see the full German BB line. Especially the Scharnhorst
    which should be pretty unique and interesting to play.

  148. Rafael Diaz Brenes

    Take out the IJN Heavy Cruiser Ibuki

  149. When are German battleships being released?

  150. Can we see the mighty very honourable Yamato

  151. Omg dat intro

  152. Flemming Vandersteen

    Hi phly! Please do the Bismarck challenge. (My own idea)
    Report for you:
    To: Captain lindemann phly!
    Captain we have report of enemies in the denmark strait.
    Our sistership the Tirpitz is already near spain!
    Unfortunately we dont have torpedus like them! We MUST win!
    (Play as the Tirpitz and dont is Your torpedo’s!)
    Good luck!

  153. Hey Phly is it possible for you to take out the Roon? 🙂 Thank you!!!

  154. the atago at 17:10 .. is pretty much me… in every game lol

  155. The ship that I`d like to see you take out is the ORP Błyskawica

  156. Take out the Des Moines

  157. Take the Aoba out for a spin!

  158. Sorry, I`ve one question: How did he get the Tirpitz? I thought you can`t
    buy it yet. Sorry if its a silly question, but I would like to know it.

  159. Show the Gearing, pls !

  160. Guys, he should Play the Haruna! Yeah, I know it`s a Kongo, but it looks so
    AWESOME and it feels like a different ship (idk why). Would be great^^.

  161. Shaunjr Grossnickle

    “When the guns go silent

  162. Phly! Why spoil so much on the very start?!

  163. u hawe bast intros

  164. Zao!

  165. how ’bout we do a lil American DD, the Clemson!

  166. Patricia Charles

    play the Midway carrier

  167. Yo Phly, lets annoyingly fire endless AP 130mm rounds that do more damage
    than my Nagato from within smoke and never get detected! Play the Kiev!!!

  168. Fletcher or Iowa. And I really love how u show a clip from the upcoming
    vid, it makes it more exciting, but u probably already know that :p o7


  170. play with the uss albany amazing ship guys come on i know we can do it :)

  171. Watching this before it goes everywhere in the gaming community.

  172. play the premium wonder atago!!

  173. please play the new york. the tier 5 usn battlship

  174. GEAR MY GEARING (gearing destroyer)

  175. I would like to ask you,what is better Steel Ocean or World of Warships?

  176. USS MONTANA!!!!!!!!! HYPEEEEE!

  177. Play the Enterprise carrier

  178. Sebastião Gomes

    Indepencence plz Phly

  179. X8X8X8X8X8X8X8X8X8X

    This is one mighty battleship!

    I also love to see a Warspite-video btw. Even if the rest of the Royal Navy
    is still absent…

  180. Tirpitz: probably the best battleships ever laid down by a european navy,
    and definetely the most beautiful of them all!

  181. Fletcher class American DD.

  182. Lets play the Karlsruhe for shits n’ giggles!

  183. Play the USS Midway

  184. One hit two citadels how does that work

  185. Play the Baltimore ples

  186. 0:40 damn Daniel XD

  187. ad hipper

  188. the TOG the most OP battle ship ever

  189. The game looks very cool, but a little bit hard to play. I want to try it,
    thanks to give me the idea Phly ))

  190. Ah sie germans !!

  191. Liam the dark angel.

    Will this game ever get updated? because one British ship isn’t the wasn’t
    the whole fleet in ww1 and ww2… where’s the others? HMS Sheffield, HMS
    prince of Wales ect

  192. Next time Phly please take out the mighty mighty KONGO, Japanese beast !

  193. Furutaka, the armourless battleship. I still can’t master that cruiser.

  194. Were fights like this back then?

  195. use montana with upgraded artillery

  196. Can you do the Benson class?

  197. New Mexico!!

  198. next play the USS Omaha, nobody ever ask for his tier shit…

  199. TheSkyHadAWeegee

    First to say first!

  200. yay! 2 minutes! and tirpitz

  201. how do you get the tirpitz

  202. In warthunder use the m47 and f9f with 2 1klbs

  203. First

  204. tirTits hype

  205. Play the Mahan next, I just really like this ship

  206. hi phly great work as always

  207. *VOTE ON NEXT SHIP!!!!*

  208. Thanks for the support on the WOWS series! I have a lot of fun playing
    these games for yall!

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