German BB Bayern vs Sims – World of Warships – free cam replay

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Player: Hakuuna_Matata
Map: Trident

is in ther game since the last patch but only available to super testers. Well, Im not very super, but he wasnt either. Even lost his temper in the end

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How can you send me a Replay ?


  1. deutschrr?

  2. Looks to be a post WW1 modernised version, with superstructure modelled off
    the Lutzow class panzerschiffe. Hoping this is a B or C hull.

  3. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    I think for WW1 u should use SMS btw nice video

  4. Die Gneisenau ist t7

  5. Die Bayern ist stufe 6 Panzerknacker

  6. Oh, and Bayern is also a tier 6, not a 7.

  7. Bayern looks like Yorcks bigger (bad azz) brother, lol. Me likes alot.

  8. That smoke stack is way too tall

  9. SMS Bayern, no?

  10. lechatdu91 ChatonQuiMetDesBifle

    bayern isnt à t6 ?

  11. bayern is pretty ugly i must say

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