GERMAN BB POWER || 379K DMG – 8 kill || World of Warships

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  1. Are we talking about comments or views cause if so no one cares

  2. First comment.
    Being frank, oh my god … this was a great battle, better than I expected, this is a graphic description of the style of play of this battleship. It was also great, since most of his enemies were fairly competent enemies who did not really make beginner mistakes, especially by those enemies who tried to seriously angle to bounce the incoming projectiles, but those cruisers at minute 4:00 and 11:14 LOL , that if it was a beginner’s mistake that they did not try to avoid those incoming salvoes.
    And to be honest, this is a memorable game.

  3. Impressive gameplay, deals with everything calmly.

  4. I love Arms Race, I hope people will play it more often. He took about 180k damage (x1.8 of his original HP) and still finished with almost full HP. Now that’s just perfect for KM BBs because of their nature to brawl. Let alone the stupid 18 seconds reload he had… If AR was there, he’d probably have gotten less than 15 seconds reload.

    • WG shot themselves in the foot by not allowing people to complete campaign and legendary module missions in the game mode. It’s pretty much dead now due to their fuck up.

  5. Good battle. He did great. Too bad that DM stole the 9th kill.

  6. 18 sec reload on a Kurfurst & low detection is a scary, scary thing.

  7. Wow what an awesome game 🙂 You made that look so easy

  8. What the…. where’s the medals? I think he has High Caliber, Kracken, Federate and some others. Where are the medals the medals always pops up during and after each battle

  9. World of broadsides

  10. A tier 9 ibuki going full broadside to a tier 10 bb that has 12 shells to fire. Dude, that’s bullsh…

  11. 德戰真的屌

  12. I thank you for having put it up!
    Thanks for everybody! 🙂
    This was my primary battle like this. (Arms Race).
    Legendary upgrade and secondary build.

  13. THX — GREAT!!!

  14. First shells fired at 3:25

  15. Server???

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