German BRAWLER || GK 315K || World of Warships

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  1. OMG NOOO ! Scrollzoomer & shellfolower… Pasch, plss…. my eyes are bleeding :((( I cannt watch it to the end.

  2. yes he is scrolling and following the shells – but everybody is free to play the game like he wants ^^
    its not my style of play but you cant say he did not well… he tanked and hit his shots!

  3. Sorry for the scrollzomming guys. It’s an old habit of mine that I kind seem to get rid of. I still hope that you can enjoy the video, somehow.

    • +Yebane Brod well, in 3 years its easy doable, if you have job like me… ( own company )

    • Kristof Kolumbus lol i have been at it three years. I do have wife and children though…(also own company)

    • stefanos perivolaris

      Old habits die hard

    • what is the build? ship and captain?

    • +tasman_devil

      -Auxiliary Armaments Mod 1
      -Damage Control System Mod 1
      -Secondary Battery Mod 1
      -Damage Control System Mod 2
      -Target Acquisition System Mod 1
      -Enhanced Main Armaments (Legendary)

      Captain Skills:

      Grade 1:
      -Priority Target

      Grade 2:
      -Expert Marksman
      -Adrenaline Rush

      Grade 3:
      -Basic firing training

      Grade 4:
      -Manual Fire Control for Secondary Armament
      -Advanced Firing Training

      And the 420mm guns of course.

  4. Edilson Oliveira Dos Santos

    Nossa este foi o melhor video que eu vi neste ano muito top

  5. legendary mod? I like mine, but hate the -8% range. Its very unnecessary and dumb to reduce the GK’s range.

    • ZachDaKilla the gk is a brawler and best at 10-11km which is your secondary range as well tho most accurate with your shots and with the module you feel even more damage. if you want range, play a yama and “camp” at the back but you do not play the gk like that.

    • +exillivos yes I know, I do want to push, but I want to do it in a smart way. I died way too many times pushing in at wrong times without support, hence gaining experience. I havent been able to get super high dmg games (Im talking about 300K+ games) because my RNG in this game is terrible, and now the CVs, so I may just give up and leave the game for good. Already left WOT because of PTW, and now WOWs for RNG. Sorry about being sidetracked, but the GK legendary is just not good enough to deserve the title, “Legendary Module”.

    • +Yebane Brod I dont camp Yammy/Conqueror levels in my GK (or even in my Yammy). But what people dont understand when I put out complaints like this is that range is VERY USEFUL. I know how to use my GK, I’ve grinded over 1 mil xp on it, but I cannot stress how much I get sniped by Yamatos and burnt to a crisp by 22.2 km Henri IVs. I like to make it work, but the Legendary mod/GK is all about pushing the enemy WHEN U HAVE AN OPPORTUNITY! If you charge in like a madman or at a random time, you cannot expect to bulldoze all the time. You will simply be outcamped. Btw, from my experience, I did better on avg pushing with a Main Battery build GK than a Legendary mod Secondaries build GK. Again, I do like to use the ship to its strengths (in this case tanking and threatening), but if your RNG is shit like mine (Im talking about not even citadeling a broadside Montana or Yamato at 10 km or less CONSISTENTLY) then pushing in isnt rewarding for the player, and instead feels like a battle against even your own team (In many of my games, I dont get any support for a push that I call out for my team like pinging sectors in a certain order and using the, “I need support!” button).

      And the secondaries, they ARE NOT CONSISTENT FOR ME, even on an 18 pt captain fully speced for secondaries. As I said before, my RNG is shit, so naturally, I dont set any fires with them.

    • ZachDaKilla well the secondaries are somewhat special. I have dished out huge amounts of damage with them with manual BUT they don’t shoot above islands even when I’m in range and the enemy is targeted…when I don’t have manual I can at least shoot on both sides and that can also do massive damage. can’t win there. and I agree the meta is shite on the gk especially at range but I found if you aim right you destroy any broadsiding ship at ranges up to 11km, might be pure rng though

    • +Yebane Brod (sigh) yup, I want to love WOWs, but it doesn’t love me back. Im sorry to say this WG, but here is where we part ways and say goodbye.

  6. I can not watch this scrolling…..its to bad and i think the player lost too many time with it….but if he like……
    I get a headache from this shit

  7. Those GK gunners need to lay off the schnapps

  8. I think i just had a seizure..

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