German Carrier Nerf: It Had To Happen | World of Warships Legends | 4k | Xbox Series X

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Today we are taking out the the German Carriers one last time before the nerf. We are also going over the changes to the ships in work of warships legends.


  1. I’m gonna be honest, while I personally didn’t feel the wrath of those AP bombs too often, I could understand the nerf

  2. That is the problem always. Tommy, there is no team play, even before carriers.

  3. I never felt the torment of those AP bombs and Im not a carrier fan but the nerf is understandable. I’ll try to get along with the CV branches later on.

  4. Dragonfighter 262

    I understand the nerf the DMG of the AP Bombs was way to high but my proplem is that ships with bad Deckarmor get punished (like Bismarck or other Germa BBs) and Ships with good Deckarmor not and the most ships with that armor who can’t get zidadeled are most the ships who stay back and dont move ( Jean Bart) so what I want to say is that ships where skill is needed get punished but ships who you just have to shoot and stand still and go slowly to the edeg dont care about AP Bombs because they can’t get hit in the zidadel. I think the dameg and the penetration should be higher on ships who stand skills or drive very slowly. So camping would be more dangerous and pushing would be rewarded.

  5. I think the nerf is reasonable tbh. To many times while using the Weser I’ve taken more than half hp on battleships with a single attack run. So I can’t wait to see how the nerf affects the AP bombs now.

  6. StickMasterCaleb 32

    Yeah I was in the Dunkerque and I was being focused by the Weser keeps citadel my ship so I can relate

  7. Im the captain now

    I got dev striked by a weser in my pyotr velikiy
    Its still op and unfair

    • BB’s are in a bad place right now. The “I play BB’s and all you have to do is..” crowd won’t admit it, but BB’s need a buff similar to the Secondary buff they got when there were problems with Torpedo’s

    • @Mike Hays there is still a problem with stealth torpedos by Japanese Destroyers. The BB’s have always been in a bad place due to lack of anything to truly counter DD

  8. Hi there, carrier player here. All of these nerfs seem very very justifiable. Im not what i would consider the best carrier player, but im pretty good and it was ridiculous what i could make happen with the weser, i cant imagine the power that AVP holds

    • KniteTime Teddy

      That shit was broken. the plains are hella fast too so if parseval was targeting you you pretty much were fucked lol. it has that real good aim also so yeah there was nothing you could do.

      Its hella hard as a alied carrier to intercept those damn things also, if you are going to attack the other aircraft carrier with AP bombs you pretty much are garanteed citedals on them.

  9. Vincent The Keeper

    You shouldn’t do 100-150k in a carrier anyway dude. Especially in Tier 5, thats nuts.They need to go back to the original AA effectiveness. AA doesn’t do anything any longer.

    • And the tier 6 Benham or any Japanese Destroyers isn’t nuts? The concealment is busted and the damage or amount of Torpedos (specifically Benham for numbers) is completely nulling the effort players put to have battleships with big guns. You can easily pull a 140k damage in tier 4 destroyers if you use japanese.

    • Vincent The Keeper

      @dan shmitka just make sure to stop using DD concealment as a crutch propping up CVs in this game. Ask the community NOW if they would have them remove CVs and the trade off is PC concealment on DDs. Put that to a vote now that people have had a taste of CV “gameplay”

  10. Uncle Johnie plays

    Team play in carriers is useless I kept two dds spotted and watched them torpedo all three ships on that side wasted a squadron and six minutes

  11. I would say about 80% of people don’t care about being a team.

  12. Give carriers a special ping that highlights a target, all friendlys that damage the pinged target get bonus exp and silver

  13. I didn’t see any problem in the carriers till I lost all my health in my Georgia in about 5mins to ap bombs while trying to dodge but nothing I could do literally the reason I started using the AA mod on any ships that had good base AA but AA feels extremely weak at the moment attack groups should not be getting 2 attacks off on ships with 90 rating AA and above

  14. Supermarine Spitfire mk. IX

    I feel like they might’ve been nerfed due to people not understanding that Armor-Piercing bombs will pierce their ship’s armor.

  15. Simple. Add spotting assist damage 🙂

  16. New player here and im sure this is been a thing for a while but im starting to hate when you pump a ships HP down and notice nobodies firing cuz they’re holding their shells for when that ship has 1 brick of hp left to then unload..i think thats bullshit and you should get partial kill credit at least

  17. Germany was in the sun for a short while, but it was a glorius time.

  18. You are so lucky on legend. On PC they would have nerf the damage and then double the size of the aiming circle to be sure you will never hit anything with them. Just in case.

  19. Curiosity Vault

    The trouble is, as somone who plays a lot of CVs, when I spot the DDs all game, I end up doing not too much damage, and I get barely any XP and finish low on the team tally. I don’t mind, I still just want to win, but I imagine most players don’t want that, so WG needs to give ALOT more xp to carriers for their spotting in order for the majority of players to actually spot, and the player base will start to look for opportunities to shoot the lit up DD once they get used to CVs doing it.

  20. Curiosity Vault

    also, as far as spotting ribbons go, you get a few at the start, but you don’t get them again once that ship was already spotted and gone dark and re spotted again, so, there is still barely any incentive created by those ribbons beyond the first 2 minutes of the game, there needs to be more xp given for the damage done to a ship while being spotted by the cv.

  21. The Weser got nerfed because too many players were complaining that they were losing from the AP bomb hits

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