German Carriers: How to Play

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German aircraft carriers Rhein, Weser, August von Parseval, and Manfred von Richthofen are now available for all players to research.
Learn how to efficiently use the specific traits of these ships and their squadrons.

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  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    What do you think about new tech branch?
    Which carrier is your favorite?

    • From my experience so far i can tell that i wont enjoy grinding up the german CV Tech Tree because of the Weser. The fact that i most of the time get matched with Tier 8 ships when playing Weser is making it impossible to hit any kind of Ship do to thier low HP Aircraft. I had fun with the Rhein tho.

    • @Blackout27able yeah, Tier 6 matched to Tier 8 is a major problem. But Tier 8 and above should be fine, i guess..

  2. Armor piercing rockets. All you need to know

    • @Jevin Liu *J* *U* *S* *T* *D* *O* *D* *G* *E*

      But he actually corrects, since this is NOT AP Bomber, not a fire rocket. Just angled away will render AP rocket to oblivion.

    • @lunsmann

      Ever heard of cross fires? Can’t angel then, what do you show broadside either, a Richthofen rocket planes or a Stalingrad AP Salvo?

      Iam curious about your answer.

    • @Thel ‘Vadam – what can cause the largest damage? Tell me currently do you angle against DD torps or Yamato AP? Look forward to your answer to that. The answer to both is identical by the way.

    • Cup Of Earl Grey Tea


    • Actually, In my opinion, the fun part about these ship are the Ap bomb. 3 Bomb per payload, each deals over 8k with very good dispersion, so even bb can get hit over 20k easily. While with ap rocket, you can only cit cl and some ca giving broadside

  3. Incoming german memes

  4. My main problem with the fast torpedoes being used against dds, at least with the weser, is that despite being harder to pull off, it only does about as much damage as a good HE rocket attack from other nations since realistically you’ll only hit with one. Still the torp bombers are fun to use.

  5. Nah, we need Yuro

  6. Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Kommentar-Bereich!!!

  7. Well …
    dds are safe from rockets this time
    but crusiers are now in bigger danger the ever.

  8. How to play German carriers? You don’t. Goering doesn’t let you have pilots. Good day

  9. If you every feel useless, just remember the plane catapults on the German CVs

    • The catapults on GZ were ahead of it’s time and even until the 60′ the most powerful catapults ever put on a ship.

    • @Thel ‘Vadam If I remember correctly GZ is slow in putting out her planes due to said catapults system and also she has quite few planes for her weight.

  10. >positive emotions
    >playing German ships

    pick one

  11. can’t wait to citadel enemy carriers and then keep them spotted for the slavas in my division to nuke them across the map 🙂 will probably be a lot of fun for the enemy…

  12. “positive emotions” LMAO

  13. I am not lie, the main reason why I am interested in these is because of their secondary meme potential.

    These ships arent aircraft carriers…..they are cruisers with a flight deck on top of them.

    • The T10 is BB hull. FdG. With literally 60mm on the nose. Good luck killing this, DDs nor cruisers would be able to citadel it.

    • @Nilix Richthofen is very small compared to the Midway and Haku tho

    • @Thel ‘Vadam Smaller in size yes but i believe in terms of mass due to the sheer armor makes up for the size differnce, plus Richthofen can defend itself with or without planes with its secondaries while Haku/Midway/Audacious cannot, it is a carrier that is as much a surface threat as it is an Aerial threat

  14. WG: How can we screw with all of the armament types so that they are effective against completely unintuitive targets! Torpedo the destroyers FTW!

    • @Antonio Soffici Awww 🙂

    • @Antonio Soffici my job is to sink Cruisers and BB’S, not to worry if you can’t sink a Cruiser or BB, I’ll sink them with my bombers which probably get the job done faster than you can with 3 citadels, while you mop up the stragglers..

    • @Antonio Soffici you are obviously a generic DD, Cruiser or BB player or maybe a unicorn player whatever you are, scouting defeats the purpose of having a CV, I’ll use my CV whenever I see fit, good day..

  15. Haha Fritz X goes BRRRRRTTTTT

  16. My only complaint is that I would have liked if there secondaries were of a bigger calibre.

  17. “STAND OUT” with “DECENT CONCEALMENT” ? sounds like an oxymoron lol

  18. [horrified cross-torping noises]

  19. DasNapoleon v. Poi

    Yeah that was funny 😀

  20. Useless… Your main tactics it s planes no guns..

  21. @darknesscurses correct. Just look at Parseval secondaries compared to GZ…

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