German Machine Gun – World of Warships

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This is probably my fav german BB and I actually struggled A LOT to improve the stats in it because in 10 games I played, I won only 1.

It is Mecklenburg, a german tier 10 BB with 16 guns, accurate guns.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Huh. I thought Mecklenburg was OP, how come it needed improvement?

    • Well, as Flambino said – he had 9 games in a row, which ended in defeat. Flambino could do 150k average damage and get 2 or 3 kills – but if the team just melts, there is nothing you can do. And with the skill level of the current player base, this will happen more often than not. WG in a nutshell – drive the experienced players away with their potato “improvements” to the game, and replace them with newbies that they can milk. The skill level suffers accordingly. Add RNG on top of that – and annoying bugs like the aim bug – then you very quickly end up in a situation, where you have to improve your personal stats. And that gets harder and harder with every game you lose.

    • @Stefan Pajung yeah, I commented before watching full video. I understood what he meant after he explained.

  2. After 7 years of playing thought i would go though the USA light cruiser line, 10 games played in the Dallas 10 games lost, this is over 2 weeks, every time i play that ship i get this strange i don’t know how to play, i am retarded, i don’t care how i play team, i am starting to see a pattern with this game, 90% of the time MM puts me on the team that has lost on the loading screen. There is thing thing that people playing battleships are so scared of getting hit that me in my cruiser or dd gets focused when i fire, gets to the point where i ask myself, i shoot i die, i don’t and may as well turn the game off. Winning is the most rarest thing in this game for me.

    • @Bernie White I thought the point is to have fun. My fault.

    • @Zag Areth Right, because wanting to get to the Wooster at some point means i can’t have fun as well as grinding for a ship? what! don’t get me wrong San Diego is a fun ship.

    • The Dallas is a rough ship to get through. The Cleveland shines. My suggestion is to play them like fire starters and DD killers. They are more of support ships. Start 1 ship on fire let them damage control then get them on fire again. Move on to the next ship and do it again. People dont play the game like the ships are designed to be played.

    • @Scott You know Scott, you are the first person i have seen to say “People don’t play the game like the ships are designed to be played” i am an old school player, it is hard for me not to play the ship like it should, but the player base has moved on from giving a shit, to not giving a shit.

    • the Dallas is very hard to play. it’s like the Shchors. very lightly armored. u gotta weave & dodge & hide as much as possible.

  3. -That salty U-190 in chat…
    – The Nebraska hiding behind island
    – The suicidal Petro.

    Playerbase moment, love to see it.

  4. The mains on the Mecklenburg seem to be pretty accurate….. but how? It’s a German BB, they have a rep for having bad accuracy at range….. Also that Nebraska, just how much did they do in this match? Must grind my way up to this ship.

  5. My games in any ship are mostly loss streaks.

  6. it will be okay when they add subs and cv’s to clan battle this coming season like nobody wanted.

  7. That Nebraska player has really figured out hybrid gameplay, he perfectly combines carrier and battleship
    – spend half your time sat behind an island
    – spend the other half sailing in straight lines collecting torps

    • That’s just going to reinforce the cv style of gameplay for this player sadly.

    • @Spearyn His teammates forgot the hotkey to take over control of his sub and play properly for him.

    • @Spearyn I got cussed at & reported yesterday by a sub player, playing in my Fuso – we were over at C & there were 3 dds, 2 torp cruisers & sub in the vicinity. he thought I should have yolo’d in to support. I was like, what? with a biga$$ slow BB with a 2 mile turning radius? lol. ok boss, lol.

  8. CruisingForMermaids

    If a super-unicum’s getting this frustrated, is it any surprise this game is dying?

  9. I’m still hoping that sometime before the servers shutdown WG will allow the players to exchange coal for steel.

  10. Then when he comes out he dies to torpedos. Excellent addition to the game

  11. How do you shift the zoom like that?? When zoomed in the view seems to shift back and forth laterally at times…

    • the camera switching between front and rear main gun turrets is activated by the ‘c’ key i believe.

    • Press C to switch the camera perspective between the front and rear turrets.
      If your spotter plane is active, pressing C will switch between normal binocular view and the elevated plane view.

    • @Karthik omg lol i have been playing for 5 years and i never knew you could switch camera view to your spotter plane…thank you!

    • @saltee_cr@cker That’s cause that’s a pretty new feature lol; they added it earlier this year IIRC

  12. here is a like and a comment for your suffering

  13. 14:43 the tamest “quacken” i’ve ever heard from flambino

  14. Lol at 9 losses in a row, breaking 150k but only 2 kills each time? What does that tell you? It tells you what I saw from the beginning, finish you targets, you kept changing targets leaving ships half alive so they could continue pummeling your teammates lol. You got lucky this game and were able to finish off the other half dead targets your peeps left behind, lol

  15. Renamed User? Hmm, I guess your name was a bit too salty for WG to handle.

  16. Just more evidence to show that Randoms is more like 1v23 than 12v12. Of course if any other player than you (or a few others) had lost 9 in a row in a ship people would be giving you shit over it.

  17. I sometimes wonder if Flambass even enjoys playing games

  18. 【Łєσηєlιιтσσн】

    es un Barcaso perrroooo

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