German Monster 7 frags a bunch of medals || World of Warships

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  2. Weird build nice aim lucky and red potatoes. Isn’t it nice to see BB chasing cruiser for 5 min then suddenly red decided let’s yolo a gk ?

  3. sturmpanzerwagen A7V

    Jawohl, Herr Kapitan!

  4. should change this games name to world of chasing ships around a map

  5. Pushing when you have the advantage is almost never a good idea, it nearly cost them the win. I applaud the enemy who kited away; wearing his team down, sinking some in the process. Still a win is a win.

  6. a player chasing enemies like that, can never be a “good wow player”. He could turn to middle long time before and build crossfire situation. That could be much better. But he hadn’t done this. :S
    And because of this Chasing….their team had almost lost this match…wtf

  7. so ziemlich alles falsch in sachen positioning… muss leider sagen: unverdient

  8. Hi what’s your configuration?

  9. Any new codes for Christmas by chance? I was without a PC since Dec 10th. My old died and I ordered a new one. It arrived Sat. and I’m finally back up and completely running again with better everything, just in time for Christmas! Merry Christmas everyone!


  11. As a non player it’s good to read the comments of the people that play.. I thought it was a good game because how the DD was spotting and dropping torps the BB was pushing and tanking.. And the Cruisers with the supperting fire.. But most of you guy’s thought they pushed to far and over extended.. That’s why i depend on you guy’s opinions to help me be more educated on the game…..?

  12. Did they buff thé max range of Gk to 23.9 km ?

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