German POWER House GK!! 311K DMG || World of Warships

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  1. Der Coole GearKiller

    Wieviel glück der Typ hatte, das er noch am Ende überlebt hatte die Yamato war einfach zu Doof zu treffen.

  2. muito foda

  3. like a boss!

  4. I am proud to have GK

  5. That Yamato must feel so bad!

  6. 12:40 Richelieu did a great job! Giving his teammate time to breath. Thats why I love the french bbs.
    They can keep up with the cruisers and help them at the front by taking the damage.
    If you´re not one of those sniping seaman recruits at the end of the map, you can help your team a lot!

  7. 白銀大和*Bayern.ヤマト

    13:19 wtf

  8. That yamato at the end was dreadful, he had the winning shot and didnt make it

  9. That was a great battle!

  10. Didn’t think a carry would be possible with those low HP. Well played.
    It was quite entertaining to watch, as there was a bit more mid to close range combat going on

  11. WOWm well played, and all those torps in A , geez.

  12. talk about down to a thread. Good intense game.

  13. Omfg that fukushima skillakaze is such a bummer.

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