German ships CAN’T be good | World of warships

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00:00 German bbs part one Halloween ect
11:10 New ships
21:26 Sub balancing
27:10 Test ship changes
33:07 Russian Cesare
34:18 More ranked garbage


  1. Great vid RagingCanadian, well said.
    I’m very surprised no more coal and steel will be rewarded in ranked. “What were they thinking?”

    • What were they thinking? (clears throat) “Fuck you give me money” — WargamingWoWS

    • Well to be fair I’d rather not have any rewards in ranked so there’s no potatoes that play the mode simply for terribly mediocre rewards.
      Just make it the regular mode without CVs with an actual MMR system so I can play the competitive side of the game that’s all I want from that.
      You know, a competitive mode that’s competitive? Really out there I know.

  2. Verdi is identical to Marco Polo except for the shells. Very minor tweak to rudder shift as well.

  3. 09:05 This issue brings me to questioning their development team (programmer and coding etc.) as if they just sit around doing nothing while some third party developer team doing the real job. I said “as if” and I hope I’m wrong.

  4. You’ve summarized my entire outlook on the game right now. The sheer fact that Wargambling managed to fuck up the game so much in the just under two years since I started (during the classic Puerto Rico dumpster fire, doesn’t _that_ feel nostalgic?), is actually impressive. I haven’t uninstalled yet, but it’s getting closer and closer by the day (and I haven’t spent money in two months).

    • I’d be considered a new player in comparison to most of the community, but this is pretty much where I am. Been around for about a year and a half and I haven’t stopped playing, but I’ve completely stopped spending money on the game.

  5. It’s become tough to find logics in WG ship design since a couple of years, I personally have given up.
    Thank you very much for your informative and entertaining vids!

    • How’s that? Their entire business practice revolves around whales so everything they do is to get more whales and get whales to spent more money.
      Obviously their russian bias fits with this system somehow, I don’t know maybe more whales are liking soviet ships or they sell very well in russia or something and germans don’t?

    • You do not like Malik’s Sausage?

  6. They should release a new t9 Iowa class Battleship and call it “Despair”, because as they say: “Misery likes company”
    And well, WG is a company.

  7. Leonardo Arie wibowo

    But WG knows how to built a brawling battleship, remember kremlin?

  8. Novorossiysk has better dispersion than the GC, but they nerfed the hell out of the Sigma, 1.4 to GCs 1.9. No thanks, GC is much better when you consider the matchmaking.

  9. Well…the graphics Departement and my love for warships is all which holds me on this point.
    I trally pray the new german BCs dont suck ass.

    • well, so far they have the lowest bb hp, probably worst armour, worse guns than the german bbs, with longer reload, so ONLY if they have godlike secondaries, they could work.

  10. i think they need to make it so you can pick if you want
    CV/Subs in game, plus sort out Torps coming out of Islands
    other than that game lots of other sh%t, thank you for showing us

  11. Great video.
    So the only French CV to actually see service is going to be a premium 😒
    And the battle cruisers we all been asking since the start are going to be garbage. Neat.

  12. I love how a Russian company won’t stand to make anything German good, everything is underpowered, compared to the allies, especially the Russians

    • @TubetakerBHV Yep, and the historical records we have for Russian fleet actions show that their gunnery was legendarily innacurate.

    • @Terror tv Your statement got nullified when you said that Kurfurst is quite good 🙂

    • @imoenbg1 ok this chanel really seems to be fanatic with these topics…
      What makes Kurfürst bad actually ?
      The guns are mediocore with Bad angles and the ship is hard to manouver.
      What makes it good is the armor, the hydro, the secondaries (which came back like 2 Months ago.
      The legendary upgrade is also very useful.
      If you play well you live certainly until the lategame, win close combats and be very succesful with your tools.
      So: Does it need better guns or what ?

    • @Terror tv The sad reality is it does not matter how well you play. The ship has incredible weaknesses – huge size, incredibly poor camo, bad angles and insanely inaccurate guns.

      Which make it a prime target for HE farming from range. At that point the ship becomes basically useless. Since at any range greater than 14km she is a liability.

      The sheer meta makes her obsolete, so saying she is very good is….dubious

    • @imoenbg1 Than this would apply to 90% of the BBs …?
      Yes, the less ships remain, the better it gets… the more islands you use, the better.
      But HE spaming a Kurfürst has very little value for your Team in most cases. An when you can concetrade on tanking you dont die fast in Kurfürst.
      But yes, its a close-medium range ship.
      The guns are not really bad, but they are basically little worse than Montana but then it has tools no other T10 BB has.

  13. A period of 20 years is called a score . Two Decades equals one score .

  14. Funnily enough, many T5 BBs can be considered more accurate than Marlborough since they have 1.8 sigma.

  15. As soon as I read that the Marlborough was going to be new dockyard ship – and that the Repulse was going to be the reward ship for completing phases in the dockyard – I knew both ships were doomed to be “meh”, especially the Repulse.

  16. Any idea which of these upcoming ships are likely going to be coal/steel/free exp ships? I’m sitting on a good 200k coal with nothing interesting to buy and I don’t want to spent it on a commander only for a great credit grinder to come out next patch.

  17. Another Youtuber (Potato Quality maybe) has noticed that GK’s 406-mm guns have also been nerfed from 12,700 to 11,500 damage; apparently they’re the same model as Zieten and Prinz Rupprecht.

  18. well of course German ships cant be goof when Russians run the company. I mean they are probably still peeved about the whole betrayal thing and just conveying that thru their work. Russian bias is real in this game and just blatant and in your face and in the same sense German discrimination has always been present. German BB have always just been a thing they probably laugh about as they create more OP Russian ships.

  19. I actually had a good bit of fun playing the asymmetric battles before. I mean, playing randoms T5 and 6 means your going to be up against nothing but 7’s and 8’s anyway so at least here the odds are evened by you having a bigger team than they do.

  20. Another top shelf explanation RagingCanadian, happy to have found your channel. Your “tinfoil hat” ideas are not really off the mark in my opinion. WG has a history of creating problems and selling solutions which has driven me away from the game for good. Happily, subscribing to your channel adds to your profit in some way, while denying WG another penny is a decent form of revenge. Keep up the good work, from one angry Canadian to another. Cheers!

    • Thank you indeed, but the profits don’t mean much to me (only like 30 dollars so far), what would really mean a lot, is if you give a view and feedback to my non wows stuff so I can try to transition away from pure wows content. Don’t feel comfortable being a free advertising billboard for the game anymore.

    • @RagingCanadian I can do this. Wishing you much success with your channel.

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