German Steel at its best! Forsaken Scharnhorst, 245K DMG || World of Warships

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German Steel at its best! Forsaken , 245K || Warships

Player: xXManhunterXx
Ship: Scharnhorst
Map: Fault Line

Outnumbered by enemy this Scharnhorst fights alone facing and sinking three enemy ships at the first half of the battle. Only to repeat this constellation in the last half of the battle while sinking another three ships.

Hightlights of the battle (a bit dramatic (: ) :
1) While having an AFK from the start, the Scharnhorst provides fire support to the remaining 2 ships on the right flank trying to cap zone A.
2) After 5-6 minutes into battle the Scharnhorst is left alone without fire support dedicated to bringing defeat to the advantageous enemy on the right flank (@12:21 minute) which has killed 4 ships and suffered only 2 casualities.
3) @11:50 The Scharnhorst takes on a 1vs2 and engages a full hp and 3/4 hp bayern.
4) The silent sound of torpedos entering the shallow waters cannot be heard over the thundering sound of the main battery and secondaries roaring away and bringing home their firery load of he shells killing the bayern @10:45. @10:30 the nagato faces the fishes for the first time and receives a second torpedo salvo @10:08.
3)Suddenly the enemy cv appears at the horizon constantly harassing the Scharnhorst with its he bombs and setting it on fire multiple times. The nagato struggles to stay alive but failes to do so and is left behind by the Scharnhorst which is now down to 1/5 of its hp pool.
4) Under the rattling noises of the AA peppering the sky with bullets the Scharnhorst faces the cv and takes it down @9:10 lucky to put out the fires set by the he bombers.
5) Now @ 8:17 the Scharnhorst heals up and drives towards the A cap trying to the remaining enemy ships far away on the horizon.
6) @6:59 The A cap belongs to the team and the Scharnhorst embarks to its final 1vs3 battle in the B cap.
7) WIth the angle of its armor the Scharnhorst is able to repel the enemy shells of the Kamikaze, Arizona and König which sinks to the torpedo salvo of the Scharnhorst after receiving multiple hits from the main battery @5:30-5:14.
8) But the fight with the König leaves its scares on the Scharnhorst. @5:03 the Scharnhorst is only left with 2 turrets after receiving a armor penetration shell to the turret bruno making it combat ineffective.
9) Nonetheless the Scharnhorst reloads its 283mm turrets and fires away at the Arizona taking away its last breaths of life after the Kamikaze tries its best to hide it behind a smoke screen.
10)@4:07 the Kamikaze is nowhere to be seen, so the Scharnhorst bravely engages the smoke screen while trying to flush out the DD by firing both torpedo salvos.
11) The battle is finally over @3:39 after the Scharnhorst enters the 2 Km spotting radius and sinks the enemy kamikaze which withstands the salvo of the first main battery turret Anton but is killed through the continous firing of the secondary armament which in the end counts towards 272 secondary armament hits.

In this battle 1.691.398 were received together with 11370 xp and 5 medals, 4 of them heroic individual medals.

I hope you enjoy this replay, leave a comment and consider it for the Sea Smackdown current competition,

Sincerely your xXManhunterXx

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  1. Nice aggressive BB play. Love it.

  2. 10:24 yeah very lucky ofc…… lucky to have this german behemoth under his ass thats what id say

  3. I thought it was no longer possible to lose one’s turrets permanently. Thought they could only be disabled temporarily since some patch or another? Don’t play as much as I used to though so I’m probably not up to date…

  4. Gareth Fairclough

    “aggressive”. Yup. Spends first 5 mins camped up in B2, leaving his cruiser buddy out to dry against 2 cruisers.

  5. That dispersion though.

  6. 1:59 2:20 3:00 3:41 6:36 Are you serious WG? If Manhunter could get some decent RNG rolls and learn to stop stuffing full salvos meters below the waterline, I imagine he’d be having 300k+ games. Great torpedo work!

  7. LetsMakeNoSense

    Mmmm German base accuracy did anyone else notice the stupid amount of German shells that hit the water even at point blank range lol even from the enemy german battleships

  8. Excellent example of how a bb should work

  9. Pedro Jesus Lopez Martinez

    look minute 11 the back turret shoot to the konig without aim.loooooollll. look when he shoot

  10. X Ghost SniperX

    is it better from tirptiz?

  11. How to get this type of hud? Or is it edition after filming?

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