German SUPER Battleship || World of Warships Gameplay

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  1. First comment! Hey slick can you check out the game armor mmo, Phly did and it would be fun to see what you think of it

  2. Love ya Slick <3

  3. Duke a.k.a Slick Bee's dog


  4. Sponsor damn moving up in the world

  5. I wouldnt mind if ya did a few of those Warships vids again. I actually started watching you and baron for those vid during CBT. I dont watch mich baron, but stayed for your WT vids.

    Ofc play what you like, but this is a bit of nostalgia for me. A lot of knowledge involved in the game to do well, but hope youre having fun regardless.

  6. Mortified Pancake

    I’m sure you’re aware of this but go into your WoWs settings, in the controls tab set the interface to ”full”

    Radiolocation on the GK??

  7. that ship isnt the H44 its missing the spotting planes and the big swastika in the fron

  8. The Großer Kurfürst is technically H42 or H43, minus the 6x 533mm torpedo tubes. And Friedrich Der Große is technically H41, again minus the torpedo tubes.

    • Terminator X and without the 560mm Guns

    • Carsten Stille actually it’s 508mm guns and that was the H44.

    • Terminator X oh yes you’re right, how could I mix up that.
      Anyway, the torpedoprotection is also implemented because the German ships did have torpedo bulkheads that protected the them to be flooded internal. James Cameron proved that on the Bismarck’s wreck where the torpedos hit its a nice documentation about the Bismarck.

  9. wargaming games are good, but i am following this channel to see games I dont play myself, like War Thunder, seems awsome, but i already have achieved so much and gotten more than a few friends in warships i will stay there also Escape from Tarkov, nice game. My point is I don’t enjoy watching other play the game I play. Keep up the usual content Slick 😉

    • ricardas fck u. Ur nothing special

    • no, i am not special, but I am a subscriber, just as well as most people commenting and I am allowed to say what I think. It is not an order to change the content to what I want to see, just a simple request, that might or might not be looked into. Thanks for being an asshole.

    • ricardas so Why ur watching this Video if u dont like this Content ? Write comments under ur Video Content. Ur Welcome hon

  10. Jonathan02360 Morris

    Will world of warships ever release on ps4

  11. That’s a nice ship you got it would suck if some biplanes saw it

  12. I remember when slick used to play this with phly and baron before their relationship all went to shit

  13. Da fluffy One PR

    2:47 inside tanks?

  14. Hey Slick-Butt, just to let you know you were actually right when you said the ammo is in the Citadel. The Citadel is an armored box that contains the most important machinery AND the Magazine that stores the ammo.

  15. *Acess code is 2017*
    *Is 2018*
    Well done

  16. Please play this with baron!

  17. you make the pronunciation of torpedoes sound like a mexican delicacy. well done…

  18. Team based game..HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHA what a joke xD you made me laugh so hard

  19. Last time slick played world of warships he was in torpitz and playing with baron. Potato me barry. Slick, December 2016.

  20. I don’t exactly call myself a WoWs veteran player, but I played over a year now and watching someone else new to the game is dreadful.
    Especially that Z-52 gameplay =_=
    Anyway, another good sponsor video!

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