GET DELETED! – World of Warships Live Gameplay

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  1. Brit Cruisers are really fun just watch your broad side xD

  2. that bismarck didnt actually kill you at 3:12 you were bombed by the carrier

  3. Wait, does that Carrier have torps???

    Dude don’t give WG any ideas…. they might actually do it

  4. Now we got another CC who likes steel fishes.

    BB captains look out.

  5. i appreciate this type of content from you!

  6. Call of Battlefield

    I literally just replaced BFV with WoW legend’s on Xbox, I’m loving this game so far

  7. fiji is hands down my fav ship in wows look forward to it from a closed beta tester

  8. First the Torpitz, and now LC has discovered the joy of the LoLanta!

  9. Mister Cornwallis

    Are you going to start a WoWs clan for NA servers?

  10. Marvin Steimle-Rominger

    wit ca/cl in close range if you use ap you can citadell nearly every cruser

  11. Citadelling Omaha is not an art ^^ But for real, I never understood the dis against Emerald, if you know what she is capable of she can be devastating to all classes…

  12. Definitely more World of Warships plz. Great video.

  13. The new battlefield needs more of this with Submarines as well

  14. I haven’t had a chance to catch your live streams in a while, but I still really enjoy watching your videos of World of Warships.

  15. Wow, I think we just found someone who’s worse than The Mighty Jingles…
    Collab in the future?

  16. “Does that carrier have torps?”

    So worried about getting torpedoed, bless your heart XD
    Keep up the WoWS content, loving it so far 😀

  17. please for the love of RNG


  18. Not gonna lie, I hadn’t seen gameplay of this until now and this game looks fucking awesome to play.

  19. Yo level, if you ever wanna division up, just send me a message on WOWs, Sank_You_For_Playing_1

  20. Levelcap, plz use premium consumables for your ships. They cost next to nothing (can be bought for silver )and the benefits are worth it 100%!

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