GET TORPEDOED! || World of Warships: Legends || Clemson – US Destroyer

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I have two good games for you guys today. Oh, and it’s not World of Tanks. Today we are playing WoWS. AKA: World of Warships. It’s on the console though. This means you can play it on you Xboxb One and PS4. I hope you all enjoy this noob trying a new game.

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  1. 1: A Citadel is generally below the waterline so in cruisers and BB’s you generally want to aim below the waterline as long as the target isnt at long range. If they are at long range you want to aim a little higher because then your shells with their trajectory will plunge into the deck of the ship and do more damage whereas they can bounce off the side at extreme rangea.

    2. Torpedoes, if a ship is coming towards you, you can still fire a salvo because even though they are put of range when you fire, they may sail in range of them and get a nice torp surprise.

    3. HE you want to aim for the superstructure to cause fires and do more damage.

    4. If you go to the ships page and press X for Xbox or □ for playstation, you can tab over to the stats page to see the general characteristics of the ship such as; main battery range, secondary battery range, torpedo range and speed.

    You may have known all this but just some things I picked up on PC.

  2. Oh and generally with DD’s and Cruisers, you can smoke up or fire over islands to harass targets with HE without getting spotted.

  3. Port is left side, starboard is right.

  4. Anyone wanna talk about the communications in this battle lol

  5. I just got my Kagero (the jap 7 destroyer). Took me 55 minutes to find a match and it was a 1v1

    • that sounds shitty as fuck lol.

    • Chris Lal slow down lol, the community needs to catch up. I’m nearly tier 5 on USA battleship. I’m going for the Iowa, when my ship sinks in the current battle I leave and use another ship that needs xp. I play with 1 of my mates atm.

  6. Japanese destroyers have the “most fun” torpedo batteries, imo…

  7. because i'm batman 5702

    Division! Lol
    And destroyers don’t have citadels

  8. Cody Schwersenska

    Just so you’re aware you were firing a p the entire second battle

  9. I’ve played a bit of WOWS on PC not had chance to play it on Xbox but from the tips I’ve picked up firing HE is the best thing in DDs as AP is pretty useless as lacks Pen and you can set fires and rack up damage easily just a little tip u probably already knew AP is good when using battleships

  10. Loved (I crashed ) it’s ran aground captain by lol

  11. best part about this video is no intro


  13. My highest damage so far was 95k at tier 5

  14. You where actually firing AP instead of HE in the second match.

  15. Torps are so fun. it’s the best feeling when you dev strike someone with them. and BB shots that land in the Citadel those are pretty great too. lol

  16. Port is left, easy way to remember that is they both have 4 letters.

  17. So the big question is are you having fun with warships game play?

  18. Starboard side of ship
    The right side of a ship is its starboard side. Typically, on boats the stern is the rear, the bow is the front, the starboard is the right side, and the port is the left side. Since cargo was historically unloaded from the left-hand side of a ship, that side became known as the port side.

  19. Sail close -7km – stop, smoke up and shoot. Torps for anyone who decides to charge you.

  20. You guessed right the first time. Port left, starboard right

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