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Participate and get your gift from Santa!

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  1. But I’ve been a bad boy this year.

  2. Such a “gift” when you have to pay for it

  3. Good voice acting :b

  4. We should get more gifts based on how much we’ve spent this year.

    • We have a team player who has bought more than 1000 euros worth of stuff. First 2 free santa’s gifts ….Kutuzov!Bought the Rasputin package got all 4 black ships.I have maybe 100-150 euros worth of stuff.Never won anything.He has won ships from super containers,from last years gifts dobloons,premium you name it.The rest of us plebs cannot win a single kamikaze to save our lives!

    • Negative son.

  5. Nice, now I just need to wait and see if santa visits me!

  6. I good boy in sea,fire on my yeahh convert demonsea.

  7. To be able to get the reward or is it even when we lost

  8. 0:34 certainly feels like it, when it requires so much time i have to stay up until 11pm or 1am sometimes just do do these missions

  9. Is that iEarlGrey?

  10. For 99.99 wot would give you 75 packages

  11. Thx for the plenty Containergifts…
    and maybe i am one of the lucky 500
    happy winter-solstice : ))

  12. achiilleas georgaras

    Is that santa Conway ?

  13. Count me in !
    I was wise this year !

  14. João Paulo Zanelatto Gonçalves

    you lowered way too much the ship chances… very bad decision

  15. Lets hope someone can get a Missouri…. did bought 10 mega gift box but get the other “Prinz” instead , still I like the ship

  16. LawrenceXVIII Kittens

    Dear Santa,

    I wish i want Alabama for Christmas. I’ve been wanted that ship since that Battleship was released to this day, but alas… If it wasn’t for my unable to buy ships i would be getting this for once only.
    I hope that box container that Santa give me ” if i am lucky ” kind of container , I hope one day i mean one day i could get a Alabama. That what i could only want to get it so.
    I may be a-bit a bad person who always rants at user in-game but deep down i wish i wasn’t doing that so.
    I hope i would redeem myself to be a good user. Santa, if you’re reading this , I promise i won’t rant really hard but instead try to coordinate the team and not be salty if our team fails the game.
    That’s all i would only like to say because i like Alabama, notably the looks and high powered but slow speed guns.
    I hope you can read this Santa. That is my wish for Alabama. Thank you.

    From, Lawrence.T XVIII

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year all Commanders!
    LawrenceXVIII [ASIA]

  17. Yay Santa 🙂

  18. These Santa’s gift boxes are really funny. First of all they are gift boxes which you pay money to get.

    Secondly, @wargaming has highlighted that you have a chance to get ships like: Missouri, Belfast, Musashi etc. So the gift boxes may contain them. I had bought Santa’s Big Gift and I got 3 ships(Atago, Murmansk, Krasny Krym). I mean who even plays Murmansk & Krasny Krym these days @wargaming??

    Coming to the point of getting Missouri, Belfast & Musashi, the probability of getting them is like 3/20*1/56 i.e., 0.26% chance from 1 box, 1.339 % chance from 5 boxes & 5.35% chance from 20 boxes(As I got 3 ships from 20 boxes in Santa’s Big Gift the probability may slightly differ for other type of boxes. And you have a chance for any 1 from 56 Available ships in 1 box among many other things).

    Please correct me if I am wrong but you pay sooooooo much MORE money for only 0.26% chance of getting any one of Missouri, Belfast, Musashi, etc Or any one of the interesting and/or fun ships.

    This is hilarious thing done by wargaming. They can just openly tell that they are Money minded now.
    Do the math people.

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