Getting Everyone Killed – World of Warships

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Sometimes you get enemy team killed, sometimes you get your teammates killed, sometimes you get everyone killed.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Great to watch at 3am

  2. poor little DD 🙁

  3. You did not honk! XD

  4. Always looking for a new vid from you, makes my day to see new ones, speaking of working out I again forgot to go to gym today….. makes 66 years in a row I have forgotten…..

  5. Why are you trying to defend yourself even though you yourself said you blocked him 😀 I mean, he did everything to be able to run behind the island into cover^^

    • Yeah, straight into Shiro hands… Watch the minimap.

    • To be honest that DD was doomed anyway. I have no idea what he was thinking but that was a very bold play by DD standards.

    • @Alex Bannister You do realise he might have not known that Duke does have a hydro, isnt it. But he had the island, if….^^
      @AKUJIVALDO Well that Shira still was at 7km. i’d rather have that than no Torps rdy and a BB with direct sight on 2km
      tbh, Flambino should’ve gone to the left so he and the DD could crunch that Duke between them. But that’s just imho

  6. Just a gaming incident as far as I can tell. DD was in reverse I would have done exactly the same as you Flambass by going in front. Not your fault he started going forward

  7. Flambass is a pro. Do you know how hard it is, to organise paid actors in ranked?

  8. love how the akatsuki just beelines for A, hoping to die to the haida lmao

  9. Keep with the workout ,bro! I started cycling again after a 20+ year hiatus. I am now riding 25 miles daily, working my way to a target of 40 miles per day. Nothing like the 600 mile per week I did in my 20’s and 30’s but I am feeling better than I have in years and the weight is falling off faster than I could have hoped. If this 57 year old man can do it, you can too.

    • @Blaynsaw anytime man, Always glad to help. I would be interested in your progress if you wish to communicate further. not sure I want to just drop my FB info or email in this forum. But if you leave a comment on any of the garbage on my channel I will see it.

    • @Blaynsaw Cheers and Beers!

  10. This is why I love your videos. At the end, I would have turned nose-in, and then been stuck trying to reverse away from a ran, that I also wouldn’t have thought about until it was happening. Seeing your decision, questioning it myself, and then hearing your reasoning will hopefully help me be slightly less potato. Thanks Flambass!!!

    • he could have killed that Sinop even nose in …

    • @THZ Sure, Flambass could have killed the Sinop even nose in, but why take the risk of the possibility of not being able to kill the enemy before the enemy rammed, when he could (and did) get in a position that he can kite him if the enemy tries to go for him, or turn around and go cap A with the enemy.

      It’s the play that guarantee a win regardless of the enemy’s intention and/or how the RNGesus is feeling with the shots, while going nose in leaves the possibility of the enemy snatching victory from the jaws of defeat (however tiny that possibility might be).

    • The most optimal play would have been to sail away and not risk your ship in that game state … That’s the “most optimal play” that guarantees a win, regardless of the enemy’s intention and/or how the RNGesus is feeling with the shots.
      That’s what the average “potato” has to know to increase their winrate: Read the state of the game correctly.

    • @THZ Ah, yes, just sail away even tho the enemy still have the potential to cap at least two cap to brings win (after flambass secured the B cap, the lone enemy survivor still have 250+ points lead with ~200 points to victory, last seen around a cap, plenty of time to cap and win if the enemy don’t make any mistakes), that sounds like a solid game plan that don’t have any potential risk attached.

      To quote you at your own words, “Read the state of the game correctly” next time.

  11. I think both Flambass and the DD player handled it pretty well. Flambass had to make a choice, it turned out badly. It happens. DD player was pissed, but that’s pretty normal in that situation. Yet he recovered his poise and wished Flambass luck going forward. Too bad more teammates don’t do that.

  12. @THZ He’s constantly distracted by chat. If he gave it his full attention there’d be few surprises.

  13. especially since what they tell Flambino is the worst he could do in 9 out of 10 times

  14. very well played. I wish I could get on twitter to follow but I’ve been banned. So what happened to Ms. Citadel?

  15. enjoyable watching a master at work

  16. They are just that dumb. DD was next to cap, turns around and goes in opposite side of the map without capping…

  17. Truth. Years ago, I tried giving advice to a Hellcat driver in WoT. He politely asked I not tell him how to play… then I saw he had 3 marks of excellence… I apologized 🙂

  18. Awareness Talent activated

  19. Good game Flambass!

  20. @Jon Jackson and a constant distraction isn’t a weakness? 😉 So, yes: If I have a streamer in my team and that player is distracted by his chat, well, it’s just fair to call him an idiot for being afk. (ofc, it’s not really comparable to being afk, but i think you get my point)

  21. @THZ Nope, I really don’t see any comparison between Flambass and an AFK player or poor player or whatever. You’re being hyperbolic – look at the man’s game statistics FFS.

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