GETTING MY SEA LEGS BACK – World of Warships

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“Clash Defiant” Kevin MacLeod (
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  1. love u jordan. no homo

  2. No idea you liked these type of games! Or maybe you’re just doing it for the sponsor…

  3. I feel bad for the other players on their teams


    • I really like the Ting Toes Skraa reference, but they were all hilarious.

    • Josiah Terribili takes a lot of time to edit so I’m not sure he could do every video

    • With two videos posted each day, there is no way he could edit all of his videos. It takes time. Plus, it would eventually just get distracting and even slightly annoying. Don’t get me wrong, I love this editing every once in a while, but part of the reason I like watching Jordan so much is because he isn’t heavy on editing. It would take away from the videos themselves. I also really like Nick, and I don’t want him to not do videos with Jordan.

    • Very true. At least once a week would be nice though dont you think?

    • Yeah youre right.

  5. video length Is 1337… something tells me he did that on purpose

  6. 2017 mood: on fire, but still feel like a ten. ?

  7. Why do Swedish *Warships* have barcodes on them? So when they dock they can *ScandiNavian*

  8. is this supposed to be in correlation with Pearl Harbor

  9. I ship it

  10. GEOguesser looks different

  11. *T H A T S A L O T T A D A M A G E*

  12. This editing is amazing

  13. Christ as a WoWS player this is painful to watch

  14. You Should Play This More!!! Thumbs Up!

  15. Man love the editing

  16. Remember the 3 A’s: “Always Angle Armor” or just be a noob

  17. Honestly, I want to see more of this game. It’s actually pretty dope. I now really want to make an account and play.

    • Giovanni Nicoletti

      bditt I actually play WoTB (World of Tanks Blitz) and it is super fun. I recommend it to you. If you do decide to check it out, you have to be dedicated and play A LOT and learn A LOT about WoTB then it will be the funniest and funnest thing ever. It is another game by this company: Wargaming. WoTB is in fact much more popular than WoWB (World of Warships Blitz). There is WoT for the PC version, which isn’t Blitz and is much more complex. If you want to play WoTB on your computer you can. Download it via steam or the iTunes App Store if for Mac. Again, I recommend WoTB, and if you start you have to watch the most iconic WoTB players BushkaOnBlitz and Sk8xtrm. If you do decide to play WoT, the bigger complex version for PC, then I highly recommend QuickyBaby. If you aren’t interested in these two then enjoy WoW Blitz (World of Warships Blitz)! I am not sure if it is available for the computer, but you can always check the same way.

      (PS. If you in fact want to play both more complex version of either WoW or WoT then go to wargamings website and you will be able to find the bigger game download, “the more complex version”! Thank you for your attention!

    • bditt its fun. If you like that game try out world of tanks (if you havent already) its by the same people. There’s also a warplanes one i didnt like it but never hurts to try it out. And yes I’m not being paid to say these things.?

    • Giovanni Nicoletti i heard blitz is horrible. Have you tried the world of tanks game? Not blitz but the other one.

  18. **not even one minute in** hell yeah, Mianite Purge Highlights

  19. Please do more videos with Nick

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