Getting the Most Enjoyment out of World of Warships as a Working Adult or Student

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Today we talk about how to get the most enjoyment out of when you don’t necessarily have the most time.


  1. Well said Zoup.I’m almost 64 years old and have been on disability since age 55.I’ve been playing WOT’s 4 and a half years, WOWS since closed beta and have just started WOWP. I’m older than Jingles and suck twice as bad but I enjoy playing and it helps me get through the day.I try to ignore the trolls and for the most part manage to let stuff go.Keep up the great work and thankyou for your service.Ingame name Paladin1954.

    • Hi I am just over 50 and on the EU server . riddled with arthritis so fingers just don’t move like they used to lol . played WoT since closed beta and WoWs from closed beta too love them both . I play to have fun and chat with friends 🙂 I have met some Awesome people in game and some real trolls. I just laugh at the trolls ( they don’t like being killed by a girl lol ) and play . It’s a great community if you can just have fun with the nice people 🙂
      Love you vids Zoup 🙂

    • Some of us actually try to help with the in-game chat. I will even say “please”. Try to turn this community into something less toxic. We are all adults.

    • thats cool if you are old you are forgiven by me

    • if your old its cool you are forgiven

    • dude people should learn to use their brain and not do stupid things. i understand that some people are not as good as other but it takes no talent to not be dumb,

  2. Thank you for this video. Average player like me with only a little time to play need this kind of inspiration. Almost stopped playing this game due to the non-friendly nature of people there. Thanks again. 🙂

  3. Problem with games like WoWs is that no matter how skilled u are u always get screwed by RNG , example u make a prefect aim with 12 guns and open fire but RNG decide ‘ no f”’k u ‘ and u miss the target and don’t let me start talkin about the   ‘ detonation ‘ thing ..

    • Rng is just that. Random numbers generated; and used in game. Affects everyone. Don’t like detonation? Run the flag. Out of Det. flags? You get them 10/1 for a detonation & can pull/buy them in the various loot crates, so other than them being an inconvenience….?

    • of course there is RNG…however if your aim is good, its rare to have these ultra shit RNG and more likely to have good RNG results. its all based on increasing your chances of scoring good hits…so aim as best as u can and u will mostly hit well. in this game u dont always get max rewards for your efforts…but u get rewarded way more often the better u play.

    • Np guys , we will see how it goes ..

    • however…i do agree that detonation adds NOTHING good for the game as i dont enjoy being detonated and dont really like detonating others. its not based on skill AT ALL and should be removed. i dont care about it being ‘realistic”.
      to deal with it, i use detonation flags only on my DDs, and only from mid to high tiers at least.
      after getting detonated 2-3 times with kutuzov…i put it on it too ;/
      BBs are rarely detonated and usually only if they are hit right next to turrets with a torp. for german BBs it seems to happen a lot at the rear turrets. its rare so u shouldnt worry about them much.
      for cruisers usually when getting citadeled in the magazine which can happen…but still very rare.

  4. “Ignore the chat.” Best advice I’ve ever heard. Both in reading *and* responding.

    • Terrible advice, lots of times chat has great advice, and important info like health of enemy ships if you ask nicely, The chat is great, you just have to blacklist the really toxic players, job done.

    • both of you are correct, but I think it’s fair to interpret what Zoup said as, Ignore the toxicity. By all means though keep an eye on the chat for important and well meant advice (if it is delivered as such)

  5. I play Co-Op exclusively due to the toxicity.

    • I’ve been doing the same, plus playing lots of weekly scenarios. Too bad you need divisions to play other scenarios, and mostly are restricted to Tier VI ships

    • too easy to go negative in credits in the PVE game mode in my opinion. There are mods to completely turn off the chat.

    • I’m 46 and disabled.  Not afraid to admit I suck at this game.  Co-Op is fun.  Randoms are not.  Easy choice for me.

    • Chat can be hidden via Aslain’s modpack. It makes random battles more enjoyable 🙂

    • I have a friend who does the same thing for the same reason. It makes it tough to achieve some missions that require divisions and whatnot, but I fully understand his reasons and will do Co-op with him when he’s online (he’s really pretty good). there are also times when I have to psyche myself up to play Randoms, and I will do Co-op myself along with an occasional Scenario. Co-op can lose you credits, though, so it’s a toss-up between the two modes. Co-op to relax and escape, or Randoms to earn credits to buy & upgrade new ships.

  6. As a 50 hour-week professional and “weekend potato,” I really appreciate this video.

  7. Zoup loved this video as I am someone near the median age as well.  One thing I wish your had brought up or can do another video on is how I don’t feel Wargamming does not seem to focus on what is the games age range.  Many of their events and missions seem like they are geared to younger people who have all this time to play and complete missions in the crazy short time line Wargamming sets up.

  8. Well said Zoup, but I’m feeling a bit left out. I’m a full time university student and I work 35 hours a week. I play decent, but I can’t get the super awesome Flamu skills going. I have 2000+ matches under my belt, and a W/L rate of ~48%. I can’t increase my stats because I need to play at least 200 rounds and win them all in row to go to having a, maybe, 53% W/L ratio. I get frustrated being called potato when I carry the team most of the time.

    • look me up some time, rutilius83, and or clan venom. playing with some friends helps.

    • Right there with ya.. life time win rate 49%.. Lifetime warships today rating low 800’s. better then 8k matches just on the US server.. better then 10k matches across all accounts. Ignore the life time stats.. the longer you play the less relevant they are! I’m very good to Unicum in the t-8 Kagero (and Harekaze, and Akizuki) and play on a supremacy league team and it’s going to take a minimum at least another year of play to improve my life time stats to other then “poor”.. Though I do suppose it makes the rude boys feel better when they can look at my stats and say to them selves “he just got lucky”… Zoups got it right.. Ignore the chat warriors and ignore stats! You always know how well your actually doing!

    • I believe that the more you play the more your W/L will be close to 50%. Especially if you play several classis of different nations. this is a game of 12 vs 12. If you end up in a team where half of your mates are doing the wrong thing… you are doomed. there simply too many Mathematical variants.

    • Antonio Barone I believe in a skill based MM, where all good and bad players would be equally shared on both teams. Maybe one day 🙂

    • “You may say I’m a dreamer..but I’m not the only one..” John Lennon, Imagine.
      Le’t hope dude.

  9. wow…I’m kind of embarrassed. Excluding myself, most of my clan is unemployed or under employed slack jawed 20 somethings choking on cheep weed during game load in and often falling asleep during the game, because they’ve been online for 18 hours

  10. I’m with Alan Lupton here.. I’m a mear 4 years younger then he (60) and have played since launch against players much younger then myself. I had to learn to ignore chat. 2 years later.. I AM unicum (barely and not consistantly yet) in IJN DD’s (Kagero especially) and play in supremacy league (STW-CN) where we just finished the season 8-4 and are off to the playoffs next weekend. And I quite agree.. Enjoy the game.. higher tier not very fun ‘cept when you do get good and can take glee in running about in a tier 8 whumping the ship out of tier X players..much satifaction! But it’s not going to happen overnight. It’s taken me 2 years and 8k matches to get to this point and I don’t play the stat game. Never have. Play for your self. For your own enjoyment. If your best tiers are 5 and 6, stay there and play and be happy! Especially if you don’t have the time or focus to slug out 8-12 matches per day! And learn to ignore the adolescent in chat who got sunk all ready telling you how you should play (if they were that good, they’d still be floating and shooting!)

    TL_Warlord_Roff, Sun Tzu Warriors.

    • addendum: Youth Gamer culture has revolved around put downs, psyking out the opposition, rattling them. Name calling, poor manners and worse. It can and does wear on a person. As an older player this is part and parcel of gaming on line. It’s not nearly as bad in world of warships as any of the other game my retired self has played, but it is still there. Always be aware your game client has a “Black List” do use it.. if for no other reason it give you the power to shut some one up. And a secret. Pretty sure players getting black listed is tracked as that information is kept server side. Wargaming really doesn’t like it any more then “we” do. If they’re offensive in language and behavior, black list ’em!

    • Good luck to you guys in the playoffs this weekend.

  11. Great tips. Here are two that helped me break through.

    1) Try not to set goals that span multiple games like “I want to reach rank 1 in ranked”. Play hard in each battle, don’t watch your stars come and go. Enjoy playing the game rather than progressing in the game. Realizing this made the internal salt levels drop dramatically.

    2) Don’t engage in salty chat. If I start seeing insults and expletives I do one thing- report misbehavior in chat. Then I forget about it. Never respond.

  12. I don’t accept being called a potato with being mashed first 😉

  13. My goal right now is to unlock all the US Ships I wanted back from the open beta. Battleships, up to the Iowa. Cruisers up to 10, and DDs up to Fletcher. 
    And At the end fo the day, Zoup’s advice is the best: Just have fun. Find what is good for you and play that.

    And oh my goodness the average age is 42?! I feel like a baby…. ;-;

  14. Good commentary and spot on about just focusing on where you enjoy being at in the game.

  15. fully agree
    I started to play more frequently PvE too because of the toxic chat and the time constraints, since PvE tends to be quicker and though XP and credit earnings are significantly lower, and I can try out new tactics better or enjoy weird ships waiting in my harbor which are more difficult in PvP because of lack of consistency.
    I focus now mostly on german trees except CV where I enjoy Japan of course

  16. Nice job. My work (over 57 hrs/week average) and game playing schedule sounds similar to yours. Our kids are grown and out of the house. My bride allows me to play with my buddies once a week. We have a group of 6 (TD6 – Torps Deep6) in the same clan that gets together every Thursday. We time our entrance into battle so that we play each other. Knowing that you sunk your buddy tends to be more satisfying than the outcome of the battle. I try to sneak in at least an hour’s worth of play on other nights. Another suggestion for ending on a positive note, play a Co-Op battle where you can spank the hell out of an AI. If you’re getting into a funk where you constantly make poor judgement errors in Random battles, spend several sessions just playing Co-Op to understand how your ship works but don’t get complacent with the AI’s predictable maneuvers. Co-Op battles usually begin/end quickly allowing you to get a lot of repetition. I also chose to pay a monthly premium. The game’s stress relief is worth it to me. No, it’s not the most efficient way to use your money in game, but It definitely helps in the way of gaining XP and credits faster. I was once bound and determined not to spend money on the game. Once I did, I became more relaxed and had more fun. I no longer feel like the grind to the next level is such a chore. Besides, committing to only a month allows me to also not feel pressured to play more to get the benefit of the fee and I can choose not to sign up for the following month.

  17. Skip to 13:52 … here’s the 5 second executive summary:

    “Ignore chat”.
    “Play with buddies”.
    “Stay patient”.
    “Stick to the fundamentals”.

  18. Flamu must see this lmao, now he can finally learn that not everybody is unicum and that people are playing for fun and dont want to be insulted everytime they do something wrong.

    • Yeah, but it doesn’t make the game fun when your BB’s hunt the map border and save their HP for the next round.

    • Yep. He consistently calls his team mates idiots. There have been plenty of times I’ve been WAY out of position. But sometimes the phone rings, the MUCH better half needs help, someone comes to the door, whatever. So I have to walk away mid match. Come back and I’m at the map edge. Sometimes real life interrupts.

  19. I’m 40 y.o. and have been playing since OB. 6 000 randoms under my belt, 57% WR and ~200 played ships.

    Right now I play mostly Co-Op bc of, as you say, the high tier meta and when I get a survey by WG I usually put down on the negative “The players.” I love the game but it’s hard to love the playerbase. Both in attitude and passive gameplay. I mean why play the game if you’re not going to do anything? And when you ask someone (in a kind way) to get in the game, you get told the most obcene things.

    I can’t wait for the Pan-Asia DDs to come out so I can get some new low tier fun again. Also, more PVE missions would be great.

    Thanks for the vid!

  20. CBT here. Full time job, etc. Play for fun, ignore stats, report the assholes and compliment the good guys. Fuck WG.

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