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  1. I AM NOT QUALIFIED FOR THIS MUCH FIREPOWER. Also any naval plays that want to give tips and stuff please feel free!! 🙂

    • also there is layered armor

    • want a naval tip?
      just stay clear of it, make it a very very last resort.
      it’s a disaster of a game mode.

    • Gefechtskehrtwendung

      well, one of the reasons you kept on missing is that naval factors in the movement of the ship to the trajectory of the shots. if your ship is moving one direction, and the enemy is moving in the Hyuga in 27:52, your shells will move further in the direction youre going than you would think, which is why your shells straddled the very end of the stern for the Hyuga. You have to factor in your own movement, and compensate. So if you are going straight on, no compensation, but if you are broadside, you have to go further backwards than where the cursor is

    • I’m sure you can add tracers for your shells so u can see what ones are yours 🙂

    • Phly play the real stalinium t44 the 122 variant it reminds us of og russia 🇷🇺

  2. WOW, it’s been a while since you’ve last done a naval video. LOVED IT.

  3. Yay another Naval video! It’s been a good while since the last one hasn’t it?

    I think I speak for most of us when I say if naval was easier to grind a lot more of us would play it.

  4. fun fact: Phly didnt play japanese naval units since it was the dev server of 1.89 Imperial Navy update
    meaning that he didnt make a video about them in the live server since them and now that the Kongo is here…maybe

    • For Kongo to shine put it in AB the AA will ruin the dive bombers and bombers day completely

    • I’m kind of confused hearing that, as an IJN enthusiast in historical tabletop wargames, I generally have to accept Japanese capital ships have effectively no anti-air capability whatsoever, and rely on fighter aircraft from their carriers for protection against strikecraft.

      It’s why Midway’s so pivotal.

  5. Thx for the new vid phly, I always love some naval action.
    Sad about the 360p but it’s alright

  6. For context phly, the bridge is mainly used as primary spotting and steering. However, the ship can be steered from the engine room. Turrets aim themselves, (think of it as 4 separate tanks). The superstructure is considered non-vital to ship functions

    • They might add a limit of number of aircraft carriers or add a new mode.

    • Wrong comment, this mobile is hard!!

    • @Karma Gyeltshen Just have a sp limit like the nuke Plane but lower and give max 2 per team that would be fun af

    • @Dukeofwar 100 Yep, a “Conning Tower” is the name of these structures, and as you said is basically a command bunker at the front of the superstructure. IIRC, the normal bridge would be used until contact with the enemy, at which point the captain and bridge crew would move down to the conning tower during combat since it was heavily armored compared to the normal bridge. The downside of the extra protection was significantly reduced visibility, with only a few tiny windows or slots for the captain and bridge crew to look out of, much like a tank when buttoned-up.

    • @CrazedAndroid periscopes…a forest of periscopes

  7. Ah finally, another Naval video to put into the public playlist. Thank you very much Phly

  8. “What about the bridge?” The upper bridge is actually not supposed to be crewed by personnel other than lookouts during battle, the lower bunker bridge is used for commanding the ship during battle.

    • @General Griffin or the subsequent omnidirectional supersonic acceleration of their constituent bodyparts…

    • @Tsuari Rindoku I do think that disabling the rangefinders of a ship messes with the accuracy of the range readings you get in game. But for ships like the arizona, it does not only have the multiple rangefinders located just above the bridge, it has another one on the aft mast and each turret has their own built into them.

    • @Dukeofwar 100 do you really need likes for validation?

    • Armored conning tower is where the ship is conned from during battle

  9. Jackson & Johnson's

    I play just about enough to say- if aircraft carriers come in, the whole tech tree of the bluewater lines will be effective in one battle, as support against aircraft or dd’s hunting aircraft carriers no matter the rank.. it will make the naval section of the game probably the only one in which any type of br could be effective up until the last br. In the current Enduring Confrontation games, there are AI controlled aircraft carriers so maybe check that out Phly, as a probable future Naval Realistic game reference?

    • @HarvHR – Ah that, yes, but I meant the ability to launch the spare (not on catapult) planes from ships, we still need that. You’re right that the system to swap between planes would be important too.

    • Yea just 2 issues I have with the ec, it will last up to 2 hours and for me by about t1 hour 40 minutes the sky immediately became black and there was some sort of reflection thing my ship was doing in the sky

    • Ok sounds fun as hell but we already have sub chasers with all the gadgets so subs would be fun as hell being in a fleet and hunt a sub picking off your ships

    • @lacombe246 I definitely want subs as well as carriers, yeah.

    • Jackson & Johnson's

      @sharkk12 Whoa haven’t had that celebration happen to me yet… But I agree, the naval battles are a different kind of endurance of a battle. Sure is fun to do though, besides the few hours spent battling away.

  10. “I just got done reading ‘How to Battleship for Dummies’ and I’m ready to play.”
    – all the major naval powers in 1914.

    There was a Phlydelay in my Phlydaily supply but now I get Phlynavy! You (Phly, Steve, Phloppywoppy, Bob [your mom’s boyfriend]) said that the deployable hydroplane was probably the biggest thing in… Winged Lions? Maybe. It’s taken a whole patch and several A-10 videos but here we are, seeing you (Phly, Steve, Phloppywoppy, Bob [your mom’s boyfriend]) launching HYDROPLANES!
    Such delightful little beasties, and such a huge contrast to the ships launching them. A shame hardly any are available in the tech tree.

    Day 92: Take the Scimitar, the last Supermarine, out for a spin. It’s a lot like a battleship in many ways.

  11. I’m fairly certain HE shells are rigged to explode on contact, so there’s not a lot of time to penetrate, even if it could go further on shell mass alone. There are some base fuze HEs that address it somewhat

    • Yeah, I’m pretty sure basically all of the penetration from HE shells is pen from the explosive force / fragments alone.

    • On the 16 inch guns, the pointy head on the shell is just an aerodynamic cover, the armor piercing bit looks like the shape of a 9mm bullet

    • @Kyle Johnson the ballistic cap of APCBC. And atleast on tanks the AP cap id flattish with a sharp point to help it normalize on the armor.

  12. Hey phly I’ve just been playing random vehicles in random lineups and one vehicle I personally have had a fun time with and nobody plays is the MARS15, it’s an 8.0 interesting light French tank. I just think you should give it a shot 🙂

  13. Naval has some amazing gameplay if you give it time but it really needs time invested in it as well. those longs games like yours can be really intense and rewarding but the grind is insane to get to a battleship. naval also needs some major map reworks so that destroyers/cruisers have a decent chance of gameplay interaction against battleships etc. It should be about teamwork between ship types not about how many guns your ship has. nobody wants battleship vs battleship or a destroyer to be able to solo a battleship , all ships need to play a role and we need an IN GAME CHAT to talk to each other about a strategy.

  14. Really enjoyed the naval gameplay. I think this aspect of War Thunder does not get enough exposure on YouTube.

  15. The “bridge” is unarmored and is supposed to be unmanned during combat. The command staff is supposed to be in the extremely heavily armored conning tower instead, or deep in the ship’s CIC if it had one.

    Drachinifel did a video about conning towers and how they were used – or not.

  16. Can’t wait until War Thunder gets up into the later war ships. Would love to see an Iowa class and Yamato square off

  17. dont repair when in fights unless it’s absolutely necessary because every time you repair let’s say your aa gun broke and the crew went “unconscious” there. When you repair it, more crew gets replaced there from the safety of the bridge to fill it only for them to likely die again affectively giving away your crew % aka your “health bar”. And as a general rule of thumb for battleships at least in my experience, use he/sap for everything thats not a battleship and ap for battleships.

    • With the scharnhorst you should use AP against cruisers too, it melts their ammo racks

    • @ElBaizen yea the scharnhorst I would say is the one exception for battleships to use ap on crusiers because it’s guns are aren’t as big as other ships. And it has the reload to do that as well. Although I don’t have any experience with the scharn so take what I said with a grain of salt. I only have experience with the Dante Alighieri

    • Or with the Marlborough, just use HE lmao

    • @Bebbsy40 good point lol

  18. Pro tip for the AP vs HE thing, if your shooting with HE you should shoot for the deck or turrets. That way you take out crew and set ammo elevators on fire. If your aiming for the waterline to light up ammo rooms or engines, use AP.

    Also if you shoot below the waterline too far your shell will lose too much speed and it will either not pen or drop below the ship.

    Talking about your guns, you should manually target your secondaries to try to take out their main caliber guns, you can also use them to take out the enemies secondaries. If you keep taking out AA, secondaries, and other on deck crew positions (like the bridge) with your secondaries, they may not be able to repair after a main caliber hit, or they may just suffer a crew death.

  19. The ranging arrow tells you where to aim to hit mid-ship, you adjust your aim left and right to hit fore and aft.
    Also I highly recommend that when playing as a battleship you target enemy battleships, as you are pretty much the only thing that can take them out at range.
    Finally I recommend you don’t repair your auxiliaries when in a heavy fire fight, as you’re basically just giving the enemy easy shots on your crew.

  20. TheSilverwolf1001

    I think aircraft carrier’s would be fun! Except I’d much enjoy the full mix of players being able to spawn on the carrier and having like a midway or coral sea type battles that’d be really dope

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