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Bottom tier in the test tier 6 Cesare, go up against tier 8s and sharing my thoughts. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time.

Tier VI Italian Battleship Giulio Cesare Replay – Friend Invite – Discord Server


  1. NO to changing the premiums.

  2. They had a promise to never change premiums

    • +1996Horst yes but that is not the point of this arguement, the issue is that they are changing a ship after people spent real money on it, I think they should do with this ship what they did with Gremyaschy, Belfast and Nikolai I. Simply not sell it anymore and leave it as a one off, the people who have it are lucky those that don’t will eclipse the amount of people that do anyway as newer lines are released to the point where meeting a Giulio Cesare will be more of a novelty than anything, like you see now with Gremyaschy and Imperator Nikolai.

      Should they change it post sale it’d make a dangerous precedent where the community accepts that and they could then pull the same trick with a bunch of other ships they plan to release in the future.

      Just make them super OP on release so people spend money on it then after a few months rebalance it to make room for another OP ship people will spend money on.

      Tell me you do not see a problem there.

    • +Feba ava the thing is those ships kept their tier, the buffs they received made them more competitive at their tier and did not fundamentally change their play style the way an uptier and downtier does.

      Now the fact of the matter is that many promises WG made they are fast going back on, we have had premium ships changed and T9 premiums sold for real money and a bunch of other things, the arguments being made here are more with the direction WG is taking than the ship being changed

    • +marco fava I see the problem. But, and I am repeating my self.
      This is no precedent. it has happened before on multiple occasions.
      just recently with the t7 CV premiums. But there I see little outcry. mostly just “Eh it is because there are no longer t7 CV”
      All I am saying is that those who say it is not Op are wrong and all those who are saying it will be useless on T6 are wrong as well.

      I am not judging anyone who spent real money on it, as i my self know that feeling just to well. At the same time you should know that WoWs is the reason why they extendet to specifically say premiums in their EULA and not just “all content”
      It has happened and it will happen again. And so will the everlasting justifications hy it suposedly was/is unjustified. not changing a thing for the future.

      Also the GC is in a special position. As there probably will never be a full italian tree WG is probably trying to not lose such a special premium, same as the comonwealth ships. Simply not selling her anylonger means shje is lost as a product and has to be replaced. Changing her just means selling a slightly differen, but not alltogether new product.
      Belfast, Kutu and grem are different in that aspekt. only the nicoley is similar, but there WG released the Okto R. trying, and failing, to emulate the history of the Imperator.

    • +marco fava i merely point out the hypocrisy in the argument of not touching premiums now, if buff counts, why is there no outrage then?

    • +1996Horst I see what you mean about T7 CV’s and admittedly it did not affect me as I’m not a massive CV player I got to T8 on the IJN line and that was that, but the way I viewed the changes to CV’s is the same way I saw general game changes, like the Invisible Firing and Smoke Changes. The CV changes were game encompassing this is a targeted change to a single ship. That is why I’d just advocate them simply giving it the Gremy/Belfast treatment.

      As for the Italian line I doubt WG would omit one of the largest and most requested navies of their Games time period, especially when they have straight up invented entire lines that were pure paper ships while for Italy at least for the Destroyers and the Cruisers they’d have more than enough ships to fill 2 full lines only having to go the paper route at T9-10.

  3. if we let them to change the premium now they will make this a standard and continue doing so.. just no!

    • Good! Maybe they will change things like Imperator Nikolai and Belfast which are not accesible anymore due to being op.

    • +Jacekiso Fuck off people paid for them they shouldn’t be changed.

    • Václav Posledník

      +Ushio01 Yup, it’s totaly fair to pay for OP ships. Just fuck up other players that didn’t buy that ship. No problem.

    • +Ushio01 who cares. Belfast is way too OP cuz it can equip radar and smoke in different slots.. That’s unfair for other players

    • That’s exactly what I’m saying, and I blame the CC’s for promoting this, Notser and other CC’s are all saying the same thing, it can’t stand next to tier8’s but then saying.. the change is ok?

  4. I bought it because I wanted a premium tier 5… so I guess I don’t get one anymore ?…. I think they should still give you the old one, and give the new tier 6 a new name…. or a similar name ?
    Idk, this just does not seem fair or needed.
    But hey, I might be wrong.

    • +1996Horst Umm not that KV-5 nerf you speak about did not happen. I cannot find anything you are saying about even when i try to Google for it. The only thing i can find is what i already said about the preferential MM thing with KV-5. Maybe it had some armor changes when they made into HD, but many tanks did and KV-5 armor got buffed big time in the removal of preferential MM. Anyway even if it were true (which is not) the comparison to KV-5 is not even fair since its tier was not changed.

      I am all for balancing overpowered or underpowered ships. Gulio Cesare that was OP as fuck at tier 5 is first time ever WG has changed a tier premium ship. I will criticize WG if they CONTINUE do going so, but this is the FIRST TIME in 8+ years they have done such a thing, so i personally will give them benefit of doubt! Or maybe in your opinion underpowered ships should not be buffed either, i mean that is what you paid for eh?

    • +CloneD Anon wtf….
      Just Look the fucking Jingles or QB Video. It lies years back so Google will mit help.

      And First time????
      Fml Kaga and Saipan are non-existent in your pink world are they?
      Changing core elements of a.premium ist fine AS Long AS it does not concern you, apparently.

    • +Insanitypepper Fkn A brother! Well said.

    • +TheNocturnalLoner , it has a new name at T-6? Then it`s not the GC, then their should be a total refund. When they start pulling the shit they do in WoT over here, I`m done with this game.

    • TheNocturnalLoner

      +Len Pytlewski bottom left screen of the vid, its the bruto now apparently.

  5. No to changing premiums. No to ruining Cesare. It will be unplayable at tier6

    • +Just a random Horse. Cuz they hv 380 mm’s and way better armor maybe, while Cesare hv only 320’s.. Watch ur language

    • Just a random Horse.

      +belladesa91 Language doesn’t have anything to do with it, we invented it for a reason. Daddy don’t beat me you drunk cunt or whatever. – And from what I’ve seen from this video, the guns work fine on broadsides, and are far more accurate than bayerns or QEs. (And other videos highlighting this ship, plus the massive salvos it did against lower tiers aka t4,5,6 even 7) This is just whining at this point. Same goes for 380mms Alsace guns and Jean Bart. People keep whining and saying they’re horrible, yet if you know how to use them as I do, you can average 30k more than a bloody yamato. It’s almost as if player skill matters or something, and overperforming ships shouldn’t be a thing.

    • +Just a random Horse. Alsace got secondaries, better hp and better fire chance tho, but inconsistent guns for balancing previous features that i’ve said. Wht does Cesare have? 1 consumable, maneuverability and speed but that’s it.. And bout the language ye, it does matter since if can only insult, it means ur not capable of discussing with facts or ur just stupid. Avg more than Yamato means ur facing lots of idiots but that dsnt mean the ship’s OP..

    • Just a random Horse.

      +belladesa91 With that logic, 10 second reload on a battleship is completely fine. Speedboost + said 10 sec reload is fine. yamatos facing tier 7 ships such as the fiji is completely fine. Kron, a cruiser, having more HP than most battleships at lower and same tier is also completely fine. – And how does language really affect a point someone is trying to make? Just because I like speaking however I choose does not make me stupid, nor does it mean I do not know what I’m talking about. Then again the average intelligence of humans is equal to that of a potato, so I can understand why you would think someone using language other than what you find “morally admissible” equals to the other person being a fucking retard.

    • +Just a random Horse. There are several ways bout expressing an idea and keeping to insult is a good way to prove ur wrong. Maybe ur saying a logical thing, but in the wrong way. If ur parents didn’t teach ya, they’re unpolite as well. I’ve never said this game is perfectly balanced but I’ve never saw a Fiji facing a Yamato… Reload booster on JB is fine due to the caliber

  6. WHY won’t they change the Nicolai and gremy?! stop normalizing this!

  7. Russell Blackburn

    If this ship is released in this state I will be done spending money on WOWS. Heroes and Generals did similar things to their fan base and the game has never recovered. I sincerely hope that WOWS listens to their fanbase over this issue, but it’s not looking good.

    • I own a GC and am tired of WG’s BS. I am already searching for a new game to play, which is a shame because I enjoyed the game until they became greedy.

    • no they don’t listen. that is why the game is already at a bad state atm.

    • Their greed and the way the just blow of the fanbase is why i stopped using money in this game. I almost never play anymore

  8. So it’s a t5 in a t8 game,cool. As if the mm wasn’t already screwed up enough.

    • Just a random Horse.

      Considering it overperformed in tier 5, it’s more of a 5.5 or 6, so in reality you’re seeing a normal tier 6 BB doing it’s best in a tier 8 game. This isn’t a ship issue , this is a MATCHMAKING ISSUE. Something many people don’t seem to care about, or try to understand. It sickens me to be honest, because everyone focuses on the wrong thing.

    • The MM is the biggest problem in the game by far.They can adjust the JC to fit T6 sure…. but pretty much any T6 is going to struggle in T8.Same as a T8 in T10, it’s just fucked up.

  9. Trust is a main factor. If they change the GC WG should give the T6 to all owners of the T5 for free, but while allowing them to keep both. All new buyers can buy a GC at T6. All other ways undermine trust. WG started to sell the GC knowing her pros and cons, but they sold them anyway.

    But even at T6 she would need more love.

  10. NO! cesare remains t5 otherwise wallet closed for ever! respect your customers WG, we give you money so you can live tomorrow!

    • +belladesa91 No! I paid for it! with my hard earned money! i dont give a damn if it has 58% win rate, next they should be careful when releasing OP premiums! and about them look at WOT every new premium is better than the standard tech tree counter part! giulio cesare is a water gun compared to skorpion G, defend and is-3autobalance!

    • +belladesa91 nikolai is even better, so where is that change? stalin is far more dominant as well. Where is that change?

    • +Sir_Godz never said that Nikolai was balanced

    • +anuka kompot who gives a shit. I paid too, but if they rebalance an op ship like Cesare in a good way I’m perfectly fine with that. U paid for unique gameplay, not a sealclubber for farming ppl who can’t afford to pay

    • What does Win Rate have to do with anything? My Black Swan has a 100% win rate, big deal. Maybe, at tier 5, veteran players bought a Giulio Cesare because it was above average ship and match makers makes them go up against players that still give full broadsides and sail in slow, predictable, straight lines? That isn’t the ships fault. That isn’t due to the ship’s characteristics. As much as the owners of this premium whine about it getting virtually nerfed, the losers to this ship whine about its win rate.

  11. Bigs_Destroyer_of_Worlds

    As much as premium powerhouse ships (such as the giulio, Belfast, mihkial, etc.) do annoy me that they are so blatantly powerful for their tier, I really am against them changing premiums after the fact of selling them for what they are.

    We’d call this a “bait and switch” in the contract industry.

    A “bait and switch” is where a vendor/seller promises one thing, then after the consumer purchases it, the vendor/seller changes the product or gives the buyer something different, usually of less value.

    That’s a real shady way of conducting business.

    I’m cool with the doing things like “limited purchase windows” (aka, once its out of the store its gone) or having a ship clearly made to be a brute for its tier and stick a high dollar price tag on it (WG is a company afterall, and its expected they want to make money off their product. And if someone wants to pay $60-100 of real money on a ship, so be it.) but changing a ship after people have bought it, with the expectations it wouldn’t change…then proceeding to change it.


    I wouldn’t demand they refund you your money and take the ship away. I would demand they give you a refund of real money and you can still keep the ship in its changed condition if you want it still.

    I wouldn’t even accept “in-game refunds” as this just allows them to keep your money and offer you something you don’t want/need.*

    *This “in store refund tactic” also goes in hand with “bait and switch. “Sorry you hate the product, we’ll keep your money and give you store credit to something else we might change though!”

    Its not right otherwise…

    • +MR. Hydro Salem and way worse sigma and dispersion

    • +Wes Parker again, you still have the very same ship. she just can now meet t8…GC was like 8 years old bully among 6 years old. Now they just put her into the class of other 8 years old.

    • +JafuetTheSame atleast it can deal damage when it hits anything other than tier VI-VII ships, unlike the giulio that does 4-5k to a broadside Ncal.

    • +JafuetTheSame premium ships should not be changed period. Do you own any premiums? If they get away with changing one, eventually , they`ll start screwing with more, maybe one you own.

    • +Len Pytlewski you would be surprised but i have Cesare myself. But i bought her because I love itallian designs and not because I wanted a blatant bully at T5 and I would buy her even if she would be mediocre. So I still will have the ship I bought. The change will be done for the game benefit and you have to deal with that you wont have your bully anymore.

  12. Hi Notser. I do understand the fact that WG is trying to improve the game. The Giulio Cesare is a good BB that is “OP” (over-performing in my honest opinion) just because it’s at tier 5 and despite being pretty good its main strength is being at a tier where you punish players who mostly have no idea how to play. They’re destroying the ship with this move. Completely destroying it. And not only the ship: they’re destroying their player base, or at least the part of it who buys ships. They promised that they would not nerf premiums, yet they are nerfing the Giulio Cesare even though “it’s not a nerf because it is actually being buffed”. We all know it is a nerf. If this shit really happens, who’s gonna buy new premiums? Who will trust WG not to ruin their experience and who can guarantee that it will not be a waste of money? I’ll tell you this: I was browsing Facebook the other day, and among the comments under the Alaska and Exeter being released and sold in the Premium Shop a fair amount of them read something like “yes but I’m not sure I’m gonna buy the ship just to see WG ruining it like they are doing with the Cesare”. Just the threat of nerfing the Cesare is preventing people from trusting WG and buying premiums. Then what if the nerf actually happens? I can assure you at least 50% of the people who buy premiums will stop. I can assure you a lot of players, especially Italians, will uninstall the game in rage. I can assure you that this move is going to kill the game. Now I do have the Giulio Cesare, and I sincerely don’t care about it because I got it in a random container and I don’t like it that much, I mean it’s strong but it’s just an above-average T5 BB experience. I am raising all of these issues because I care about the game, not the ship. This is a terrible move, it might be legal (even though it would be like buying a Ferrari for its engine and having it replaced with a Fiat 500 engine after 2 years so it’s pretty ridiculous) but it sure as hell is NOT logic, NOT sensible and definitely something that WG should never do. Plus, they would just look hypocritical after selling a ship in an “OP” state, milking money, then removing it but selling crates that MAY contain her and milking even more money. Do you want to improve the game? Then learn to be serious and remove something FOR GOOD instead of milking money and then ruining the people’s experience with what they got after feeding WG. I apologize for the long comment but it is something that I really feel I MUST say, for the fact that I enjoy this game and I don’t want it to be ruined by WG’s poor decision making. Thank you for your attention.

    • +RedXlV WG got away with that by saying that they were changing the smoke fire mechanics for the entire game. People let them get away with that, so now they are going after individual premiums. If they get away with this, that opens up changes to all premiums post-sale.

    • +RedXlV I know, that sucks, but one thing is a “passive” nerf i.e. changing a game mechanic that nerfes ships as a consequence {see also smoke firing penalty), but addressing a ship directly is total bullshit

    • +Wes Parker and that is why all of us have to do their level best to prevent this. If it happens, make sure not to give a penny to WG.

    • Yes this creates allot of uncertainty. I am currently sitting with over 3 mill free XP, but I am waiting with buys. Because it is like you describe. Why should I buy something that have cost me allot, just to at a later time se WG pissing at it. I wanted to buy the JB just a couple of days ago, but I stopped in the process. Why should I shell out cash at something WG may nerf all the fun out of tomorrow?

    • Jan Sønderstrup

      +RedXlV that was not a nerf that was a ingame corretion for all ships.

  13. “We will never change premium ships.”

    Well, screw you too, Weegie. This is exactly what I was afraid of. My Caesar Salad is my favorite Tier 5 battleship. She is strong. There’s no denying that. But this is just a bitchslap to the face.

    • They never said that. Ever. Personally I would rather they Nerf her, but whatever. Ship needed to be balanced. I average 30k more in her than any other teir 5 ship I own. Blatant OP.

    • +Anglo Angloson
      There’s other ways of nerfing a ship than shoving it in a completely different tier bracket. Increase dispersion. Reduce health. Increase rudder shift time.

      Personally, I think they’re nerfing this ship so they can release an OP one later. Probably Russian.

    • +Sean Willmore It’s funny you assume they’re is Russian bias when the Russian ships are all very balanced kek

    • Anglo Angloson Stalingrad is not

    • +Anglo Angloson my average is 59k! Yeah she’s too good for T5.

  14. give it back the old cruiser dispersion if it must go to tier 6

    • so that you can continue to spoiling the game for the others? did you watch the video? guns are more than fine even at T6, no wonder when they were totally OP at T5.

  15. Wargaming, if I had wanted doubloons back I would have just bought doubloons

  16. Funny how every CC is dancing around the elephant in the room.
    Not a single word on how this will open the door to change every other premium ship or how they used the OP status for selling more chrismas lootboxes.
    For me this is a total change of policy by wargaming. The first time a premum ship gets nerfed since the start of the game. But hey, lets just do like nothing happend.

    • +Wes Parker Did they change the tier of Kitakami?

    • +Just a random Horse. ..because you have to BUY it for real money…it`s bait and switch if they alter the ship, and they sold many of them, good enough reason??

    • Jan Sønderstrup

      +Just a random Horse. WG knew it was OP for over a year a go the where want about, but still they put it up for sale. So can´t come a year later and say ups we made a mistake because then i want my money back an real money not ingame money

    • Jan Sønderstrup

      +CloneD Anon You can expect that it will happen again

    • Just a random Horse, Game integrity does matter, but there is also consumer law that protects consumers from companies making changes to what you paid for.  I am not a legal expert, but this may be covered in the consumer laws.  What WarGaming should do is withdraw the ship from the game so it will have no new users.  Then over time you will see less of this ship.

  17. I bought with cash the GC because it was a very good fun T5 BB. Even if they make the changes you propose it will be just an OK T6 BB facing lots of T8’s. What the hell!!! That is not what I paid for!!! I don’t usually pop off at WG but this is very disappointing. They have broken their promise of never nerfing a premium. Please let them know that the player base does not approve.

    • They will let you refund it for doubloons though – the T6 doub value, aka more value than initially paid for.

    • Jan Sønderstrup

      +JW I dont give a shit for the doubloons i want my real money back and acording to danish law i have a rigth to get that

  18. Ephapax Gaming Channel

    This ship and this change is a massive slap in the face to everyone who paid good money for it. Absolutely disgusted with WG.

    • Yea… I can still feel the sting from the prior slap in the face… when everyone started topics saying “Hey, I got this ship in my port” and we all discover they gave away TWO free PREMIUMS many of us (myself included) paid full price to own. Sad company.

    • +QuestionMan i received an arizona and a GC for free. i still dont know why.

  19. I’ve spent $1k-$2k on this game over the years. Unless they offer *cash* refunds for GC after the change, WG will not get another dime from me. In fact, I’ve already stopped spending money on this game until I know the final disposition of the GC. Fortunately, I had enough Free XP to get the Alaska, but I would have purchased the Witchita had the GC change not been on the table.

    • Same here. I’ve seen two premiums that I would have purchased, but I’m not buying anything else unless they offer a cash refund. I won’t spend 50+ bucks for a premium ship that might get changed so much afterwards. WG has already shown that they like bait and switch tactics, and this was honestly the last straw. I haven’t even logged in much lately.

    • WG thanks for your $2k, that is way more money than buying a AAA full game, stop buying if you want nothing will change 🙂

    • My feelings exactly. I already took the $30 I was planning to spend for the Arizona and spent it on Steam. I generally spend $500-$600 per year on the game. That part of my entertainment will be spent elsewhere if WG goes through with this.

    • I want ALL my money back. This is about integrity and they’ve blown that up.

  20. george marnelakis

    I bought a tier5 BB cause i needed a tier5 BB, now that is going to tier 6 i want my money back, simple as that!

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