Give The Jaffas Back! | World Of Warships

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  1. *Insert dick ripping joke here*

  2. Weird Random Gaming Channel

    I can’t tell whether this video is sponsored or not?

  3. “that’s not quick”

    Takes about 0.1 seconds mate…

  4. ross is the big boi 0:42

  5. You realise CO – OP battles isn’t the real multiplayer. You’re playing against bots.

  6. “people at tier ten are really good at the game” is playing in co-op against bot

  7. I’m glad they “accidentally” played against bots, it would be too painful otherwise 😀 great game tho

  8. Agent Smith: Tactical Overseer

  9. Wow that was intense at the end there

  10. Remember all the crying they got in the comments when they went into a high tier and got stomped? Who cares if it was co-op, the boiks had fun and enjoyed it which is what matters. Definitely made the game seem more enjoyable, imo.

  11. I love Smith as tactical director.

  12. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

    Trott: The DPS
    Smith: The Tactician
    Ross: The Tank

  13. Yep this is the same day Ross was licking his mic

  14. Great video guys! Thoroughly enjoyed it!

  15. Wow hat films actually makes watching this game exciting!

  16. Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for the content you pricks!

  17. as someone who plays this games i find this makes me want to rip my dick off more than a lot of other videos xD

  18. I’d totally be down for more of these vids. It was a hell of a good time to watch.

  19. They had fun, that’s all that matters.

  20. Not sure if Smith is Sun Tzu levels of tactical genius, or just a ghosting asshat

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