Giveaway 2/8 #55K – KREML 10 KILLS || World of Warships

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🌐 Play World of Warships:
🌐 Play World of Tanks :
🌐 Play Total War Arena:
🌐 USS TEXAS + 2M Credits + premium (for new Player only ):

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Danke !


  1. Name: WildesRainbow
    Server: EU
    Russian Battleships best Battleships blyaaat

  2. die roten geschosse sehen schon geil aus 😀
    IGN: ziggihero
    Server: EU

  3. Schattenvirus WOT

    IGN: Schattenvirus
    Server: EU

  4. Love watching this ship!

    IGN: embeescm
    Server: NA

  5. For once i wanna win something

    IGN: Legend__md
    Server: Eu

  6. That Kremlin is no joke O_o

    IGN: AigleDesCieux
    Server: EU

  7. I never win free things

    Name: krytacspr
    Server: North America

  8. i hope get Roma battleship

    ign : RISKyun
    server : Asia

  9. Jojo hätte gerne

    Name: TheGeilo2015
    Server: Eu

  10. Ne Roma fehlt mir noch…

    Name: CMDR_Tiri
    Server: EU

  11. Ein Want von mir

    Name: Flokoloko
    Server: EU

  12. jep ich auch

    Name: Speed7rip
    Server: Eu

  13. holy moly the hard carry
    Server: Eu
    name: kamalotman

  14. Love watching the replays!

    In game name: JF2020
    Sever: NA

  15. Ene mene miste, Schiff gehört in meine kiste
    IGN: Freemancommander
    Server: Eu

  16. I need it.

    Name: Admiral_ADDY
    Server: Eu

  17. This never works, does it.

    Name: Helsinkk
    Server: EU

  18. I really need that Pizza’s ship coz im broke rn

    IGN : Seiichiro_Ito
    Server: Asia

  19. Steht bald auch in meinem Hafen 🙂

    Ingamename: Lasazarr
    Server: EU

  20. Just subscribe, like, comment and leave your ingame name and server for the giveaway =) good luck to you!!! i draw all winner next wednesday!! =)

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