Giveaway 6/8 #55K – IZUMO – IJN POWER – World of Warships

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? Play World of Warships:
? Play World of Tanks :
? Play Total War Arena:
? USS TEXAS + 2M Credits + premium (for new Player only ):

If Want to Support me and my Chanel :

Danke !


  1. Best of luck everyone

    IGN: gio_saints
    Server: EU

  2. Станимир Петров

    Name: YourMothers_Conqueror
    Server: EU

  3. hourrier jean michel

    thank for this chance
    IGN: samconnery
    Server: EU

  4. My Lord, this battleship become more accurate

    IGN : Veteranforce
    Server : ASIA

  5. Just subscribe, like, comment and leave your ingame name and server for the giveaway =) good luck to you!!!
    all winners will be anounced later this week – good luck =)

  6. *(insert irrelevant comment here)*

    IGN: iLoser
    Server: EU

  7. Freu mich schon auf die izuma bin gerade leider erst beim 8
    Server: Eu
    Nane: Roobs_Yt

  8. Es gibt Tage, da soll es nicht sein.

    IGN: SteifeBrise
    Server: EU

  9. ign: Killerfaultier
    Server: EU

  10. Tank in action !!!

    IGN: gio_saints
    Server: EU

  11. GG

    IGN : premiplate
    Server: Asia

  12. “The stronk weird girl in the class – Izumo”

    IGN : DeathStern
    Server: EU.

    PS- If I can torp in a BB, Imma be DD. I want Mutsu, and bad. xD

  13. Because I never have luck in any of these..
    IGN: NeedMoreLuck
    Server: EU

  14. In game name: mattmirals
    Server: eu

  15. Nick: PowellYourLord

    Server: EU

  16. good luck to all

    ign: Unteroffizier_Schatten
    Server: EU

  17. This is the real deal
    IGN: Mr_Shekelberg
    Server: Eu

  18. “The ship that kills all and leaves none behind” – Izumo

    IGN: Cpt_LagX
    Server: EU

  19. I love the japanese branch and i love the yamato

    Ingamename: IOWA2
    Server: EU

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