GK! 9 kills under 12 min || World of Warships

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  1. is it me or are PK replays getting better at steerage and position?

  2. 9 Kills with only 164k damage.
    He did shoot at targets already under fire from his team and was lucky enough to land the last shot.

    Only impressive for that luck. Neither his maneuvering nor his shooting was outstanding.

  3. Exposing your broadside to a Yammy at point blank range is a quick way to end your naval career.

    • And yet seems he didn’t take a single citadel. However one broadside for the yammy and 3 citadels… Either wargaming should buff Yammy or nerf other BBs.

    • Completely. Esp since he was hit with all 6 rounds run under his fore barbettes.
      My ass would have turned right into the thing.

  4. Hatte mal ne 300 k runde mim Kurfürsten aber nur 4 Kills ??

  5. Thumbnail is the republique 😀 FYI

  6. But the thumbnail is République lol

  7. Kills stolen from other.

  8. Jest kill noob so what ?

  9. Bad moove against Yammy

  10. cheater can shoot before turrets are turned in

  11. Is inertia fuse for secondaries needed? Does it make a difference on your secondaries?

  12. this is not possible this battleship is impossible to obtain let alone use and obtain in 9.0 minutes click bait

  13. Killer to the end ☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️???

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