GK Shredding IFHE-306k-88k secondarie-Kraken || World of Warships

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  1. The Gee Kay

  2. One day, this guy will have Leg.module… and than, he will be able to have 27,2s reload on main guns ( still 15% DPM increase for secondaries, instead of 20% that he is probably using rn… ) and he will have even more fun :)))
    Nose in BB against IFHE GK – ppl, dont do this. Secondaries alone will eat you alive 😉

    • Kristof Kolumbus how does one get the legendary module?

    • @Kolorado 72 you play 1 game with the T10 ship, you want the leg module… Than in your personal combat mission you see a new one, that is the “grind” for the legendary module for that ship… – just check in port.

  3. with this results, finally – 4.000 credits? fuck WG.

  4. Why not rush the Iowa at the end, Iowa has no advantage against GK in CQC

  5. Everytime I try to equip IFHE on my battleships it says I can’t for some reason. Anyone know why?

    • @Kristof Kolumbus Shall i take the 406mm’s or 420mm’s on Kurfurst? i only got her recently and i am still debating with myself wich of the guns to take

    • Don’t mind this, it works just fine

    • It says something about the skill being inefficient or something? I will admit I only checked on german BBs so I imagine with their 1/4 penetration it wouldnt do anything

    • You can still click it if you have the 4 points for it. The cross out is just suggestive, it doesn’t lock you out.


  7. Why you shooting HE at the hull??, but a great game otherwise.

  8. What was that Neptune thonking…

  9. My typical game with this ship involves me pushing into cap, getting lit up by 5 enemies and then dying. Meanwhile my team is jerking off behind islands being absolutely useless.

  10. DDs: *snek*
    Grosse Kurfurst: I’m about to ruin their whole careers.

  11. What do you mean “shredding IFHE”He didn’t switch to HE until almost the end of the game…..

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