GK Shredding IFHE-306k-88k secondarie-Kraken || World of Warships

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  1. The Gee Kay

  2. One day, this guy will have Leg.module… and than, he will be able to have 27,2s reload on main guns ( still 15% DPM increase for secondaries, instead of 20% that he is probably using rn… ) and he will have even more fun :)))
    Nose in BB against IFHE GK – ppl, dont do this. Secondaries alone will eat you alive 😉

    • Kristof Kolumbus how does one get the legendary module?

    • @Kolorado 72 you play 1 game with the T10 ship, you want the leg module… Than in your personal combat mission you see a new one, that is the “grind” for the legendary module for that ship… – just check in port.

  3. with this results, finally – 4.000 credits? fuck WG.

  4. Why not rush the Iowa at the end, Iowa has no advantage against GK in CQC

  5. I’ll like to know the build plz both captain and ship

  6. Everytime I try to equip IFHE on my battleships it says I can’t for some reason. Anyone know why?

    • @Kristof Kolumbus Shall i take the 406mm’s or 420mm’s on Kurfurst? i only got her recently and i am still debating with myself wich of the guns to take

    • @F4Wildcat I run this: https://imgur.com/a/klksNba – yeah, 420s cause I hate to see “shatter” ribbon after hitting Montana and similar BBs at 15+ km. Sometime it helps, sometimes not ( Yama at even bigger range, or other BBs slightly angled. every mm of pen can play a role )

    • Don’t mind this, it works just fine

    • It says something about the skill being inefficient or something? I will admit I only checked on german BBs so I imagine with their 1/4 penetration it wouldnt do anything

    • You can still click it if you have the 4 points for it. The cross out is just suggestive, it doesn’t lock you out.


  8. Why you shooting HE at the hull??, but a great game otherwise.

  9. What was that Neptune thonking…

  10. My typical game with this ship involves me pushing into cap, getting lit up by 5 enemies and then dying. Meanwhile my team is jerking off behind islands being absolutely useless.

  11. DDs: *snek*
    Grosse Kurfurst: I’m about to ruin their whole careers.

  12. What do you mean “shredding IFHE”He didn’t switch to HE until almost the end of the game…..

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