Gneisenau – A Spectacular………… Loss : / World of Warships

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  1. Scharnhorst OR Gneisenau ???

    • Beides ?

    • I enjoyed the Gneisenau, but the complete dice-roll dispersion kept me from loving it, because missing perfectly aimed salvos at medium to close ranges with infuriating frequency is simply bad gameplay.

      Scharnhorst, hands down.

    • 7heSlime ye i cant understand 380mm bayern dispersion is better than t7 380mm gneisenaus..

    • As an owner of both ships… I really like both… but for all rounder role, Scharnhorst feels better. Because her guns are basically 9 pallet shotgun with high ROF, which could be bad, but could be just fine, cause it’ll soon yield some results anyway. But Gneisenau’s low number of guns is really painful, and with bad dispersion, these factors make her 6 pallet shotgun. But still, Gniesenau’s AA is very impressive, and she makes 32 knots, compared to 30 knots of her sister.Conclusion: I like Scharnhorst more but this doesn’t mean I hate Gniesenau. 😀

  2. Esa es una gran pregunta..

  3. comander skill build?
    secondaries spec?

  4. Annnndddddddd, enemy DD gets a solo warrior ^^

  5. Don’t you worry, I had my share of spectacular losses today… and yesterday… and every day since i started playing this game 😀

  6. That CV took the meaning of the port a bit too literal 😀

  7. And 3 really dumb BBs get torped. The 2nd in particular was spectacularly stupid, after seeing his mate torped, he…. doesn’t change course or speed and just barrels in against a ship KNOWN for close in brawling capability.

    The Tirpitz wasn’t much smarter, and should have turned towards the Gnei, not away, exposing the broadside of the ship and a much bigger torp target.

    75% of the damage and kills come from these 3 potatoes.

  8. and that is why capping is so important

  9. CV should have gone for the Gadjah while using fighters to keep the Lexington lit. Unfortunately, many people in potential carry situations ignore the clock and pad their stats instead of trying to win.

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