Gneisenau goes NUTZ || World of Warships

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Player: boondocksaint
Map: Two Brothers

User Description:

Kraken Unleashed, Dreadnaught, High Calibur, Confederate, Fire Proof, Close Quarters Combat, Double Strike, Devestaing Strike

15 put out, 5,639exp earned, 1,789,000 Dmg taken

Went 4 1 at one point, 2 BBs 2 DDs vs me………..took them all down and sailed away from it, almost had 8

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  1. First!! That game was jaw dropping to watch!

  2. erinnert mich an ein replay …….:D

  3. Gneisenau was just saying

  4. Sowas ähnliches is mir auch passiert aber nicht so extrem?

  5. That’s a great video right there! Hats off to boondocksaint!

  6. most idiot enemy i ever see

  7. the citadel with 1 secondary shot tho…. ?

  8. Maybe I’m not seeing it, but how did he not take dmg on those first two
    torps that it looks like he ate at 2:23?

  9. I was just waiting for him to say “Drops mic” after he killed the NY

  10. It’s the Gnutzenau.

  11. good show by that player owned them good

  12. Wow. Ok then.

  13. This is the kind of thing I don’t get. His play style seems the same as
    mine (aggressive as possible when I can) and honestly he wasn’t even having
    great luck with dispersion. Yet I have never had a game even close to this
    insanely good in Gneisenau. I’ve certainly never torped a dd or gotten a 6
    kill game in it.

  14. the fight against the first farragut was very poor tho

  15. so this is the tier 7 German destroyer. I see

  16. Enemy was on his side. XD

  17. Very apt title! Gneisenau doesn’t give a f**k!

  18. no offense to the player but this guy had an amazing amount of luck, this
    game was played so poorly by him and his opponents it’s not even funny

  19. perfect gamer

  20. Nice game

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