Go Home World of Warships… You’re Drunk!

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In which we take a gander at a whole bunch of stupid that unfolded over the of just two crazy matches!

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  1. 0:08

  2. Clayton Harrison

    Anyone who starts their video with “Good afternoon, ya we bastards.” gets an insta like from me.

  3. Neopolitan Charles

    YAY I SHOWED UP IN A VIDEO! I’m sorry for getting you in trouble Koala!

  4. Wargaming drunk? It’s the players who are usually drunk…

    Actually maybe that’s just me …

    • I think it’s harder to find the players that are sober

    • @Nightdare heh fair comment… mind you watching all those perfect broadsides fail to cit is part of the reason why 😜

      Also @Koala – great to have a CC on SEA server. Keep up the content mate.

    • Have you seen the stuff they’ve been releasing lately? Vadim, stop drinking that vodka, you’re making up stuff that are tearing this community apart.

    • Dude YouDon'tNeedMyName

      We don’t call it ‘getting shipfaced’ for nothing!

  5. Lady luck was a prostitute and you were all out of cash

  6. azzzah a man of quality
    I love all of the jingles references

  7. Take a closer look at the right side of the screen when your shells hit. The shell ribbons shows that your shells, the ones you think lowered him down to zero actually shattered, meaning they did no damage. He was lowered to zero health by the nagato that was properly credited with the kill.

  8. I was waiting for you to get that citadel…..on a ship with like 10 HP left, making the citadel entirely pointless.

  9. The Alabama had been changed since that review. If you look at it in port with the armor viewer you will see that the citadel is actually right at (if not under) the waterline.

  10. Oh comon its an russan made game you need to expect from it to be drunk vodca full of game

  11. Love the content keep up the good work, iv just reinstalled world of warships for my ps4, and what part of Scotland u from I’m from Ayrshire

  12. Sgt Morning-Wood

    **depressed laughing**

  13. When you want to know how good a ship is in real life, play WoW and then think the opposite of what you experience.

  14. I am pretty sure that the first salvo at Alabama went high cuz the targetting was on the enemy NC 400m further.

  15. 4:04
    Battleships kissing.

  16. IIRC, wargaming never correctly modeled the damage/pen modifiers for the ‘super heavy’ rounds that the NC, the Iowa and the Montana are supposed to have. if they did the 16in super heavy round would have no issues dealing with Yamato class armor on anything other than an extreme angles or RNG

  17. About that last clip, you had 67759 damage before and after hitting the King George V, so you didnt actually damage him at all.

  18. The “Showboat” USS North Carolina, is my favourite battleship and excellent choice!

  19. You need to aim for upper belt to citadel american ships, the lower belt is too thick, when combined with the citadel armour, you can pen the belt, but not the citadel

  20. This a normal day in Asia server if I was playing

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