Going Back To DADDY DES MOINES – World of Warships

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I am not gonna say I am happy but I am happier 😀

DM is such a pleasure to take out and destroy enemy ships with.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. yeeha

  2. Answers the question ”Where was Flambass when the Westfold fell?”

  3. In a specific country from european subcontinent, to make your passport cheap they need 1 month, but for a lot of money they will give it to you in a few hours…… beurocratics kills…..

  4. It used to be called just being sick.

  5. Every business visa I’ve had was like that. Pay the regular price and wait weeks. Pay £200 and get it tomorrow.

  6. ‘My master, Flambass the Great, bids thee welcome.’

  7. @gerwinvandesteeg6624

    18hr flight, so short, the advantage of living in Europe.. and if i play my DM like this, those shots at the stern would’ve been citadels.

  8. My longest journey was 36 hours, Heathrow to San Diego, because there was a medical emergency not quit halfway over the Atlantic. We came back to Glasgow, landed overweight, smoked the brakes, evacuated, waited 5 hours in a airport building for the fire services to clear the plane. Took off got to San Francisco, caught the last commuter plane to San Diego.

  9. Back to the old account ❤

  10. you have a good doctor

  11. Elves give everyone headaches!! Nice Game also;)

  12. A wife fattening you up, thats TRUE LOVE! 😂

  13. Mrs Flambass trying to fatten up flambino?
    Preparing his dad body for whenever they decide to get a spawn… ^^

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