Going CRAZY with this French Cruiser – World of Warships

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La Galas isn’t exactly a cruiser I like simply because of how lightly it is armored and low HP pool but it does get great speed to compensate. If your opponents are not super skillful they will miss most shots and then you get some crazy games like this one.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. WG mod pack broke so many things, like not being able to assign a secondary target, black outs in operations to name but a few.

  2. Should be that dark. What would be nice is flood lights, like they actually used in WWII before radar.

    • Would be nice to see night battles. I’ve experienced that bug and it’s horrible. Can barely see ship silhouettes and can’t see shells at all. Have to reset the game for it to go away.

  3. La Gal is such a good ship

  4. Love the fact that flambass can just dont pay attention to the came, look up and still manage to hit the DD he just saw. Next Second he just looks down again. XDD

    • You can aim by holding right click.

    • @Jacky Wong Yes i know that and?
      You can even see that he isn’t doing that in the moment i mentioned.
      Hes turning the ship and the Turret dont turn with it, they stay at his cursor what means he isn’t holding right click. Also he mentioned later in the Video that hes doing something at his Phone.
      So Tell me what do you want from me?

  5. I enjoy the French cruises very much. Emile Bertin, La Galissoniere, now on Algerie and grinding towards Marseille, as it has a super fun playing style.

  6. 8:38 That is some crazy dispersion La Galissonniere.

  7. The Gala is a good ship

  8. Very nice dude, I’m a big fan of the Bayard that’s the same style has you know. The French cruiser’s are what I like to call pest ships, fast and flame throwers.

  9. Been at sea at night and it can be that dark with the sky having some illumination just like what was depicted. Really depends on the time and geographical location. The angle of the sun in respect to where you might be located can illuminate the sky without actually illuminating the surface of the water and the horizon.

  10. Oh yeah i had that mission like that too and with a cv. Only i was glad to have Zeppelin with me. Still lost because you had to guess where to drop based on the nametag

  11. I remember grinding this line when they didn’t get reload booster. Was kind of a sad grind.

  12. Was that a bug or are they testing night fighting?

  13. Well done lad, well done!

  14. Great to see you play free to play and you have passed most of the tiers I have after 5 years already 😂😂

  15. WW2 Hood went after Bismark at 3.30am. At my home First Light, in winter, happens around 5am, in summer around 3.45.

  16. Definitely a thumbs up game!!

  17. the sea gods smile upon you young commander. love those pesky french cruisers. love how u pause on the dd salvo a i often miss there. great game

  18. only a few players in this game see it this way, the remaining players see it normally

  19. The dark is a glitch, my buddy had it only on that operation. It was a setting on his PC.

  20. Picardie is a pretty nice French cruiser too.

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