Going for the DMG Record…World of Warships

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  1. the power of the DAKA, nice play

  2. Secondary build Yamato…Good…

  3. That Z23 died a heroes death.

  4. Meanwhile I must wait almost 30 seconds for 0 dmg with my Nagato… :/

  5. He hammered those BBs and they hardly even tried to shoot back. lucky guy. 😀

  6. AgainstTheSystem .ATS

    This is WoWs…a few good ships and food for those few.And alot of RNG.So fucking much RNG that the only influence your skills have on the fight are reduced to your positioning and spoting.

  7. Edilson Oliveira Dos Santos

    Que linda jogada vc está de parabéns você tem garra ?.

  8. Few patch later ” Now, every ships have a limited number of ammo ” RIP daka ships XD

  9. You were lucky, that the enemy wasnt focusing you down…
    Cause thats what happens all the time to me if I try something similar

  10. top tier, one short-range radar, no CV, potatoes enemies. Still had to put the work in, but the conditions were stacked heavily for him

    • and let’s not forget the Z23 that gave his life for the first 19K of damage while giving his hull to the enemy shells coming from 2 DDs…

  11. Strange .. my Haru is in focus fire when she´s open for a second.

  12. U need to get 5 kills with Yamamoto so ur dmg is even better….and ur hp is back…then u can take more risk and keep those guns firing…why the cease fire?!? Are we signing a treaty?

  13. There was so much HE spam going on I think the game was actually having trouble rendering it all. LOL.

  14. Like a Fourth of July fountain.

  15. my gearing can’t get that much fire.
    Lower fire chance i guess but…. this is sad

  16. ok, this is epic

  17. Ich liebe es, wie du spielst! Zerstörer

  18. Ich muss lernen, mit Zerstörern umzugehen. (from Brazil)

  19. ????What ship where you using that was narly.

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