Going right into the ranked action – Goliath in World of Warships

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Hello boys and girls. I hope you are all doing well. Thank you all the support. Stay safe and healthy.


  1. Looks like Trenla Trenla is up early it should be 6 am over there

  2. Sory to say dis but wen trenless laughs my dad just beside me n he said wat the hell is that fake laugh r u mad y r u laughing like dis n i said wat da hell it isnt me. He said turn that shit off n bty my dads 45
    I really love ur vids 😀

  3. Well played – Goliath’s a ship I cant get my head around, good one game, crap the next 🤣

    • Its weak against bb’s, but its a straight up hard counter to all the russian bias cruisers with its gnarly 59 mm’s of HE pen and super heal. Its one of the most underrated botes imho.

  4. Nice to see this ship get some love.

    Thank you Trenlass.

  5. idk man …this heavy uk cl give me hard times most time …i’m at t 7 and until now no armor at all and the guns range so sucks so i force to be at the front ..plus the design of the ships make a shape on the side for the enemy to aim on it to make it more easy for them lol ..but what make me wonder why they called heavy cl !!!! cuz the guns only ???!!!! what about the rest of the ship .the body of the ships not heavy like usa heavy cl even

    • Tbh the grind is really bad, but goliath is atleast decent

    • @Trenlass i hope that cuz i’m trying all my best here …not like usa cl or ussr even it was easy to climb …grinding the uk heavy cl so horrible

    • It gets better when you get to t9 when you get a super heal. Then you can push into he spammers and theres nothing they can do to you. You still need to be super careful around bbs

  6. Rasmus Dyhr Frederiksen

    Any advantage to Goliath compared to Hindenburg, in ranked?

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