Golden Lion LEGENDARY action + Dramatic Teammates END – World of Warships

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I told you there would be more Golden Lion action with a legendary module so here it is. AND just to spice things up you are gonna get some VERY dramatic ending watching our own teammates trying their level best to throw the match.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Enemy Austin had more BXP on a loss than Flambass 😮

  2. Sub 50 randoms winrate players making those superships do work, this wargaming monetization strategy IS bearing fruit it seems.

  3. Planes making surface-ships’ lives miserable. Who would have guessed?

  4. The Dutch Golden-Shower

  5. Well just reseted 2x line for that legmod, so with high Adrenaline you were recalling airstrikes at 43 seconds with possible 3 in stack, no Ca with torpedos can have that constant efficency, this is how they made bad cruiser be one of the best, well to be honest watching your videos i became much better player.

  6. Humphries did not deserve that lol

  7. The stupidity of this playerbase is truly astonishing.

  8. 13:05 how do you open the second stat window for the exact specifications of the enemy ship? Like torp range and gun calibre?

  9. The worst part is the Humphrey will think it played well.

  10. Austin got AA defense expert in like 30 seconds lmao

  11. Autospy Sidebars will show the ship info as well

  12. Monmouth has some very spicy guns.

  13. The TAB function is useful you don’t have to ask team if they r smoke or radar etc, they still won’t help u but at least u know 😊

  14. Jingles video…. game of throws

  15. The incoming fire alert from Austin was like a strobe light lol 😆

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