Golden Lion with LEGENDARY??? – World of Warships

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So Golden Lion got a unique upgrade, or what most of the community refers to as legendary upgrade. It gives you extra plane drop squad and faster reload of those squads, in exchange for faster main gun reload that you were probably using on your last slot.

It is actually disgusting, especially in a division.

Yes we had some failures where we went a bit too hard on the enemy and got ourselves killed too fast, but once you get some practice and get used to plane dropping speed and you keep your opponent focused, you can kill few opponents so fast that it will not even matter.

Enjoy and have fun watching this and much more to come 😉

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  1. @Kurosaki990Ichigo

    Hey man i was wondering, are you able to monetize these youtube videos? Or do they fall under the copyright laws?

    • Why would there be any infringements of his own product?

    • @@RS2Russ well Flambass’s video is mainly about a game by Wargaming so they could say “Stop broadcasting our copyrighted material” but usually game companies don’t because it’s free promo.
      Nintendo actually tried to copyright strike everyone who made videos about their games a few years ago but then quickly abandoned the idea.

    • @@Meknassih No way companies just silently “agreed” that those lawsuits would be bad for business, if this was how copyright law worked, news stations would be impossible among many other things.

  2. Toxic! Flambass drink more apple juice, my new wows nick name will be Not_watch_Flamby_play _wows

  3. “Welcome to World of Warplanes” lol

  4. “Ain’t Foolin’ Anyone I’m Flambass”…

  5. he’s finally gluemaxxed

  6. Sadly, this is proof that cyberbullying is fun lol

  7. Disappointed. “Playing” a game like this is embarrassing IMHO. Unicum – division slaughtering (lighting up) ordinary players. Nothing better than HE – spamming, and I usually like your videos.

  8. @nikitaostrovsky8416

    The WOWs community proudly presents: the Flambass Cinematic Universe

  9. Entertaining as always.

  10. OMG Flam, I laughed the entire video. Not that you burned most of it. Just that 3 golden lions and what the 3 of you did when you set upon a single target. Just seeing so many bombs drop from the 3 of you at once upon one ship, wow. My god, these are great videos, not for the targets, but for us watching, oh fantastic! Thank you!

  11. Dogs of war hell, unleash the birds of fire.

  12. @darrenmarshall8278

    The Mighty Flambass lol

  13. Flmbass and the boys being toxic is f^ck! And I love it!!!! 😀

  14. one of the reasons this game died

  15. @craigalexander966

    I thought I heard ride of the Valkyries this morning 😊 now I know why.

  16. @jamestillinghast7165

    Hey oh great flambino what do you think of the new russian badger commander and his voicelines.

  17. That overwhelming plane’s

  18. God, I think I need to take a shower after watching that… I feel so gross and dirty.

  19. “I Don’t wannabe Flambass” 🤣🤨😆

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